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Mel’s (Amazing) New Life Screenplay, 1st 2 chapters only.

This is the screenplay, written by me. Please read to the end as I have an offer. Harris Family: John, Father, Husband, Kate, Mother, Wife, Skye, Daughter, Sister, Melvin, Son, Brother, Melissa (Mel), Daughter, Sister.                                                 Chapter 1.1:                                                  The Start. This story starts in August 1974, Suburban Australia. It is late Winter;Continue reading “Mel’s (Amazing) New Life Screenplay, 1st 2 chapters only.”

Affiliate Marketing Explained.

Multiple Incomes are the way of the Future. Contrary to belief, AM is not a Pyramid scheme. In order to succeed, one needs to pay $$$$$$$ to earn extra $$$$$. Granted, some companies charge a joining or monthly fee, but We all Affiliate Market everyday. Here is an example: You go shopping and see aContinue reading “Affiliate Marketing Explained.”