© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2021/22 I’m excited to announce, I have finally been able to procure limited supplies to start making candles again. The photos below are of some I recently made or part made. Anyone attending the meeting Friday December 3rd, 2021 at Chadstone, Victoria, Australia, will get the chance to see … Read more

New Blogs Coming.

Starting Soon, I will blog about places I’ve stayed at or visited: Warners Bay, Lake Mcquarie, NSW, Australia. Zetland, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Batemans Bay, South Coast, NSW, Australia. Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia.

Bistro in Windsor, Victoria Review.

Recently I was hungry and in need of a caffeine fix. I heard about this place online. Started by an amazing 17 year old young man. I was not disappointed by the food and coffee. Wait was worth it. Food was amazing and filling. I met Morgan too, such a nice young man. The bistro … Read more


This blog is dedicated to everyone who helped me recently. Monday, May 17th, 2021, I alighted from a bus at Hoppers Crossing terminus. I started feeling sick, and decided to head to the station restrooms, unfortunately, they were closed. I went to sit down and try to hope night air would help. The local Werribee … Read more

STEEaLi Centre

My goal is to establish a: Support Training Employment Education and Live-In Centre For Abuse Survivors and LGBTIQA+ Humans. Funded via eBook sales. I plan to combine Seymour Publishing Group, Mel’s Customised Candles, and other businesses. This will be located in Regional Victoria, Australia, but for anybody around the world. Let’s start thinking Post-COVID. 2gether … Read more

Violence Sux.

I’ve written this, in light of the amazing march in Australia recently, & the amazing Victorian ads showing right now. Anybody who is Verbally, Emotionally, Physically & uses Guilt Trips, should be: Heavily Punished. Pushy Manipulative People should be too. Emotional Blackmail Sux.

Lockdown 4 eBooks Offer.

Who loves to read? My eBooks are $0.99 USD each, but for a strictly limited time. Please use code: UP92R at checkout. All royalties will be used to help those most affected.

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