Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Affordable, High Quality, Custom Made Candles to Club Members/Customers.

Once fully established, we will employ Humans, of all persuasions.

Our Short Term Goal:

Until end of 2022, raise establishment funds, and also start purchasing Equipment and Raw Materials, in preparation to be fully stocked from day one.

To keep costs down, and pass on those savings to Club Members/Customers, we will not be offering Credit Card payments, this also helps Candle Owners financial security be protected.

Medium Term Goal:

Find a suitable location to start commercial production.

Also purchase a Truck/Bus Chassis to have a body custom built. This will become our Live-In, Mobile Candle Making Unit (MCMU). We will tour Australia to make candles on site for Club Member/Customers.

Long Term Goal: 2025+

Establish Production facilities in UK, New Zealand, Canada.

I, Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen, CEO & Founder of MCC, want to see everyday humans succeed financially.

How I plan this, is by offering Club Memberships– $100 AUD, which is a Once Off Joining Fee and may be Tax deductible, this depends on individual circumstances.

To make things easier, we offer payments of $10 per month for 10 months, how easy is that.

MCC CM’s limited to 25,000, with the possibility of offering more numbers later.

Club Members will receive 20% Cashback on all candles owned, along with Members Only Log In, which will include first read of completed novels, and any news/updates.

I believe that everyone has the capability of untold wealth, if you all just opened your eyes and mind.

Added Bonus for Members: Once we reach $10 Million Annual After Tax Profit, 80% will be shared back to Members.

10% for Team Members, with remaining 10% for our operating budget the following year.

Club Members will receive 2 free Candles during their Birth Month.

Club Members welcome to become a Representative/Distributor for your local area.

MCC will ship orders to your delivery address, then you distribute to YOUR Customers.

This is not a standard Mission Statement, and in time will, like the website, be improved.

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