🐨🌏🦘🌈🦄 Melissa’s Transgender Story

This is a video I recorded some time back. Has 2 parts, MTS & an Educational part too. If you are unsure as to what it’s like being Transgender, this may enlighten you. I welcome more subscribers too. Any questions or comments, please email me: melscustomisedcandles@gmail.com https://youtu.be/qno8fCEHbFA


     © M A W JENSEN 2021 This is a summary of my life, which has 2 chapters: “My Life:” “Educational Part.” If you would like to read more detail about what my life was like growing up, please go and purchase: “Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence.” Via Smashwords. MY LIFE I was Hatched at 11.30am Friday MayContinue reading “MELISSA’S TRANSGENDER STORY, & EDUCATIONAL PART.”