eBooks/Membership Offer

This offer rescinds all previous offers, except Coffee Mug Candles.

Who loves to read, and receive a Free Membership?

What I offer is this:

Directly pay me $20 AUD.

I will then organise your copies of the below eBooks.

To read free samples, please click below link.


M A Seymour is Melissa’s Author Name.

Added Free Bonus: Invited to exclusive Online Meetings.

You need a Free Smashwords account to download your copies.

Every human who buys through me, will





To Mel’s Customised Candles


20% Cashback for every Candle owned from your referral, includes your own orders.

Further Information:
Please click “Menu,” then “Home,”
Scroll down to “Contact Us,”
Fill in the form.
We will respond within 48 hours.
For your safety and security, and to keep costs low, we are not offering a Credit Card facility.
All Payments are Electronic.

We accept PayPal, Wise and direct to our Australian, CBA, account.

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