Lockdown 4 eBooks Offer.

Who loves to read?

My eBooks are $0.99 USD each, but for a strictly limited time.

Please use code: UP92R at checkout.

All royalties will be used to help those most affected.


πŸ₯¦πŸ’πŸŒˆπŸ¦˜πŸ¨Tuesday Truth

I want to alleviate everyones doubts about my offers.
I’ve been burnt before, therefore would never burn anyone else. Rest assured that my offers are genuine & only rescinded if numbers not achieved. I believe in helping Everyday Humans become Financially Free.

Mel’s Customised Candles will be a Members Only Business.
Members will be able to earn a 2nd income, by encouraging Family, Friends, Neighbours, Work Colleagues to order from them.
Each member will receive benefits:
Create their own Signature Candle, which will be named after them:
10% Cashback/Credit ordered & paid:
Share in annual after Tax Profit, usually paid late November:
2 Free Candles during their Birth Month, 1 additional per 10 candles owned:
Annual Merchandise Pack:
The above applies only when a minimum of 5,000 Paid Members.
Added Incentive:
Hopefully, end of 2022, each member will receive their joining fee refunded, 200%.

Members able to cancel at anytime, with a 90% refund. 10% will be retained as an admin fee.

$1.50 per membership will be donated to charity. Same per candle. Members will eventually decide charity each month.

Members will have dedicated page on website eventually.

Members will have full access to all records, except private information of other members, team & CEO.


Monday Motivation

G’day Fellow Humans, Hope we are all stunnelicious.

1st 1000 to become paid club members, will be eligible to receive free transport from arrival point & accommodation, return, & a guided tour of Melbourne, when you visit.

I suggest 1st time visitors arrange a tour from a local as we know Melbourne best.

Added bonus, receive 2 free Travel Cards upon arrival

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