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Everything I mention in this blog, is my opinion, which may or may not vary from yours. We are all entitled to our opinions. March 2020: When COVID first entered Australia, I had my doubts about whether this was a genuine virus or not. I was living in Melbourne at the time, and Job Searching.Continue reading “MELBOURNE LOCKDOWN— FROM A SHY INTROVERTS POV Part 1.”

Melbourne Lockdown (Again)

As we are now back in lockdown, I’d like to remind everyone to be mindful when around others. Also, if you are travelling by Public Transport: WEAR Your Face Mask CORRECTLY. Covering your mouth and nose. COMPLACENCY KILLS SAFETY FIRST. Back in the 1970’s a cousin refused to wear his seat belt. He was warnedContinue reading “Melbourne Lockdown (Again)”

Reading Wednesday

G’day Everyone from Lockdown Melbourne, Australia. How many of you love to read? Did you know that my eBooks are exclusively on Smashwords, but I also have an affiliate link. This means every title owned, using that link, I receive the Authors affiliate rate. Electronic Books are amazing as you can carry thousands on yourContinue reading “Reading Wednesday”