Being Transgender Sux.

1st School Photo Circa 1970.

G’day All, This blog is to explain some things about me.

I’m a Trustworthy person.

I’ve worked in jobs where I’ve seen & heard things, however, have never breached privacy.

Many people have stereotyped me, based on others.

I’m an ex cleaner, trains & houses.

I’ve been tested by others.

Just because I’m:


Doesn’t mean I’m not human.

Too many people have made assumptions and judged me, without trying to get to know me.

I’m always happy to answer genuine questions.

For Security & Safety, I have an annual Police Check conducted on myself.

I also apply for my Working With Children Check every 5 years. My current check expires November, 2021.

I always video chat with people, prior to meeting f2f, in Public, with CCTV prevalent, & Support Persons too.

Then provide a written, signed legal document0

Being Transgender Sux.

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