Follow Your Heart.

I say that, because had I done that in 1979, my life may have been different.

I wanted to chase after my 1st gf when she broke up with me,


Was told:

“Forget Her, Move On & Find A Girl Who Will Love & Obey You.”

I didn’t agree with that statement then, nor still do today.

I have always regretted not running back and at least trying to chat with her.

Whether our relationship would have continued, or she told me to clear off, no one knows.

My advice to everyone is follow your heart, never regret anything as you know what will happen.

1 of the reasons why I’m an Author & potential Business Manager, is to help others out, because we all deserve to live:







I’m an Honest, Open, Transparent, Loyal Human, just like all of You Super Amazing Winners.

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