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Did You Know? Home Based Businesses

Can be financially beneficial. What I mention is Australian, but could apply anywhere around the world, you will need to check your own country’s tax rules. How many of you get annoyed when big business pays little or no tax? From my experience, they do pay tax, just intelligent about it. How many of youContinue reading “Did You Know? Home Based Businesses”


December 2022 Update: I have been told to ensure I check my resume for errors and correct them before submitting, however, many companies advertisements will have errors, so if they can’t get the advertisement correct, what else will they get wrong regarding employees. Too many companies focus on the past, not the present, or future.Continue reading “JOB SEARCHING SUX:”

🐨🦘🏖🌏🏦🚊Australian Business Number Explained

I do not recommend resigning from your current job, until you have been consistently earning 3 X+ your monthly wages each month for the previous 12 months. Every person 18+ can be self employed, either partly or fully. As an Individual/Sole Trader, using your Full Name as your Business Name. Having an ABN is beneficial,Continue reading “🐨🦘🏖🌏🏦🚊Australian Business Number Explained”

🦘🐨🚋🔞💯 Australian Business Number (ABN) 🦘🐨🚋🔞💯

Did you know? Every Australian Tax Payer, can obtain an ABN and enjoy the same benefits Big Business Does. I advise starting as an Individual/ Sole Trader, using your Full name as your Business Name. Please check out the below links for more information. Melissa’s Current ABN status is: 61902818410. Individual/Sole Trader.Continue reading “🦘🐨🚋🔞💯 Australian Business Number (ABN) 🦘🐨🚋🔞💯”


Too many companies focus on the past, not the present, or future. We all make mistakes and should learn from them. Everyone is an individual, and should be treated as such, however, this does not occur. I was recently contacted by a company regarding a potential job, once we could chat on the phone, myContinue reading “JOB SEARCHING SUX:”