Mel’s (Amazing) New Life Screenplay, 1st 2 chapters only.

This is the screenplay, written by me. Please read to the end as I have an offer. Harris Family: John, Father, Husband, Kate, Mother, Wife, Skye, Daughter, Sister, Melvin, Son, Brother, Melissa (Mel), Daughter, Sister.                                                 Chapter 1.1:                                                  The Start. This story starts in August 1974, Suburban Australia. It is late Winter; … Read more

Mel’s Journey To Gurlhood Part 1.

Thanks to “Chris” I was inspired to write this story: Which starts August 1974, when our Hero (ine) gets angry because both siblings are not going to share their bedroom. Mel’s sister then puts her plan into action. Mel meets some resistance, but amazing supportive new friends, some, well, might be closer. To make things … Read more

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