Mel’s (Amazing) New Life Screenplay, 1st 2 chapters only.

This is the screenplay, written by me.

Please read to the end as I have an offer.

Harris Family:

John, Father, Husband,

Kate, Mother, Wife,

Skye, Daughter, Sister,

Melvin, Son, Brother, Melissa (Mel), Daughter, Sister.

                                                Chapter 1.1:

                                                 The Start.

This story starts in August 1974, Suburban Australia. It is late Winter; at the time Melvin is 9 years old. Melvin’s family has just finished eating Tea when their parents ask Skye and Melvin to stay at the table as they needed to tell them something. Melvin’s sister and mother cleared the dishes away. They come back a few minutes later.

John Harris (JH): “We have something to tell you both.”

Kate Harris (KH): “We are going to build another room on the back of the house, that one of you is going to use.”

Melvin: “Why?”

Both Parents: “It’s because Skye is now going into puberty and needs her own room,”

Melvin: “But we both have fun sharing.”

Both Parents: “A girl needs her privacy.”

Melvin: “No I don’t want to,”

Scene: Melvin runs crying into the room he shares with Skye room, yelling “I wish I was a girl.” Melvin slammed the door as he ran in and jumped onto his bed crying.

Several minutes later, Skye came in and grabbed some tissues to wipe away his tears.

Skye: “Did you mean what you said?”

Melvin: “What do you mean?”

Skye: “You wished you were a girl,”

Melvin: “Yes, if it means sharing with you.”

Skye: “Ok, I have an idea but stay here for a minute but get undressed.”

Scene: Skye goes into the bathroom and starts running a bath.

Melvin gets undressed and waited for her to come back, after a few minutes Skye returns.

Skye: “Ok come with me,”

Scene: They walk into the bathroom.

Skye: “Ok can you get into the bath and lie down as far as your chin? I will be back soon.”

Scene: Bedroom: Skye and Melvin walk in with their towels wrapped around themselves. Melvin sees what’s lying on the bed. Camera pans in to see a nightie and panties laid out.

Melvin: “What’s going on?”

Skye: “Well, you said, you wished you were a girl, this is the start. I am your big sister and I will help you.”

Scene: Both have dressed in their night attire.

Skye: “Wait here, I will be back shortly.”

Scene: Bedroom: Melvin admires himself in their full-length mirror, he can’t believe how feminine he looks, he knew it felt right. Melvin decides that he should think of more suitable name, and without thinking, thought of Melissa, from heron in, Melvin will now be called Melissa or Mel, unless otherwise noted.

Skye didn’t know that she had been wearing her clothes for the last few months.

Scene: Loungeroom: Their parents are watching television.

Skye: “Mum, Dad, Please don’t get angry, but I might have found a way for you to save money, and for Melvin and I to continue sharing, if you just open your minds and listen to what I have come with up.”

Parents: “Ok, if it will save money and keep the peace, go ahead.”

Skye: “Could you both please close your eyes and keep them closed until I ask you to open them.”

Parents: “Yes.”

Skye: “Ok, I’ll be right back.”

Scene: Bedroom: Mel couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, the girl looking back at her looked familiar, but strange though, she started crying as she realised the girl in the mirror was her and knew that she was a girl. Skye came back in.

Skye: “What’s wrong?”

Melvin hugs her and said, “Thank You, I am so happy as I know I am a girl now.”

Skye: “Ok let’s go,”

Melvin: “Where,”

Skye: “To say goodnight to mum and dad”

Melvin: “I can’t not like this,”

Skye: “Its ok I’ve told them I have a surprise for them.”

Melvin “Ok, by the way, I’ve decided on Melissa or Mel, ok.”

Skye: “Groovy I was thinking the same, that’s the name I was going to suggest.”

Scene: Lounge room:

Skye: “Ok, presenting the newest addition to our family, Melissa Harris, please open your eyes, mum and dad.”

They both had their eyes covered, when they uncovered their eyes, they were both amazed, mum was smiling, but Mel’s father had tears in his eyes, Skye went over to him.

Skye: “Its ok dad, we are just seeing what we can do about us sharing, but if you don’t like it, she can remain a boy,”

Mel was with her mum; she gave Mel a huge big kiss and cuddle.

KH: “You look groovy.”

Skye: “What are we going to do?”

Parents: “Well it’s up to Mel.”

Mel: “Can I be a girl at night and on weekends, and decide soon? “

Parents: “Ok, but can we think about it please? For now, you can stay as you are, we will talk about it in the morning,”

M & S: “Ok groovy.”

Skye: “Can we go to our room now as I want to get to know my new sister?”

Parents: “Yes, Goodnight girls.”

Scene: Bedroom:

Mel starts crying.

Skye: “What’s up?”

Mel: “I got called a girl.”

Skye: “Of course because you are dressed like one, and you are a girl as well.”

Mel: “Yes true, but it felt groovy.”

Skye: “Well let’s hope you hear that for the rest of your life.”

Mel: “Yes me too”

They get into Mel’s bed and started talking.

Skye: “How do you feel?”

Mel: “I feel so happy, I hope mum and daddy let me dress like this when I’m at home.”

Skye: “Yes me too, but let’s hope it will be full time soon.”

Mel: “Yes, I would love that.”

Skye then drops a bombshell

Skye: “I have known about your cross dressing for a while now.”

Mel: “How did you know, as I only wore your worn and soiled clothes.”

Skye: “I set you up by checking my clothes after you had worn them, and I could smell you on them,”

Mel: “Ok, so you have set this up.”

Skye: “Yes, but I didn’t think mum and dad would want to build the extra room so fast though, I took advantage of you saying you wished you were a girl.”

Mel: “Ok, so what do we do now?”

Skye: “I will train you to be a girl.”

Mel: “Ok groovy, can you sleep with me tonight please?”

Skye: “Yes.”

Skye jumps into Mel’s bed and they chat for a while, before they both kissed and said “Goodnight, sis.”

                                                 Chapter 1.2:

                                                 First Weekend.

Scene: Bedroom the next morning:

Their mum comes into their room

KH: “Come on girls, its 7am, time to wake up, that’s sweet you both slept together.” She starts crying

M & S: “What’s wrong?”

KH: “Nothing, I’m just happy I’ve now got the two girls I wanted, now go have your showers, we girls are going out shopping today.”

Mel: “Me too.”

KH: “Yes, as we are going to buy you new clothes.”

Mel starts crying.

KH & Skye: “What’s wrong?”

Mel: “Nothing, I’m just so happy I’m a girl, but what about daddy?”

KH: “He’s not happy but will see what happens, Ok you two get in the shower, I’ll go cook breakfast.”

M & S: “Ok mum, love you.”

KH: “Yes, I love my two daughters.”

Scene: Bathroom:

Skye starts the shower running

Mel: “Why are we having a shower, we had a bath last night?”

Skye: “Girls are cleaner than boys, we must have a shower to wash our hair and cleanse our bodies and faces, my sister needs to look perfectly groovy her first time going out.”

Mel: “Ok, groovy.”

Scene: Bathroom:

Both girls have had their shower and their towels are wrapped around their bodies. Skye squeezes a small amount of moisturizer into Mel’s left palm.

Skye: “Ok rub them both together, but watch me,”

Mel does as instructed, and rubs the moisturizer into her face, it smelt nice.

Skye: “Ok let’s go get dressed.”

They walk to their bedroom.

Skye: “Ok what are us girls going to wea

Skye looks outside.

Skye: “Ok, it looks fine for a dress.”

Skye searches the wardrobe to find suitable dresses.

Skye: “Ok how do these look?”

She holds up two dresses that looked groovy. Skye took her sister’s hand and walked to their wardrobe mirror and held up both dresses to themselves.

Scene: Bedroom:

Both girls are dressed, Skye loans Mel a pair of sandals to wear.

Skye: “None of my heels fit you, but hopefully we will get some today, I suggest you start writing a diary about your journey, as it may be good in years to come to read and reflect.”

Mel: “Yes groovy idea.”

Skye: “We will have a look today.”

Skye grabs her bag.

Skye: “Come on breakfast should be ready.”

Scene: Dining Room:

Their parents are astounded at how groovy Mel looked. They all ate breakfast in silence, when they were finished, Skye and Mel cleared the dishes.

Skye: “We will wash the dishes while you finish getting ready.”

Parents: “This is groovy, Mel the boy never offered to do the dishes, but, Mel the girl, is now doing the dishes.”

Both Skye and Mel winked at each other, they did the dishes, then go and finish getting ready, and go back into the dining room to wait for their parents.

A short time later, their parents came back into the kitchen.

S & M: “Wow, mum you look groovy.”

KH: “Thanks, ok, let’s get going.”

JH gives them all a hug, Mel noticed he had a tear in his eye.

Mel: “What’s wrong?”

JH: “I’m upset that I’ve lost my son, but you as my daughter has never looked so happy.”

Mel: “Daddy I love you, we can still do some of the father/son things you had planned, I don’t know if I’m going to enjoy being a girl, Skye has opened up something inside me and I just need to find myself.”

JH: “Wow, you are so wise, ok, let’s see what happens, you girls go have fun.”

KH, M & S: “Ok, you have a groovy day as well.”

JH: “We are going out to Tea tonight; hope you all find some nice clothes to wear.”

KH: “I’m sure we will.”

Scene: Harris Carport:

Skye shows Mel how girls get in and out of a vehicle.

Skye: “Knees together, even though their dresses are below the knee, we don’t let boys see our restricted areas.”

When they got into the vehicle, they asked their mum where they were going.

KH: “We are going to the new shopping mall that just opened.”

S & M squealed in delight; Skye starts laughing.

Mel: “What’s funny?”

Skye: “You squealed like a girl; I think somebody is going to stay a girl.”

Mel: “Oh, I didn’t realise,”

Skye: “That’s a groovy start.”

The drive took about 45 minutes.

KH: “When we get there, I want you two girls to stay with me all day, if one needs to go to the ladies, the other goes, and if possible, use the same stall.”

Mel: “I can’t use the ladies.”

KH & Skye: “Ok, you try using the stinky boys the way you are dressed.”

Mel: “Oh ok.”

Skye: “Girls use girl’s lavatories and boys use their stinky boy ones, yucky.”

Mel: “Ok, how do you know they are yucky?”

Skye: “Because all boys are yucky.”

Mel agreed, she didn’t know at the time just how yucky Skye found boys to be, as she had been keeping a very big secret from her. More Later.

They arrived at the mall and their mum quickly found a parking spot, when she stopped:

KH: “Ok girls this is a test day for Mel, but if at any time, you don’t feel comfortable and want to leave, let me know, Mel, you will be trying on girl’s clothes today, each time Skye will go into change room with you, ok.”

Mel: “Ok Thanks Mum.”

They all got of the vehicle and walked into the mall; they were all astounded at how huge it is.

KH: “Ok Mel it’s your day, where do you want to go?”

Mel: “Can we just walk around and browse please?”

KH: “Ok groovy idea.”

Skye: “If I find something suitable for you to try on, no arguments you will be.”

Mel: “Groovy.”

KH: “Wow look over there it looks someone has an admirer.”

S & M: “Who?”

KH: “Mel, he’s too young for you Skye.”

Mel: “Wow, yes he’s nice,” suddenly she felt some downstairs stirring, whispered in Skye’s ear about it.

Skye: “Ok don’t worry, mum I need to use the lavatory.”

KH: “Ok, Mel can you go with her?”

Mel: “Yes mum.”

Scene: Ladies Lavatories:

When they got to the lavatory, there was a line up.

Mel (Whispering): “What’s this?”

Skye: “Get used to it, happens nearly every time.”

A couple of minutes later two girls came in and stood behind them.

Skye: “Hello.”

 Sam and Tori: “Same.”

Skye elbows Mel.

Mel: “Hello,” looking at Skye like what.

Tori: “We are sisters and came to have a look, our names are Sam and Tori.”

Skye: “Nice to meet you both, same here, we are Skye, and this is my sister Melissa, or Mel for short.”

Sam: “Please excuse my ignorance, but are you a girl or a boy?”

Skye: “Today she’s a girl as she is not sure what she wants.”

Sam said, “Ok groovy.”

Mel suddenly realises that she is bulging.

Sam: “May I accompany Mel, please?”

Skye: “Not this time, only because it’s Mel’s first time.”

Sam and Tori: “Ok, that’s fine.”

After a few minutes, Skye and Mel got to a stall, and did their business.

Once they were finished, they went to wash and dry their hands.

Sam: “How long have you been dressing up for?”

Mel: “Since last night.”

Sam: “Wow groovy.”

When they got outside, their mum was there.

KH: “What took so long?”

S & M: “We met these two girls; this is Sam and Tori.”

KH: “Ok nice to meet you both, I’m Doris, Skye and Mel’s mum.”

Skye: “Can they join us for the morning?”

KH: “Yes that’s fine, she said oh by the way Mel, that boy gave me his name and number, he really likes you.”

Mel: “Ok thanks, but I’m not sure.”

Sam: “What’s he like?”

Mel: “He is cute for a boy, but I’m not sure if I like boys or girls yet.”

Sam: “Yes, we are both young, so we have time.”

Sam grabs Mel’s hand and holds it tight like they are boyfriend and girlfriend, or in their case Girlfriend’s, it felt rather nice.

Sam: “It’s only, so we don’t lose each other.”

Mel: “Ok groovy.” Mel felt something strange, but it took a while to know what.

They looked around the shops, it was a lot of fun, both Skye and Sam helped Mel pick out lots of cute outfits, she felt weird going into the change rooms with either Skye or Sam, but after a while it became fun, a couple of times even Tori went in with her.

Tori: “Mel even though this dress is strapless that I’m trying on, I’m keeping my bra on.”

Mel: “Ok.”

Scene: Change Rooms: Tori is just zipping up her dress. Mel looks sad.

Tori: “What’s wrong?”

Mel: “Well seeing you just now, makes me sad that I’m not a real girl.”

Tori: “You are a real girl, just born the wrong way.”

Mel: “Yes, between you and me, I’m really thinking about staying a girl, as I’m having lots of fun.”

Tori: “Yes I can see that, and between you and me, but I think Sam likes you.”

Mel: “Ok I felt something earlier, but I’m not sure what it was.”

Tori: “Maybe you like her as well, hey give it a go and see what happens.”

Mel: “Ok, let’s see, I do want us all to remain friends.”

Tori: “Yes definitely we will be.”

Tori and Mel both try their clothes on, and decided which are ok, they got changed back into their own clothes. Tori then pashes Mel kiss on the lips, when it was over.

Mel: “What that was for?”

Tori: “That’s a taste of what’s to come, Sam is a groovy kisser, and if my intuition is right, I feel you both will be kissing each other very soon.”

Mel: “How do you know?”

Tori: “We were both talking one night in bed and were curious, so we kissed each other.”

Mel: “Ok.”

They grabbed the clothes and left the change rooms, when they got outside, Skye grabs Mel.

Skye: “Why did you both take so long.?”

Mel: “I’ll tell you later, but I think I have made a new friend.”

Skye: “We both have.” They gave their mum the clothes and she bought them, then they left.

Scene; Shopping Mall: Sam slid up to Mel to hold her hand again, which Mel felt was groovy. They spent the rest of the morning looking at and trying on clothes, shoes, underwear, make up, and getting their nails done, Mel felt weird but groovy, after a few hours.

KH: “Ok come on girls the shops close shortly, and we need to get home to get ready for Tea.”

All The Girls: “ok.”

Skye and Mel said goodbye to Sam and Tori. Sam gave Mel a quick kiss, exchanged phone numbers and parted. Mel felt groovy but sad as she wasn’t sure what was going on but knew that she wanted to see Sam again. Mum, Skye and Mel walked back to their vehicle, put all their shopping in the vehicle and drove home.

KH: “Mel, how did you like your first day as a girl? 

Mel: “I loved it can I stay this way please?”

KH: “Let’s just take it one day at a time, but you can be a girl at home, we will go to our Doctor on Monday and see what she says.”

Mel: “Mum our Doctor is a man.”

KH: “Yes but as of Monday, Skye, you and I will see the lady Doctor and your Mel’s father will continue to see our old man one.”

S & M: “Groovy.”

Skye: “It looks like you and Sam hit it off.”

Mel: “Yes, but what was with her holding my hand?”

Skye: “Well maybe she likes you, it’s how a girl shows affection.”

Mel: “But if I’m going to live as a girl, that doesn’t make sense.”

Skye: “Look you are both young, who knows what will happen.”

Mel: “Ok yes that’s groovy, she does make me feel good though.”

They soon arrived home, both girls helped their mum bring in all the shopping, then sorted everything out, Skye and Mel took their bags into their room.

KH: “Can you girls give me the dress you are both wearing tonight so I can give them both a quick iron?”

S & M: “Yes”

Scene: Girls Bedroom: They went to find them.

Scene: Kitchen/Dining Room: They helped their mum prepare lunch, then sat down to eat. They cleared the table and did the dishes, relaxed for the next few hours.

KH: “Can you both go and have your showers please?”

S & M: “Yes mum.”

Scene: Girls Bedroom:  Go to their room and removed their clothes, (Camera pans back distorting them as they walk to the bathroom to have their showers.)

Scene: Bathroom: After their shower, both girls have their towels wrapped around themselves:

Skye: “Mel how do you feel about Sam? “

Mel: “She’s nice, but every time she held my hand, I felt weird.”

Skye: “Yes, I can see that.”

Mel: “How?”

Skye: “Look down.”

Mel looks down.

Mel: “What does it mean?”

Skye: “It’s not your fault, it’s what boys experience when they like a girl.”

Mel: “But I’m a girl, how can I be like that?”

Skye: “Its ok, I don’t think Sam cares what sex you are, she likes you as a person.”

Mel: “She can’t as we are so young.”

Skye: “When you were in the change room with Tori, Sam admitted that that she likes you.”

Mel: “Oh ok.”

When they were finished, their cleansing and moisturizing, walked to their bedroom to find suitable underwear, they had a look at our purchases from today

Skye: “Here found it.”

Skye shows Mel a bra and panty set she had purchased secretly during the day, it was pink.

Skye: “Here, this is yours, and this is mine, I bought the same set in my size.”

Scene: Girls Bedroom: Both girls have their dressing gowns on.

Mel: “Can I wear nylons out tonight?”

Skye: “Yes if I can find some that will go with the outfit and fit you.”

Mel: “Ok groovy.”

Skye rummages through her hosiery drawer.

Skye: “Ok found these.”

Skye holds up a nude and black pair.

Mel: “Well it depends on the dress and shoes.”

Skye: “Groovy, you are becoming a girl.”

There was a knock at the door, and Skye opened it, it was their mum with their dresses, she went in.

KH: “Wow, Mel you look groovy, you look like a girl, can you both sit beside me, I have something to tell you.”

S & M: “Ok?”

They both noticed she had a tear in her eye.

S & M: “What’s wrong?”

KH: “Nothing, I’ve lost a son, but gained a really beautiful daughter.”

Skye: “Yes, but at least Mel is happy now.”

KH: “Agreed, ok I’ve got a secret, please don’t tell your father yet.”

S & M: “Goodie we love secrets.”

Skye starts laughing.

Mel: “Why are you laughing for you sis?”

Skye: “You said goodie, it’s a word us girls use.”

KH & Mel started laughing.

KH: “Ok, I think I’m pregnant again.”

S & M: “Oh that’s groovy, do you want a girl or boy?”

KH: “Well if Mel stays a girl, a boy, for your father.”

Mel: “Ok that’s groovy, because I love being a girl and hope I can stay this way forever.”

KH & Skye: “That’s groovy, we do as well.”

KH: “Come on we had all better get ready.”

S & M: “Ok see you shortly, thanks for ironing our dresses.”

KH: “My pleasure.”

Skye and Mel went back to finish getting dressed, they decided to wear nude nylons as the dress was pink, and their heels were nude, Mel agreed, even she was starting to know fashion.

Skye: “Ok, sit on your bed and watch me.”

Mel did as she did, several minutes later they both had their nylons on, they put their heels on, Mel’s were only 2” and felt groovy. Mel wobbled a bit.

Skye: “All girls do at times, so don’t worry.”

Scene: Girls Bedroom: Both girls are dressed, they put their heels and jewellery on. Skye ruffles around in the wardrobe for a few seconds.

Skye: “Ah that’s where you are.”

Turns around and hands Mel a gift bag.

Skye: “Here, I got this for you today, I hope you like it.”

Mel took it from her, and has a look, it was a shoulder bag that she got her. Mel grabbed her and gave her a tight hug. Mel: “Thank You Sis, I love you so much.”

Skye: “That’s ok, it’s my pleasure.”

Mel: “But what can I put in it?”

Skye: “Here,” and shows Mel a lipstick.

Skye: “Here I got this for you as well.”

Mel: “Thank You, you are the best sister ever.”

Skye: “Come on mum and dad are waiting, but can you wait here until I call you?”

Mel: “Ok, anything for you sis.”

Skye leaves the bedroom, and a few seconds later, Skye calls her sister, who walks, or should I say she wobbled, out to the kitchen.

Both parents Laugh.

Mel: “What’s up?”

Parents: “You wobbling in those heels.

Skye starts laughing and so does Mel.

JH: “Come on let’s go.”

KH, SH, MH: “Ok groovy.”

KH, Skye and Mel walk out to the vehicle whilst their husband and father locks up the house. Mel’s father was a Security Officer at the time, and he took security very seriously.

When he came out, they were all in the vehicle waiting.

JH: “That looks nice, all my favourite girls in vehicle waiting”

JH gets in and starts the vehicle, then heads for the restaurant.

Skye: “Dad where are we were going too?”

JH: “It’s a surprise, even your mother doesn’t know where we are going.”

The ride there was groovy, Skye and Mel chat away, just like any other sisters would.

Skye: “Mel that even though they are in the vehicle, keep your legs together, like this.”

Skye shows Mel how to sit.

Skye: “Its good training, as when you go out you will close them automatically without even thinking.”

Mel: “Ok thanks.”

Mel sits the way she was shown, they face each other, like a mirror effect.

Scene: Car Park at the Restaurant: Suddenly the vehicle stopped.

JH: “Ok ladies, we are here.”

 They all looked out of the window, and saw it was a very posh restaurant that their mum had been trying to get Mel’s father to take them to for a long time, they all got of the vehicle, and gave their Husband/Mel’s father a really big hug.  JH: “Come on we better go inside, or we will miss our reservation.”

Parents: “You two girls go ahead, and we will follow.”

Skye needed to use the lavatory.

Skye: “Dad can you find out where the bathrooms are please?”

JH: “Yes, I will ask.”

A couple of minutes later they were at the front of the line.

JH: “Could you please tell me where the lavatories are, please?”

Head Waiter: “Just down the side there.”

JH: “Ok thanks, ok girls you know where to go.”

S & M: “Thanks.”

Both girls walk to the lavatories once they finished, they walk back to their parents at the table.

KH: “What took so long?”

Skye: “Women’s troubles.”

JH & KH laugh, as does Skye, but Mel was confused.

Skye: “Hey, it’s ok, don’t worry, in time you will learn.”

They placed their orders and talked.

JH: “Mel how are you enjoying your new life?”

Mel: “Groovy but confusing.”

JH: “How.”

Mel: “I enjoyed spending the day as a girl, but I met a girl who is really nice, but I’m confused.”

JH: “Maybe you will change your mind and come back.”

Mel: “I’m not sure, I will see how everything goes, especially on Monday at the Doctors.”

JH: “Yes true.”

Mel got a shock with this next part.

JH: “Even though I have lost my son for now, I will support you whatever you decide, as long as you are happy, I am happy.” Mel gets up and gives him a very big hug, something as a boy he wouldn’t have done, but as a girl he did, they both start to tear up.

KH & Skye: “What’s up?”

Mel: “I’m just so happy to have such a loving and supportive family.”

They all joined in and they had the best family hug in such a long time.

A few minutes later their meals arrived, and they all ate in silence, after they were finished, Skye leans over.

Skye: “How are you now?”

Mel: “I’m fine.”

Skye: “Ok, we are going to the lavatory before we leave, so I can check you.”

Mel: “Its ok, it’s nice and dry.”

Skye: “That’s how they are designed, but still need to be checked regularly.”

Mel: “Oh ok.”

They relax for a few minutes.

Skye: “Mum, dad, Mel and I are going to the ladies.”

JH & KH: “Ok.”

Both get up and walk to the bathroom, complete their business, then after washing and drying their hands return to the table, where their parents are just finishing their coffees.

JH & KH: “We are leaving in a few minutes.”

Skye: “May we go outside and wait for you both?”

JH & KH: “That’s ok.”

Both girls get up and walk outside to enjoy the night air, just as they got outside, Skye sees a school friend of hers with her family.

Skye: “Hi, Lisa.”

Lisa: “Hi Skye, who is this girl?”

Skye: “Can we talk quietly please.”

Skye grabs Mel and whispers in Lisa’s ear, who smiles.

Lisa: “Groovy, if there’s anything I can do please ask.”

Skye: “Well I was thinking of giving Mel some lessons tomorrow if you want to come and help.”

Lisa: “Yes I would love to.”

Skye: “Ok, can you be at our place around 9am?”

Lisa: “Yes sure.”

Skye: “Ok groovy see you then.”

Mel hugs Lisa, then she enters the restaurant with her family. Skye and Mel’s parents come out a few seconds later.

KH: “Was that Lisa?”

Skye said: “Yes, and she is coming over tomorrow to help me with my sister.”

KH: “Ok groovy.”

JH: “Come on ladies, let’s go home.”

When they were in the vehicle:

KH: “Mel, how did you enjoy your first day as a girl?”

Mel: “Yes, very much so, I hope I can stay a girl forever.”

JH & KH: “It’s too early yet, let’s take it one day at a time.”

Skye: “Agreed.”

Mel: “Groovy.”

Skye: “I will always be there for you; it’s what big sisters do for their little sisters.”

Mel: “Groovy, I really appreciate it, and I hope one day I can repay the favour.”

Scene: Family Home:

Once their mum had their back-door open, both Skye and Mel went into their bedroom and get changed into the night clothes (Not seen on Camera). Both girls emerge wearing their nightclothes, slippers and dressing gowns.

Scene: Kitchen/Dining Room: KH is making their Hot Cocoas. They all sit to chat about today and the future.

Mel: “Thank You everyone for supporting me, I enjoyed today, but I don’t know what the future holds for me or even us, but what will everyone else think, especially Laura, Angie and the Groovy Dani?”

JH: “Mel, look agreed, but it’s your life and even though I don’t understand why you want to be a girl, I will support you, somehow, I feel that our neighbours will be fine with you, hey Skye.”

Skye: “Yes, I will tell you a secret sis, both Angie and Dani have felt sorry for me having a brother, I haven’t told them that I was slowly turning you into a girl, but I know they will support you and us, after all we have all grown up together.

Mel: “Ok, I hope they do too, Thanks, sis.”

Skye: “Do you want to sleep in my bed tonight?”

Mel: “Yes I’d love to.”

Mel gets into bed with Skye.

Skye: “What do you think about Sam?”

Mel: “I like her, but I’m confused, if I’m going to live as a girl, shouldn’t I date boys?”

Skye: “It’s up to you who you want to date.”

Suddenly Mel feels some movement and looks shocked.

Skye: “Wow, looks like you are interested.”

Mel: “Yes, but what if I enjoy being a girl and she wants to date a boy?”

Skye: “Let’s just see what happens, take it easy for now. I’ve got a confession, between you and I, and it’s a secret, its many of what sisters have between each other.”

Mel: “Groovy, I won’t tell anybody else, cross my heart, hope to die”

Skye: “Groovalicious, when you and Sam were in the changing rooms today, and Tori and I were in another, she kissed me, and I liked it.”

Mel: “Groovy, maybe we will all end up in relationships together.”

Skye: “Maybe, you like Sam, it’s too early to tell.”

Mel: “Yes, is that why both you and Tori had funny looks on your faces?”

Skye: “Yes.”

Mel: “Nice.”

S & M: “Goodnight, sweet dreams sis”

Screen blacks out, giving impression they have fallen asleep.

Sunday morning, KH enters bedroom.

KH: “Morning Girls, come on girls’ time to get up, it’s almost 8am and your father and I are going out for the day to give you three some girl time.”

S & M: “Morning mum, ok thanks.”

Scene: Bedroom, (After Shower): Both girls have their dressing gowns on, deciding on what they were going to wear, next thing the doorbell rings.

Skye: “Oh no that’s Lisa early, sis can you answer it please?”

Mel: “Ok” 

Scene: Front Door:

Mel: “Good morning.”

Lisa: “Good Morning, were you two still asleep?”

Mel: “No we are just choosing our clothes for today, come in and we can chat.”

Lisa comes in and follows Mel to their room, Skye had put a robe on as well, and went over to hug Lisa,

Lisa: “Hi Skye, so what are we going to do today?”

Skye: “Well, we were just getting dressed, so if you can excuse us for a short time, we will finish and then we can all have breakfast together.”

Lisa: “Ok, but don’t forget that I have seen you both in your birthday suits before.”

Skye: “True, but Mel isn’t up to anybody seeing her like that just yet, hope you understand.”

Lisa: “Ok, fair enough, I will wait out here for you both.”

Skye and Mel went back into their room and found matching underwear to wear, but decided against anything else, only because they would be using various cosmetics and lotions, which may stain and/or ruin their outer clothes.

Once they had their underwear on, they put their dressing gowns and slippers on and went into the dining room to enjoy breakfast. When Lisa saw them, she said, “I thought you were both getting dressed?” Skye said, “We did, have decided against outer clothes today in case we ruin them, but we do have underwear on under our dressing gowns.”

Their mum had put their breakfast out for them.

KH: “Ok girls, we are leaving now, your father is in the vehicle, now have a groovy day, but please just stay home until we get back, I have made a chicken salad for lunch for you all, and there is orange cordial too, Skye you know how to make more if you need, now come and give me a kiss and hug.”

S, M & L: “Thanks.”

They go and kiss and hug their mum, and friend’s mum, then she left.

They sit and ate their breakfast in silence, then once they had finished, took their plates and utensils to the sink to allow them to soak.

Lisa: “What were we going to do today?”

Skye: “Teach Mel how to be a girl, she already knows about cleansing and moisturizing and wiping after peeing, and last night she wore a pad as she was leaking, but we know what caused that.”

Lisa: “Oh what?”

Mel: “It’s because we both met a girl yesterday, and mine is cute.”

Lisa: “Skye I thought you liked boys,”

Skye: “Yes, but Tori well, kissed me and I liked it.”

Suddenly Lisa started to laugh, and so does Skye.

Mel: “What’s wrong?”

S & L: “Look down.”

Mel does, and notices swelling again, gets so embarrassed, she runs into the bathroom crying,

S & L follow after her.

S & L: “Its ok, it just shows you like Sam.”

Mel: “Yes, and I love being a girl, but I can’t have both.”

S & L “Why not?”

Skye: “Look, let’s just have our girl day and see what the Doctor says tomorrow.”

Lisa: “Why is she going to the doctor for?”

Skye: “So we can find out what is required for Mel.”

Lisa: “Ok groovy, as you are both just wearing underwear, do you mind if I take my outer clothes off?”

Skye: “No, it’s fine, actually we can dispense with our dressing gowns, we put them on for modesty in front of our parents whilst we had breakfast, but as it’s just us girls now, Mel, dressing gowns off.”

Mel: “Groovy.”

They walk to their bedroom and hang their dressing gowns up, whilst Lisa removes her shorts and top, and she hangs hers up, only to stop them getting crushed.

The day went along swimmingly, Mel was shown how to shave her legs, underarms, arms, and they helped each other with moisturising our backs, since that is the hardest part of skin care routine.

They had lunch too, and Skye had to make more cordial, and as their backyard was secluded, decided to go and sunbathe just in their underwear for a couple of hours, just to put some brown in their still wintery very white skin.

Around 6 pm Mel and Skye’s parents arrive home.

JH: “Lisa, how are you getting home?”

Lisa: “My parents asked me to call them when I was ready to leave.”

JH: “I can drive you home if you want?”

Lisa: “Thanks, that would be groovy.”

Skye: “Can I come too, please?”

JH: “Yes, if you want?”

They say goodbye, JH Skye and Lisa left.

Scene: Kitchen: Mel helps her mum cook Tea.

KH: “So how was the day?”

Mel: “It was groovy, except for when I started swelling, I cried and went to the bathroom.”

KH: “Why did you swell for?”

Mel: “We were talking to Lisa about Sam.”

KH: “Ok, that shows that the male part of your brain is reacting, hopefully in time, it will stop.”

Mel: “Yes, I was so embarrassed because it was in front of Lisa.”

JH and Skye arrive back around 35 minutes later, just as they were putting the food out, they all sat down and started eating.

JH: “Mel, how did you like the weekend, ready to abandon this idea and come back to the bright side?”

Mel: “I loved it, but sorry daddy unless something very bad happens, I have enjoyed how close Skye and I have become this weekend, and for the first time in a long time, I feel happy.”

JH: “Ok, so I’ve lost my son, but I’ve gained a second daughter and as long as you are happy that’s all counts. I will love you unconditionally.”

KH: “Yes me too, but John, please don’t say anything like that again, all you will do is push Mel away.”

JH: “Wow, did I touch a nerve here somewhere?”

KH: “No, you asked a question which even I felt squishy about, we need to let Mel be herself for now and let her decide.”

Skye: “And I love my little sister, I will be here for you anytime.”

Mel: “Yes me too, I love you all, thank you all for supporting me, and I will try to be a groovy daughter.”

Mel starts crying when she says that, as it was the first time, she called herself a daughter.

JH, KH, & Skye: “Yes, and it won’t be the last time.”

Skye: “Mel and I will do the dishes, you two can relax.”

Mel looks at Skye, like what the, but Mel was now a girl and needed to follow big sis’s instructions.

JH & KH: “That’s nice, both our daughters offering to do the dishes, something that would not have occurred a few days ago.”

Skye and Mel laugh as they walk to the kitchen. When they were done, they went and kissed their parents.

S & M: “Goodnight.”

JH & KH: “Yes goodnight girls.”

They went into their bedroom and got undressed, Skye goes and starts the bath running, a few minutes later Mel goes in.

Scene: Bedroom, after their bath: Both girls are wearing their dressing gowns.

Mel: “Sis, I feel it’s wrong for me to have feelings for a girl and wanting to be a girl as it is a sin, me wanting to be a girl already is a sin.”

Skye:  “It’s not your fault how you are, you deserve to be happy, whether you are a boy or a girl, yes it’s a sin to be a different sex, but you make a much better girl than you did as a boy.”

Mel: “Yes and I feel much better as well, but I’m still not sure if I should have these feelings towards Sam that I have, and the way I stirred yesterday, and today shouldn’t have happened.”

Skye: “True, I’ll tell you something, and it happened to me yesterday, you leaking is the male way for what happens to us girls.”

Mel: “How?”

Skye then told her what happened

Mel: “What?”

Skye: “Yes, you think you are a sinner, we both are, I have suspected for a while that I like girls.”

Mel: “How?”

Skye: “Well none of the boys at school appeal to me, and when I’m in the changing rooms at school with the other girls, I can’t stop looking at them, that boy yesterday who liked you, I didn’t feel anything at all.”

Mel: “Ok, I just had a thought, do you think I should ring that boy, and go on a date with him? At least I can sort of know what’s going on, even though seeing him, I did stir yesterday?”

Skye said: “Yes, that’s a groovy idea, but don’t ring until tomorrow night.”

Mel: “Ok, what are you going to do about you and Tori?”

Skye: “Nothing, but it’s between you and I for now, I’m certain mum and dad would not like it if I suddenly said I liked girls.”

Mel: “Yes of course, but who knows in time we both may grow to like boys.”

Skye: “Maybe, but if my feelings for girls stay this strong, I think the boy would have to be a super cute and rich one.”

Mel: “If he has a brother, I’ll date him as well.”

Both laugh, both get into bed together, give each other a hug and a kiss and fall sleep.

Screen fades to black from Mel’s point of view, giving impression of falling asleep, then credits roll.

MEL’S (Amazing) New Life or Journey Movie

I’m seeking 1 million Fantabulous winners to invest $5 AUD each in this project.

The benefits may include:

Receive a free copy of part 1.

Working on the movie, either as a cast and/or crew member.

Once completed, each investor will be invited to exclusive viewings to watch the movie, may include snacks.

I envisage hiring out a cinema to watch, preferably an Independent cinema.

Each investor will also receive their very own Investor copy of the movie on DVD or Blu Ray.

Once we decide to allow the public to watch, we will possibly hire out the same cinemas, and possibly charge $30 per patron to watch the movie.

This may include a meet n greet with cast/crew members and a finger food buffet before or after the screening.

Patrons will be able to purchase copies on DVD or Blu Ray, with all profits going back to my initial investors, or we may use the funds to continue filming.

I feel this project will take around 12-18 months to complete, however, will create long term benefits, not only for the initial investors, but also areas we will film in.

All filming will occur in Victoria, Australia.

The reason I want to make the movie is to hopefully educate others, but also because I want to help employ people. Hopefully we can continue making movies for many more years.

If you are interested in investing, please send me an email to

Tuesday Cleaning Tip: Water Saving.

As usual, what is mentioned below is my own opinion. You may or may not agree with me. As a professional cleaner, I do research before recommending any product or equipment.

Traditional mops can create more health issues as they don’t always remove germs when wringing out.

The spray mop above is my recommended equipment.

When you use the trigger button, it releases a small amount of liquid, which is your choice.

These are 3 in 1.

Orange pad for sweeping.

Blue, moping general areas.

Red, Bathrooms, Laundries & Lavatories. I mop in that order.

Orange, & Red available separately.

Using these mops will save you Water, Money & Time.

Please on wooden floors, only use cold water.

I add disinfectant.

You can buy cheaper spray mops, which I’m sure will do the same thing.

Update: Bunnings have a similar mop, from Morgan, but only comes with 1 pad, you need to buy the others separately.

Tomorrow: Make Your Own Air Freshener.

Monday Cleaning Tip: Dusting.

I love & use this duster as its handle is xtendable & the dusting arm is movable.

Coles regular price: $12.

The dusters are disposable.

I have found a cheaper, but just as good duster at Bunnings. Glitz 5 pk.

Did You Know?

Many people do not dust their door frames, tops of doors or ceiling fan blades.

These retain dust which leads to health issues.

Regular dusting of all areas of a home, helps reduce the health risks.

I even dust Laundries, Bathrooms, Lavatories.

You can dust inside your car, boat, caravan, anywhere dust settles.

Added Tip:

Wiping down these surfaces with an anti bacterial cloth, provides added protection.

Coles brand 100 pk does an amazing job.

To remove cobwebs or dust high areas, use a long handled broom. Please ensure someone is there for safety.

I also suggest wearing PPE




Safety First Always.

Hope this has helped you all.

Tomorrow: Saving Water When Moping.

🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Diversity, Equality & Inclusivity

November 2022 Update: We will allow all T/M’s upto 8 weeks Grief Leave. They can work remote as they feel. Further information will be provided later.

Also, all Transgenders will receive upto 3 months Surgery Leave.

As we are Transgender owned & operated, we will respect all Shareholders, Team Members & Very Important Customers (V. I. C’s) personal identities & choices.

We will also allow T/M’s 5 days menstrual remote work each month.

Learn more

The neutrality of this article is disputed(May 2022)

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a term most used to describe a training format in the workplace. DEI training is utilized to encourage functional knowledge of fellow employees’ identities and how to navigate diversity in an organization.[1] That said, the concept of DEI has a much broader scope of application. “Diversity” describes a wide variety of differences that may exist amongst people in any setting, including race, ethnicity, nationality, gender and sexual identity, disability, neurodiversity, and others. This is the cause of the need for DEI awareness. “Equity” is the concept of providing equal opportunities through a personalized approach, utilizing unequal distribution of resources to ‘level the playing field.’ Applying equity includes factoring in a variety of disparities within society that affect individuals to varying levels. Equity is the application of principles encapsulated by DEI. “Inclusion” details the desired outcome; ensuring that those who fall under the title of “diverse” genuinely feel safe, welcome, and included. Inclusion is a step past integration, where diverse individuals blend completely into the environment without a second thought.[2][3] Due to the complexity of these issues in society, DEI is not simple or cookie-cutter. Though DEI is best known as a form of corporate training, these angles must be explored in a variety of environments, including but not limited to academia, corporate workplaces, schools, and medical spaces.[4][5]

The above is from Wikipedia.

I believe everyone is worthy of a Safe, Secure, Stable, Happy Life.

If you are an LGBTIQA+ Supporter, you are welcome to help establish MCC.

As Melissa has not formally established the business, her ABN details are:

Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen

Individual/Sole Trader.

332 Leakes Road, TRUGANINA, Victoria, Australia, 3029.

ABN: 61902818410.

You can check the status by googling ABR.


© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

This blog is inspired by a recent episode of a TV show I was watching.

I will not reveal the show, but it got me to thinking.

Why is it ok to perform the archaic act of circumcision on boys, yet, when someone announces they are Transgender, all the negatives come out with many people trying to control our bodies.

In my opinion, if it’s ok for 1, then it’s ok for all, whether we like it or not.

A baby boy is not given a choice, his parents, well usually the father, decides, yet if the same boy in a few years realises he is a gurl, he cops much negativity.

We should all be allowed to make decisions regarding our bodies, and lives, when we feel we are old enough, not when someone else decides.

I want to ask this question form everyone reading this blog.

How would you feel if someone tried stopping you from doing something to your body?

Especially if it was to make you feel happy.

So, if you want to be your happy self, then stop trying to stop others from being happy.

Just because someone may not fit your mould, does not mean they should not be able to live their lives


Everyone is equal, no matter who they are.

© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022


© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

I’ve written this because of how many people make assumptions about those who prefer to spend time alone, I am 1 of those people.

Just because someone likes to be alone, does not mean they are up to no good, granted, some may, but from my experience, only a very low number.

Many times, when I’ve been travelling on public transport, or even just walking alone, some people feel it’s


To get close and talk to me.

This creates more anxiety for me, and sometimes causes me to get emotional.

Occasionally I would even get furious and mouth off at people, which has gotten me into trouble.

Honestly, if people just left others alone, the world would be a much better place.

We are all







Not everyone is comfortable talking to others, especially those they do not know.

Even at work, I get nervous around others.

A reason why I prefer being alone is because of my Social Anxiety, & being treated badly growing up.

In regards to being Single:

Many people have abused me for never entering relationships.

Honestly, I’m still way too hung up on the amazing Claire Baire (CB).

No one has come 20% close to how I feel about her, & I would feel as though I would be cheating on CB.

Because I let her down, I’m now punishing myself, by refraining from any sort of relationship, mainly because I’m scared of hurting someone else, or being hurt by them.

When I say hurt, I mean ending the relationship, either way.

I’m a human being, just like all you winners, I get hurt, as we all do.

The only relationship I will enter now, MUST be non physical and both parties sign written agreements.

FYI: I’m Asexual.

For those who don’t know, from 6-14, I was molested by an older relative, this caused major trust issues for me. I was so ashamed of what was going: In those days, males were not victims, only the assailants. Therefore, I was unable to be 100000000000% honest with the most I should have trusted the most in my life, Yes, CB.

If I couldn’t be totally open nd honest with her about this, then if our relationship developed, it would not have been a 1000000000000% Trusting & Communicative 1.

I feel a reason why she ended things, was because I became distant with her.

As this is almost 40 years ago, I’m only guessing.

I also have other theories, which currently, I’m unable to prove.

My point of writing this blog, is to hopefully educate you all, and hopefully accept what I’ve written.

Here is some advice:

If you do see someone sitting or walking alone, ask permission to sit and/or talk with them, because anyone who does not ask me from here on in, will be given a mouthful of abuse and possible contacting my Legal Representative too.

eBook Free Offer.

Do you love Candles?
Every person who buys all 11 of my titles, in the same transaction, screenshots the transaction and emails me, will be eligible to receive a Free* Platinum Candle Club Membership to Mel’s Customised Candles.
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A PCCM will make a perfect Christmas Gift.

Once MCC established, and we are making money, we will randomly select 1 PCCM each month, who will receive a $500 Gift Voucher to visit and stay in Victoria, Australia.

Once a PCCM has been selected, their name will be ineligible until all PCCM’s have been selected

🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️ Transgender Minors: Facts.

Many people assume Transgender minors are going through “A Phase,” when they tell “Grown-Ups” they are trans.

Yet, Cisgender children are not questioned about their Gender Identity or Seggsual Orientation.

I knew in 1970, I was a gurl, but unable to be truthful to the “Grown-Ups” around me for fear of physical abuse.

My reason for writing this is to educate about Trans Children.

By allowing a Trans minor to socially transition before puberty, will most likely allow them to decide if this is the right thing for them.

Hormone Blockers are not given until a child has been properly evaluated.

N. B. A minor can change their mind & stop anytime they wish, if they feel it’s not for them. Also Gender Reassignment Surgeries will not occur until the person (winner) turns 18. Hormones make a Trans person infertile.

Benefits of Blockers: MtF: Minimal facial hair, Voice will not get as deep hormones will work better. FtM: Honestly, I’m not sure, could be the opposite.

The below statement by Jazz Jennings is perfect:

I personally know of several people who knew they were “Different” but had no support, & ended their lives.

Everyone deserves to live their lives how they want.

This is my 2nd time living as a female, as the 1st time around, I had no support, & yes, I thought about ending my life many times.

I’m sick of how many people feel THEY can interfere in others lives. This has occured many times to me.

My best advice,

If you would like to learn more about what it was like for me growing up, I invite you to purchase my eBook, entitled:

$0.99 USD until December 31st, 2022.

This is the direct link.


© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

In the past couple of years, most Offices have resorted to allowing their staff to work from home.

What I write below is from my perspective and experiences.

Below are some of my personal reasons:

1 No Walking to and from the station, having to put up with rude, arrogant, selfish, impatient motorists.

N.B. Not a day goes by when I’m not abused by motorists.

2. No Travelling on Public Transport with Selfish Twerps.

N.B. 2 Many times as I have gone to board a train, tram or bus, have been pushed away by impatient idiots. Funny, the service is not going to leave without them.

3. When sick, can still perform your duties from Home, whether it takes 8-14 hours, as long as the work gets done, who cares how long it takes.

N.B. 3 As a Contract House Cleaner, there have been times, I’ve had to cancel customers, due to ill health.

4. Able to perform Home duties in between work duties.

5. Possibly no anxiety issues.

N.B. 3. I get nervous when I go out due to the severe negative treatment I received growing up. I was never able to express myself, usually told to go away and leave the adults alone, or seen as a weakling and that vulnerability has allowed others to manipulate me, which still happens today.

6. Able to accept deliveries whilst home.

7. If a person has children, means they are home when the children arrive home.

N.B. 4. Due to a vicious assault when I was 16, have not been lucky enough to become a Parent, however, Safety First Always.

8. My Personal Favourite: Able to work without any distractions i.e. Others Talking, or Music Playing etc.

Big Business needs to stop treating their employees like children and allowing them to work to their pace and abilities.

Once MCC is established, I will allow my Admin/Light Duties Team Members the chance to work from home.

I’m hoping we rarely have anybody on Light Duties, but I need to be prepared in case accident/s occur.

I believe when someone is allowed to do their work alone, they will be much more productive.

Here’s an Example:

When I used to clean Trains, sometimes, I would be working with others, unfortunately most were selfish and/or lazy. I had to clean to their speed, and these cleans were bad.

However, when I was allocated a 4 car set to clean, I would shine, as I could work to my pace and routine. Most of the time, I was very happy with the result.

The final few months of working there, I was bullied by most of the others. They were males and I had transitioned to female.

This is a reason why I accepted Redundancy was for my Mental Health.

This allowed me to finally follow my dream:

Move to Melbourne, Australia.

I’m sure there are many more reasons to WFH, and everyone has their reasons depending on their circumstances.

I would love to know everyone’s opinions, comments welcome.

Much Thanks.

🏳️‍⚧️🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈🏳️‍⚧️😎🎉😍🥇😃⛱👭Age Is Justed A Numeral 🦄🌏🐨🚊🏖🦘🐇🚍🚲🚙💐💞🌈

But both must be 18+.

A Secret: This is why the photo is included. From 6-14 I was molested. This photo is the last where I was truly happy. Claire Baire was in my Life. 💐💞🌈❤🔥👭⛱🦄🥇😃😍🎉🌞😎🌈

Many humans are guilty of Ageism.

However, whilst a human is still 90%+ healthy & breathing, we should be accepted & listened too.

Just because I’m over 50, doesn’t mean I’m over the hill.

Mature humans, like me, have seen & done many things in our lives.

I want to help young people avoid the many mistakes I made.

Just because a person is older & associates with a younger person, doesn’t mean there is anything illegal happening.

FYI: Unless there is a written, signed, LEGAL Document, setting out each others boundaries & expectations, I will not meet some1 in person. Each MUST BE TRIPLE VACCINATED, Proof MUST BE PROVIDED.

In school, I was bullied, tormented, lied about & viciously assaulted, which caused me to become a very shy, introverted, untrusting person.

Schools R Prisons.

Recently, I realised why I love an 80’/90’s sit com about school kids.

I never had that, & would cry many times watching, as many episodes resonated with me, especially a certain dorky character.

My point is: Never assume about some1 without getting 2 know them 1st, because U will never know what some1 is going through.

FYI: I have nil physical interest in any1, this includes Hand Shakes, Any form of pashing, hugging, or even touching.

50 years ago, my trauma started, & thanks to another, very nasty, TransGurl, I now have answers, & know who molested me.

Thank You Chris “JTM” Newcastle Australia. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈️‍⚧️️‍⚧️️‍⚧️️‍⚧️️‍⚧️

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