Privacy & Boundaries

I always respect people’s P & B, as I would expect them to respect mine. However, there are people out there, who feel its THEIR RIGHT To pass on private information to those who ask. Here in Australia, its an offence to pass on information, without written, signed approval. In 2015, I was friends????? with … Read more

Trans Day Of Visibility

Today, we remember those who lost their lives, because of narrow minded people. I celebrate the day to thank those who came before us to pave the way. Jazz Jennings sums it best too. Children know who they are at a young age, therefore should be listened to. Everyone is human and deserves to be … Read more

Everyone Is Equal!

Who gets upset & angry when others put you down for things not in your control? I believe that we are all equal, & should be free to live our lives, our way. As long as it is legal, & you are not hurting anyone else, then everyone else should butt out. Life is way … Read more

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