Stupid Me.

I recently did a practice recording on Zoom.

When I went to listen to it, had video, but no audio.

After much stress, I realised the issue.

I had my audio turned off on my computer.

I was getting worried.

Reason why I’m testing is because I’m starting a You Tube series soon.

Standby for that announcement, Monday, June 21st, 2021.


Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I have written this blog to show how displeased I am with how hard it is to even obtain an interview, let a lone being offered a stable “Just Over Broke.”

My story:

I’m 56, Transgender and spent many years working in Transport.

Due to being out of work for over 6 years, I don’t have recent references, or those where I have done recent work, have ignored my requests.

I’m trying to find employment preferably working from home as a Video Call Centre Agent.

To all Companies, Worldwide, Employing: The following suggestions could help solve not only your vacancy issues, but employ many others.

1. Don’t assume a candidate’s phone signal is strong. Where I reside, it is very weak and calls have dropped out in the past, which have destroyed any chance of a job.

2. Contact Candidates to organise a Video Call, this way, you get to see each other, and gives each a better overview.

3. Look further than a candidate’s resume and Cover Letter. People lie on them.

4. Nurture Candidates, you never know how that in turn will result.

5. Allow Flexibility for Candidates, not all can do what you want when you want.

6. Respond to an Applicant within 48 hours. My cut off is 48 hours after applying.

7. If initial applicants are unsuitable, then go back and sift through the rejects. I’m sick of seeing previously applied for, and rejected from, jobs advertised.

8. Loosen requirements, if an applicant meets most of the requirements, then give them a chance.

9. Who gave you a chance when you needed it? Well, think about that when you are rejecting “Unsuitable Humans.”

10. Allow candidates to commence 1 day per week, to gauge their suitability.

11. Just because a Candidate may not have recent employment, or references, should not exclude them from being given a chance.

12. Not all applicants will be comfortable talking about their private lives, some, like me, may become emotional.

13. Social Youdia is private and must not be a compulsory requirement when applying, unless you plan to pay your team 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, then ok.

14. Boundaries: Many people, like me, do not like to touch others, nor be touched either. For me, this goes back to point 12.

15. Not every person is ambitious and wanting to be promoted, have you ever stopped to think about that? Many people, no matter their age, are happy in more non-leading roles.

16. Please do not dismiss a candidate based on their history, we all learn from our mistakes. If a candidate is honest with you about why they left or were terminated, from a previous position, please accept that. I mention this because recently, I was head hunted and when I admitted why I was terminated, I gave an honest answer, but my suitability was dismissed because of that.

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Sunday Cleaning Tip: Mattress.

Did you know that our mattresses contain bacteria that can hurt us.
However, there is a way to eliminate, or at least reduce them.

First up, strip the mattress.

Step 1: Vacuum thoroughly.

Step 2: Grab steam mop, with a clean pad, then steam mop, just light slow moves.

Allow an hour to dry.
After an hour, flip mattress & repeat steps 1 & 2.
Allow to dry.

After  an hour, repeat.

I find 4 steams helps, this may take several weeks to fully eliminate the bacteria.

I suggest this, upon purchasing a new mattress, perform a steam mop, as it will eliminate a lot of the factory, transport, warehouse odours.

Thank You for reading these tips this week.

Affiliate Marketing Explained.

Contrary to belief, AM is not a Pyramid scheme.

In order to succeed, one needs to pay $$$$$$$ to earn extra $$$$$.

Granted, some companies charge a joining or monthly fee, but

We all Affiliate Market everyday.

Here is an example:

You go shopping and see a new product, then you tell your Family, Friends etc.

That is Free Advertising for that product. The company earns more $$$$$.

Did You Receive a Commission from your “Word of Mouth?”


If you were an Affiliate Marketer, and your contacts used your link, you would have received the commissions.

Many companies do not use paid advertising today.

They prefer to give that money to

Everyday Humans.

Don’t forget that as an Affiliate Marketer, everytime you buy the products,


Receive cashback, even your own purchases too.

The good part too, is most expenses relating to Affiliate Marketing, may be Tax Deductible, meaning you may increase your refund.

The above is for Australia.

Applying for an ABN is easy too.

I hope I’ve educated you all.

If you have any questions, please ask, via the contact us form accessed via Menu+.

Saturday Cleaning Tip: Bathrooms/Lavatories.

Most people think using an exhaust fan will remove steam.
They remove most surface.
Best way to ensure all moisture has gone, is open windows for a few hours.
This will allow the bathroom to fully clear.

Upon arrival back, grab the items mentioned yesterday.
For safety, please wear disposable gloves.
I start with vanity mirror.

Then use anti bacterial wipes, wiping down the surfaces, including taps/faucet/s & outer side of vanity, discard.

Grab a blue cloth & wipe over, removing residue. Then grab a microfibre and remove streaks, this should shine them.

Next, if you have a bath, grab an antibacterial wipe & wipe the taps/faucet/s, then wipe over the bath. Continue until completely wiped over, use as many wipes as needed. Grab blue wipes, wipe those surfaces, microfibre, same.

Then moving onto shower, use 1 of these, below.

Wipe over shower screens, you may need to use several, depending on how much residue there is, discard wipe/s. Grab blue cloths & wipe over. Then grab a microfibre, this should give a streak free clean.

Grab an antibacterial wipe, & wipe taps/faucet/Shower Head. Blue cloths & microfibre again.

Grab spray mop, place a red microfibre pad. In the water bottle, 3/4 fill with clean, filtered water, then fill with disinfectant. Place in holder, then mop bathroom.

W/C: Grab toilet brush & clean inside. Then pour some cleaner in bowl. Then use an antibacterial wipe, wipe top of seat, then cistern, under seat, outside of bowl.
Wipe over with a blue cloth only, discard.
Mop W/C, ensure a red pad.

Once floors dry, you can steam mop both areas. Please don’t use carpet glider, (triangle plastic), as it will scratch the tiles.

Once completed, wash cloths, spray mop pads & steam mop pads. I usually add 2 capfuls of disinfectant.

Tomorrow: Mattress.