As a former male, I feel I can speak freely about them. In my life, I have seen many males who feel they are far superior to others, especially females. Everyone is equal and has feelings, therefore we all should be treated as such. This blog may upset many people, however, what I say is … Read more

Presumptive, Judgemental People Suck.

I’m sick of others making assumptions about people they have no idea about. Way too many people are shallow, and judge others for whatever reason. Everyone should be given a “Fair Go,” as we are all the same inside. In my opinion, those who are Presumptive and/or Judgemental, are Jealous, Insecure People. I’m expected to … Read more

Fake People

Are Jealous, Insecure, Manipulative, Presumptive, Judgemental. I know from personal experience. Thankfully, now I know the signs and take action. I love the block button on Social Media accounts. True, Positive People are all we need in OUR Lives. I’m an Open, Honest, Person. Who always allows video calls.

Presumptive, Judgemental

Are Jealous, Negative, Uneducated People. Those who are, do not deserve to be in our lives. I’ve been the victim of this, worst was in 2018, that I’m aware. Many people feel threatened by others & will lie about them, sometimes to make them feel better. Never Assume Anything, Always Ask Questions To Clarify. Education … Read more

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