STEEaLi Centre

My goal is to establish a: Support Training Employment Education and Live-In Centre For Abuse Survivors and LGBTIQA+ Humans. Funded via eBook sales. I plan to combine Seymour Publishing Group, Mel’s Customised Candles, and other businesses. This will be located in Regional Victoria, Australia, but for anybody around the world. Let’s start thinking Post-COVID. 2gether … Read more

Candle/s Layby

Who would be interested in paying off their candles to receive them in time for Christmas 2021. $25 AUD each. By paying them off, you can help us start buying the supplies needed. Order and Pay off 4 candles, you will receive 2 free. Packaging and Delivery is not included. $1.50 per candle, once fully … Read more

Love Is Love

As long as both are of legal age and consenting. Too many people feel that its: THEIR Right to interfere in others lives, BUT The only people who count are the 2 humans who wish to give the relationship a chance. True Friends and Familia will be Happy for them, but be there for support … Read more

Author Seymour

Masterful Monday, wishing everyone an amazing day and short week. Do you love Candles, Reading & Helping Others? My eBooks are 50-75% off until November 8th, 2021 $0.99 USD each. Every person who owns all 10, please screenshot transaction, & message me Will receive a free Club Membership to MCC. 90% of royalties will be … Read more

Charity Donation/Interviews

Every monthly membership fees $100 ÷ 10 = $10 per month. I will donate $1.50 to a Transgender Support Charity. Every Member, Sponsor/Advertiser will be invited to be interviewed by me via video. These interviews will be recorded, then uploaded to the Members, Sponsors/Advertisers pages. $1.50 per candle owned, will also be donated to Charity. … Read more

Christmas 2021

I know its early, But: Why not start planning now. Instead of giving the usual gifts, why not give: Mel’s Customised Candles Club Membership/s. By paying off the membership/s you will have something unique, different & may keep earning for the recipient/s for quite some time. Please be advised that the cost is $100 AUD … Read more

Transgender Charity Donation.

G’day Stunnelicious Humans. Every owner will, once MCC established, receive $15 off their first candle, as a Thank You from me. Every bundle owned, the following will occur: $5 AUD Deposit, balance upon completion. $8.50 Set aside to establish MCC. $1.50 Donated to a Transgender Support Charity, To Be Named. $5 My Gender Surgery Fund. … Read more

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