This blog is dedicated to everyone who helped me recently.

Monday, May 17th, 2021, I alighted from a bus at Hoppers Crossing terminus.

I started feeling sick, and decided to head to the station restrooms, unfortunately, they were closed.

I went to sit down and try to hope night air would help.

The local Werribee Mercy Hospital is close by, but I didn’t feel capable to walk there.

I called an Ambulance.

Whilst waiting, a Protective Service Officer saw me and asked how I was.

I replied, “Awful.”

He then called his team over to help me out.

They were amazing. Found me a seat and talked to me.

I was so cold that I stuttered.

1 rang Ambulance to find out eta.

I was then asked if I wanted to sit in their room where it’s warmer. I accepted.

As we entered, I was given a Face Mask, as per Victorian Transport Law.

Even with the warmth and my jacket done up, with hood on, I was still shivering.

The Ambulance soon arrived and guided to the room.

I was asked questions, my heart rate and pulse checked, and my blood glucose levels too.

I was asked if I wanted to go to hospital, just in case.

I agreed, and we slowly walked to the Ambulance, surrounded by the PSO’s.

Once in the Ambulance, I sat down. I was too afraid to lie down, in case I threw up.

The female Paramedic got in back with me, she was the 1 who looked after me in the room.

The male started driving.

I felt sick, like motion sickness, but it was my illness at the time.

We soon arrived at the hospital and I was escorted inside.

The fun & games started.

Found out, for a Monday, there were no beds available.

I was asked questions by a nurse, then advised that I need to sit in waiting room.

The female Paramedic escorted me out and found me a seat.

There was a screen informing patients of the number waiting & approximate time.

41, with a 4+ hour wait.

This was 7pm on a Monday.

Around 10pm, my name was called and my vital signs checked.

Around 11pm, called again, this time into a room.

Blood was taken.

I headed back out to wait.

Many people complained about the wait time.

The staff were amazing and polite too. I can’t fault them.

There were many people who violated Social Distancing or refused to wear a mask.

Finally, around 2am, my name was called.

I was shown to a cubicle and asked to change, then given a warmed blanket.

A few minutes later, a Nurse came in, introduced herself, then asked what happened. I told her.

As a precaution, hooked up to a machine to be monitored.

Everything was fine.

The Doctor came and saw me, and as it had been over 10 hours, he felt I was ok, especially as all my vital signs and blood tests, were normal.

I was given a sandwich and coffee, then allowed to sleep, which I did.

Around 5.30am, was woken up by the Doctor.

He explained a couple of things to me, gave me the discharge papers, then able to change and leave.

I thanked the nurse on my way out.

I then walked to the station, waited for a bus to my local station.

Upon arrival, I alighted and walked home.

I finally arrived back at 7.30am.

I immediately went to bed, and didn’t know a thing until 1pm.

As I write this, I’m still not right, but will be with rest.

I’m so upset as I had a great job on today, Tuesday, May 18th, 2021, which I had to cancel.

I just want to say that I am eternally grateful to everyone who went out of their way.

Lastly, I would like to offer this advice:

Find someone you trust to be your Next Of Kin. Please ensure they know your medical history and your wishes in case the worst happens.

I have no one, therefore if I’d gotten worse, my life would have been in the Doctors hands.

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