πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆGender Surgery Explained.

Thank You Winners for reading this.

In order for a Trans Gurl to be approved for surgery, she is required to see 2 Psychiatrists.

These sessions are expensive, and generally not rebatable.

First approval needs to be given, before the gurl can see the 2nd.

The 2nd approval must be given within 3 months of Surgery Date.

Many people still assume the Penis (Birth Defect BD) is cut off, it used to be.

However, today, Medical Technology has advanced.

I won’t go into the gorry details.

The Penis is inverted to create a Neo-Vagina.

Immediately after surgery, its bed rest for several days, with packing and dressings changed regulary.

After bed rest over, twice daily salt baths begin.

This assists healing.

The gurl is required to dilate several times per day. This is to stop the cavity from closing.

Recovery is 3-6 months, dependant on the patient.

Cost of the surgery is fully paid in advance by the patient.

My chosen Surgeon, here in Melbourne, will not operate on uninsured patients.

Health Insurance Cover per month is $180. With a waiting period of 12 months continued coverage.

The patient needs around $25,000 just for the Surgery, this does not include the incidentals required pre and post surgery.

If a patient needs to travel to Melbourne, they need costs for Accommodation, Transport, Food/Beverages, Spending $$$$$.

Add another $10,000-$15,000.

Costs vary depending on a patients needs.

Part of the cost may be claimable, but not always.

Contrary to belief: A post-op Trans Gurl is infertile, and sometimes unable to self lubricate.

Not every gurl has surgery to be more intimate with others.

Many never indulge in intimacy, they want their outsides to match their insides and having surgery allows them to be legally recognised as their preferred gender.

Many businesses will not observe a Trans Gurl as a female if she still has her BD, which is unfair, but too many people refuse to accept, Transgenders exist.

When MCC is established, $1 AUD, per candle bought,will be set aside towards partly funding, as a loan to gurls struggling, for their surgeries.


πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’Assumptions Suck.

Why do people make assumptions and/or judge others without asking questions to clarify.

I’ve been the victim of narrow-minded, 1-sided interferring “conversations.”

I was subjected to vicious verbal assault by a couple several months ago, which hurt.

Neither of these “people” knew me, or my story, yet they made assumptions about me.

Quietly, between You & Me, I felt Suicidal again and thought of barbecuing myself at Sunshine station.

My advice to everyone:

I’ve also had people question my motives with many things, again, assumptions.

Not everyone has ulterior motives when they help, or try to help, others.

I’m a very private person, because of what happened when I was a child.

When I trust someone, that’s rare.

Honestly, I don’t mind when people ask me questions, especially when they are genuine questions.

Because I’ve been used and abused in the past

I now provide and demand, Written, Legal, Signed, Agreements.

No agreement,

No Association.

Mel’s Fantabulous Gifts.

G’day winners, Hope we are all super Fantabulous.

I have decided to branch out with gifts, which we order once payment received, as our supplier requires payment when we order.

6 items are $200 AUD, including Free Delivery. + once 250,000 packs bought, each buyer will receive 4 free shares and 1 PCCM with us.

Below are some of what is available

This is a Sample.

The coffee mugs are available in different colours. T-Shirts varying sizes.

Please email us if you require further information:




ABN 61902818410



This blog has been inspired by recent uneducated posts and comments.

As a Transgender person, I’m hoping to dispel some of those myths.

I reveal a very dark secret about myself too.

I knew at age 4 I was a gurl, however, unable to act on these feelings, as 1970, Australia was very traditional.

I was forced to act like a male.

How I reached 18, I’m mystified.

Many people feel when we transition, we will still be the same person on the inside, this is partly correct, as we transition, so our external body, matches our internal body.

The younger a person starts hormones, the better. For M2F, this may alleviate the need to shave their face daily.

As I transitioned later, I still need to shave my face at least twice per week.

Many people have assumed hormones will have the desired effect immediately. This is false, as it could take many weeks or months before anything noticable occurs.

I’ve had arguments about this, but in time, hormones cause fluid release to dry up.

Not every Transgender wants surgery, but does not make them any less of a Worthy Human Being.

Another thing, people have a big negativity towards us using the bathrooms of our preferred gender.

To date, I have never heard of any genuine Transgender doing anything illegal in the bathroom of their preferred gender.

We only want to be able to do our business, wash our hands etc, then leave.

In the 1980’s I was a Parcel Delivery Driver in Sydney CBD. 

I needed to use the male bathroom of a very well-known and popular office/retail block. 

As I entered saw another male using the urinal, however, within seconds he started making noises to gain my attention, then when he did, he showed me his erection.

I finished quickly and left without washing my hands.

When I got to my van, I was shaking and crying, however, stayed strong as my father would constantly tell me males do not show their emotions.

I had water in the van and gave my hands a quick wash before I continued making my deliveries. I never told anybody about this because I was ashamed.

Since transitioning to female, I have never seen or heard anyone trying to put the hard word on any other female.

Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation are 2 very separate things.

Just because someone transitions from Male to Female, or Female to Male, does not mean they will date those of their (Incorrectly) assigned birth gender.

In the 1990’s before I 1st went on hormones; I was a Bus Driver & had passengers misgendering me.

Below is a secret, I have kept hidden for many years:

In 1981, when I was viciously assaulted & left to die, I wanted to because at least it would have saved everyone the misery of having me around. Honestly, even today many times I have felt this way.

Just because someone is Transgender or a member of the LGBTIQA+ Community, does not mean we are criminals. 

Honestly, if employers gave everyone more of a chance, maybe people would not seek inventive ways to survive.

Every single Human Winner deserves to feel like a Worthy Tax Paying, Honest Citizen.

I ask everyone reading this:

Unless someone is committing criminal offences, with concrete evidence, please do not assume anything.

I’m supposed to accept people at face value, yet others rarely do for me.

To learn more about me and my Tragic Life, you are all welcome to purchase Mark’s Tragic Life


What sickens me the most, is people will read between the lines when I write something. 

In 2015/18, someone did just that, then spread vicious, vile lies about me online.

This person was Transgender too, which made this much worse.

FYI: I have legal, written proof they are lies and have an extra safety layer in place.

Finally, instead of making assumptions about someone, whether they are β€œNormal” whatever that is, or a member of the LGBTIQA+ Community, I suggest:



Β© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.



Many people will make assumptions about others, without asking questions first.

These assumptions have gotten many people killed in the past.

I’ve been the victim of people making assumptions about me, based on whatever reasons, usually either my looks, innocent questions, comments/messages or others like me from the past.

Honestly, not many people know the complete truth about me, especially about all the trauma I suffered growing up.

Assuming something about someone is a Toxic Trait, which I do not agree with.

Please think of this:

β€œHow Would YOU Feel Is Someone Made Assumptions About YOU?”

My Favourite Quote is:

Here are some examples of people making assumptions:

When you ask them a question, or just talk to them, sometimes, they don’t hear. Quite often, when I’m in deep thought, will block out all noises.

Another, and this happened to me several years ago, I was waiting for a train, when someone asked me a question, I shook my head. The person got abusive because I didn’t use any verbal communication. I had a sore throat and barely able to speak. I sat there and cried.

Driving behind a Heavy Vehicle, where you are unable to see ahead. Sometimes, and this has happened to me, someone is playing games, by driving very slowly and not allowing the HV to pass them.

Here is a story from my Bus Driving Days: I was departing a stop 1 day, looked in my mirrors, it seemed clear and I proceeded to move off, when there was a bang. I looked to see a pushbike courier had collided with my bus. This person alleged I did not look in my mirrors, something I did and passengers backed me up. This person demanded I buy them a new bike, which never happened. However, for the next few months, if he saw me in the city, he would get in front of me and ride very slowly, and stop when I stopped. This caused many people behind me to get angry, but it was not my fault. I remember the day after I had complained about this person, without my knowledge, several people were on board who saw what happened, they alighted and went to speak with this individual. I never saw him again.

Another thing, I’m cautious when waiting to cross the roads, even at lights or pedestrian/zebra crossing, as many motorists are too impatient and/or lazy to use their indicators. Many times, I have assumed correctly about a vehicle.

I’ve had people make assumptions about me just from conversations I’ve had. Many will assume the worst about me, then spread lies, this happened in 2015/18.

When I order take away food, most places will assume, everyone likes salt on their chips/fries, honestly, I don’t. Also will include ice in the drinks, again, not something I like. However, I am rarely asked if I want either.

I’m also a person who likes to keep to myself, however, others again, make assumptions that I’m up to no good, instead of asking questions.

This happened at a previous residence, where my housemates made assumptions about me, based on what the previous tenant had done, whom I never met.

Many people also assume one is married, then gets abusive when you correct them in saying you are single.

The main offenders are males.

We are all Human beings, and should be treated as such and as Individuals too. Just because someone is quiet and/or likes to spend time alone, does not mean they are up to no good.

I also find, when on the telephone, and you provide information to someone, rarely, will they confirm back to ensure what you have said, is what they have heard.

A couple of years ago, I requested information via email and gave the email address, however, never received the information. When I called back, I found out a letter had been left off, and was basically abused for it, despite me repeating the email address, the original call taker assumed I made a mistake.

My point of writing this blog is to educate about making assumptions.

πŸšŠπŸšŠπŸšŠπŸšŠπŸšŠπŸšŠπŸšŠβ˜•πŸ€©πŸ’πŸŒˆβ˜•πŸ€©πŸ’Victoria, Australia β˜•πŸ€©πŸ’πŸŒˆβ˜•πŸ€©πŸ’πŸŒˆβ˜•πŸ€©πŸ’πŸŒˆβ˜•πŸ€©πŸ’πŸŒˆβ˜•

I’ve been a resident since February, 2015.

City Circle Tram at Flinders Street Station, anti-clockwise.

Who plans to visit once restrictions eased?

Why not start planning now. Please read on.

I moved here to obtain my Gender Surgery.

However, due to mis information, has not occured.

I moved down from Sydney.

The reasons I love Melbourne are:

Best and Freshest Coffee in Australia.

We have the biggest Tram Network in the world.

Free Tram Zone in the CBD 24/7 for all.

Able to make U turns at most intersections, unless marked.

Hook Turns in CBD.

Emergency Vehicles can use tram tracks to get to emergencies faster.

Great Freeways that either go under CBD, or skirt the suburbs, with the missing link now under construction.

Home to the greatest Sports: AFL (Go Bombers), Melbourne Cup, Australian Open Tennis, Stawell Gift, International Golf Tournaments, Cricket, Soccer, NRL (Go Storm), Netball.

In early 2026, we are Hosting the Commonwealth Games in regional Centres like: Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Gippsland, Shepparton

Amazing Wineries.

Hot Air Ballooning.

TramCar Restaurant.

Home of Neighbours.

Queen Victoria Market. 19, 57, 58 & 59 stop close by.

Extensive Cycle ways, something I’m about to experience.

Amazing Markets.


Fun Parks.

Fantastic Parks.

Most train lines have a 20 minute frequency during the week, some upto 1 hour on weekends.

Public Transport costs no more than $10 Adult per day, zones 1 & 2. $6 on weekends, concession half price.

Starting March 31st, 2023, Regional Victorian VLine fares will be same as Metro, $10 Full Fare, or $5 Concession per day, or a MYKI Pass $46 Full, $23 Concession for 7 days.

Free Public Transport on Christmas Day, except premium ( reserved seating).

Public Holidays: January: New Years Day, Australia Day. March: Labour Day. March or April: Easter.Β June: King’s Birthday.Β September: Day Before Grand Final. November: Melbourne Cup Day. December: Christmas and Boxing Day

Most people are friendlier.

Great Food.

My favourite restaurant is a Vegan/Vegetarian one where you pay as you feel.

Awesome LGBTIQA+ Vibe and community.

For the ladies: We have amazing Fashion.

I would strongly advise engaging a local to give you a tour, especially your first visit here, as many fail to find out about traffic laws, especially regarding trams with Safety Zones and Hook Turns.

Every person who pays full price to be a Business Partner with MCC will be eligible, if enough funds raised.

$100 AUD gets you a spot when borders reopen.

I will pick you up from your arrival point: Drive you to your accommodation, & return, no more than 30 minutes radius of CBD, Guided Driving & PT tour: Added Bonus, 1st 5,000: A Free Souvenir Pack, provided on arrival

This is similar to what you will be transported in.

To find out more about what’s on, please click the below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Link.


If you wish to partake, please click πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


Bateman’s Bay NSW, Australia.

In 2013, I travelled to Bateman’s Bay to meet a friend, who lived in Moruya.

The photos below are some of what I took from cabin at:


In my cabin, I had a double bed, spa bath, full kitchen usage, lounge, dining suite, TV & dvd player. I was able to park my rental car at the front door.

Great shopping centre in Bateman’s Bay too.

I didn’t really do much tourist things.

I stayed 2 nights & relaxed so much.

Around 4 hour drive from Sydney.

2-3 hours from Canberra.

You can drive the Princes Highway to Melbourne, via the coast through Gippsland.

I highly recommend a stay here, even if just overnight.

This park is located north of the river, facing towards Victoria.


Β© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

In my long existence, I have seen many cowards some who have used others to cover who they truly are, or use manipulation to get their own way.

These days, many cowards use the anonymity of the Internet to hide their cowardly acts.

I’ve been the victim several times by these cowards.

In 2015, I befriended a Teen TransGurl, someone whom I thought I could learn from and again Emphasise, I ONLY Wanted a FRIENDSHIP with, despite what others accused me of, or what told this gurl.

FYI: Some of what I wrote were my delusional feelings, which I would not have acted upon, unless there was a strong emotionally mutual connection after a min 2 year friendship.

Anyway, during our short lived association, or whatever it was, I told her some very personal things, this included telling her????? I was:


With her, I wanted to take time away from her so I could rid myself of these feelings.

However, she would not allow it, but I have since realised she had reached my highest Friendship Tier.

Unfortunately, I assume, someone saw me as a threat, and decided to get rid of me.

This was done, by telling this gurl lies about me, granted I am partly at fault, because I connected too quickly to her, something I no longer do.

This gurl, or someone close to her, blocked me.

Despite me trying to tell the truth to this gurl, all lines of communication have been blocked between me and her.

One day this gurl and I will cross paths again.

Not long after this association ended, I became friends with someone on a website, who I thought was a nice person.

I won’t go into details, however, we chatted via video chat for a while, then I found out, I had been secretly recorded by this person, who then demanded I pay them money, otherwise they would contact all my Friends, Family, Employer, etc.

Joke was on them as at the time, I was not employed, nor had contact with family, nor did I have any friends.

When I said that, this person disappeared. To date, I have not heard anything from this person.

Other Cowards I cannot stand are males who use physical force on anyone, especially women.

Those males who physically abuse someone should be heavily punished, to me, they should have their tiny downstairs brains removed without anaesthetic and using a rusty implement.

I’ve also had people call me on private numbers, then abusing me for whatever reasons, then without allowing me to respond, they hang up.

How people get my number, I have no idea, but have taken steps to prevent these calls now.

A few years back, when I lived elsewhere, someone decided to write a letter to me, then hand delivered it to my mail box.

It was a very Transphobic letter, which caused undue stress on me, to the point, I strongly considered committing suicide because I felt it would be the best solution, however, had I done that, the cowardly letter writer would have won.

Funny, where I lived, I was surrounded by Industrial Businesses, and I never interacted with any of them, the only businesses I interacted with were a take away business and a speciality shop. I trust each of these employees.

Another place I resided, my housemates would sometimes ask me questions about certain things, however, even when I gave them an answer, they would still go online to find the answer, then I was treated like I was stupid. I know this technically is not a cowardly act, but to me it felt like it.

To me anyone who is a COWARD is a TOXIC child and most will be negative about many things. They will find problems to almost everything, not


I also feel they are, or could be:









My policy now is to DEMAND more open, transparent communications with others, those who refuse, are discarded like yesterday’s Roast Tofu Dinner.

I prefer written, signed, witnessed agreements too.

Yes, I have trust issues, but for Safety Reasons, I would prefer to be more cautious, just in case.

I no longer allow myself to be embroiled in any cowards twisted, manipulative schemes.

As others make assumptions about me, I now do the same thing.

πŸšŠπŸ¦˜πŸ¨πŸ’πŸ”₯πŸŒˆπŸ‡πŸš˜πŸŒžβ›±πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸ€ΆπŸ₯CCM Statement

When MCC is established, I, Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen, will not earn higher wages than my Team Members.

Like my Team, I will be on $1,000 AUD per week, plus 20% super. (Full Time)

Part Time $25 per hour, 16 hours per week + 20% Super & $1 per candle made.

I believe in sharing the wealth around.

All Team Members will rotate positions, so they get valuable training & experience in all aspects of the business.

I will also be paid $1 commission per candle I make.

I don’t believe CEO’s should be earning such disgustingly high wages, when those who keep them in business, struggle.

The reason why I want to establish this business is to help everyday humans.

Because I believe everyone is capable of great things.

Annual After Tax Profits (if any) will be shared amongst Shareholders & Team Members, paid early November each year.

Just In Time For Christmas.


I’m sick to death of people refusing to abide by my Boundaries.

I will say: 99% are males because most see women or others as a challenge.

Well, not with me, if I say I’m not interested,





By My Wishes.

My policy now:

Refuse to respect me,

Instant Blocking.

Males need to start listening and respecting others.

Respect is a 2-Way Street.

You expect Me & Others to Respect You,


You need to Respect others.

This includes using a person’s preferred Name, Pronouns etc.

Life Is Way Too Short.

These are my Boundaries:

  1. I have nil interest in anything remotely intimate, unless you are a female, willing to pay for my surgery, please do not try.
  2. I do not respond to 1 word/emoji/gif messages, nor answer unarranged calls either. If you want a response, please string together a sentence. Please personalise the message too, otherwise, I will ignore you.
  3. Never call me anything derogatory: Have Respect.
  4. Treat Me Like a Human Being.
  5. NEVER ask what is in my pants.
  6. NEVER ask my real name: My Real Name is Melissa Jensen.
  7. Respect works 2 ways: You respect me and my boundaries, I’ll respect yours.
  9. Offenders to the above WILL Be Blocked, Named and Shamed.
  10. Transphobia and/or Homophobia WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  11. If you accuse me of something, you better have concrete proof, otherwise I will contact my friends in Law Enforcement
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