Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

G’Gay: Many people confuse both as one in the same, however, they are 2 very separate things.

I know, because from the age of 4, when I knew I was a gurl, I was confused.

Most children are brainwashed by their Families growing up to be “Normal,” but what is normal?

Normal is being happy, living safe, enjoyable, stress free lives, and being able to love whom our generous hearts desire, not what society dictates.

Just because someone identifies as one gender, does not mean they want to date someone of their assigned birth gender.

Some transition to female and exclusively date males, or to male and date females.

Some transition to female but still prefer females, or to male and date males.

Some are Bi-Sexual, or even Pan-Sexual.

I will explain what Pan-Sexual is: For one it is not dating pans. From what I understand, a person does not see gender, but instead attracted to a persons mind. If anyone reading this disagrees, please advise me, but this is from information gathered over the years.

Growing up was a confusing time for me, as I was taught that boys date girls, vice versa, but boys didn’t date boys or girls date girls, and heaven forbid, weirdo, freaks or perverts (I totally despise that term, especially about Transgenders).

I had an amazing girlfriend who for pre-teens, we loved each other, exactly what type, who knows, but our families were planning our wedding, we were still around 5 years old.

Unfortunately, because I was assigned male at birth, and my brainwashed mindset was that I couldn’t be a gurl but still date girls, I became an introvert, because I felt “Different.”

I honestly believed that to be a gurl, I had to date boys, was very young, all I wanted was to fit in.

That never happened, instead, was bullied, tormented and viciously assaulted.

This made things much worse for me, which resulted in me spending more and more time alone.

Unbeknown to others, I was also being molested by an older relative. This caused further problems for me, because I blamed myself for this.

I started thinking I was a faggot, especially after my 1st girlfriend broke up with me.

As this was the 1970’s and a minor, I was heavily controlled by my father, he decided what I did and who I saw.

Finally, at 17, I was working for a well known department store and happened to come across a book one day about a woman who had transitioned to a man. I then realised I was not alone.

It took me several more years to find support groups in the city I was residing.

I then found out that Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation are 2 very separate things.

I would like to suggest to every winner reading this, please respect boundaries.

Please Never Assume Anything.

Education Is The Quay To Knowledge.

Asking Genuine Questions To Clarify Is Best.

Finally, Hope you laugh at this, but currently I identify as an Asexual TransBian.

Multiple Baskets.

How many of you amazing winners have multiple baskets for your eggs?


I’ll explain: Many people rely on a single income and don’t think, or want to think, about when that may end.

People who have multiple baskets, usually have a buffer, in case 1 breaks the eggs.

I believe that every amazing human is a winner, if each had a



Schools teach us to look for




Which we are then told the wages are enough.

No, everyone is worth much more than we are


Into believing what we are told.

The past couple of years should be a lesson to every human.

However, please accept this advice:

Always do your research and insist on video chatting with others.

Never pay cash, always pay electronically, that way you have proof of payment/s if the person doesn’t deliver.

Also, insist on the business numbers.

Here in Australia, we have ABN’s: Australian Business Number.

Mine is 61902818410. I’m a Sole Trader.

If you click above link, you can check my status.

My goal is to help others financially succeed. That is my happiness.

Merchandise Packs

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By having electronic payments, means you have proof and can take


If I do not deliver


Yes, that’s right.

For those who don’t know, there were massive protests last weekend in several Australian cities.

These were about lockdowns and restrictions.

I’ve lost income because I can’t work, and yes, I’m angry, but accept, we all need to do our part to curb this virus.

If everyone wore their face mask when away from home, sanitise and wash their hands frequently, check in everywhere you go and maintain:


Then we have a chance.

Now, where I reside, Victoria, Australia, we have had extended lockdowns which brought numbers down.

Our current lockdown is ending tonight, but still with some restrictions for 2 weeks.

Follow Your Heart.

I say that, because had I done that in 1979, my life may have been different.

I wanted to chase after my 1st gf when she broke up with me,


Was told:

“Forget Her, Move On & Find A Girl Who Will Love & Obey You.”

I didn’t agree with that statement then, nor still do today.

I have always regretted not running back and at least trying to chat with her.

Whether our relationship would have continued, or she told me to clear off, no one knows.

My advice to everyone is follow your heart, never regret anything as you know what will happen.

1 of the reasons why I’m an Author & potential Business Manager, is to help others out, because we all deserve to live:







I’m an Honest, Open, Transparent, Loyal Human, just like all of You Super Amazing Winners.


I may offend many by this post, but it’s my opinion, sourced from many years of being treated either unfairly or like a door mat.

Selfish people have no regard for anyone else, even when you mention something, it goes either over their heads or in 1 ear and out the other as most are brainless.

Over the years, and even now, I’ve had people take me for granted:

Using and Abusing Me:

Ignoring me:

Telling Lies to make themselves look better:

Put Us Down:

Refuse to Listen to us:

Selfish people will usually use us for their advantage.

I’ve also found Selfish People are:

Jealous people.

Finally, Selfish People are Cowards.

Everything stated above is my own personal opinion.

🤬🌈🤬🌈🤬🌈🤬🌈🤬🌈🤬🌈🤬🌈JOB SEARCHING SUX. 😍🎉💞💐❤🤬🌈😍🎉💞💐❤🤬🌈😍🎉💞💐❤🤬🌈😍🎉💞💐❤🤬🌈😍🎉💞🌈💐

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I have written this blog to show how displeased I am with how hard it is to even obtain an interview, let a lone being offered a stable “Just Over Broke.”

My story:

I’m 56, Transgender and spent many years working in Transport.

Due to being out of work for over 6 years, I don’t have recent references, or those where I have done recent work, have ignored my requests.

I’m trying to find employment preferably working from home as a Video Call Centre Agent.

To all Companies, Worldwide, Employing: The following suggestions could help solve not only your vacancy issues, but employ many others.

1. Don’t assume a candidate’s phone signal is strong. Where I reside, it is very weak and calls have dropped out in the past, which have destroyed any chance of a job.

2. Contact Candidates to organise a Video Call, this way, you get to see each other, and gives each a better overview.

3. Look further than a candidate’s resume and Cover Letter. People lie on them.

4. Nurture Candidates, you never know how that in turn will result.

5. Allow Flexibility for Candidates, not all can do what you want when you want.

6. Respond to an Applicant within 48 hours. My cut off is 48 hours after applying.

7. If initial applicants are unsuitable, then go back and sift through the rejects. I’m sick of seeing previously applied for, and rejected from, jobs advertised.

8. Loosen requirements, if an applicant meets most of the requirements, then give them a chance.

9. Who gave you a chance when you needed it? Well, think about that when you are rejecting “Unsuitable Humans.”

10. Allow candidates to commence 1 day per week, to gauge their suitability.

11. Just because a Candidate may not have recent employment, or references, should not exclude them from being given a chance.

12. Not all applicants will be comfortable talking about their private lives, some, like me, may become emotional.

13. Social Youdia is private and must not be a compulsory requirement when applying, unless you plan to pay your team 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, then ok.

14. Boundaries: Many people, like me, do not like to touch others, nor be touched either. For me, this goes back to point 12.

15. Not every person is ambitious and wanting to be promoted, have you ever stopped to think about that? Many people, no matter their age, are happy in more non-leading roles.

16. Please do not dismiss a candidate based on their history, we all learn from our mistakes. If a candidate is honest with you about why they left or were terminated, from a previous position, please accept that. I mention this because recently, I was head hunted and when I admitted why I was terminated, I gave an honest answer, but my suitability was dismissed because of that.

We are all


And deserve to be treated:





In other words, Treat Others How


Want to be treated.

Courtesy costs:


FYI: I have a recent clear Police Check– Expiry October 2021

Working With Children Check Card– Expiry November 2021.

I also provide a Statutory Declaration.