Newsletter 2023. 3/4.

Happy Easter you amazing winners. MEL’S CUSTOMISED CANDLES ABN 61902818410                                    332 LEAKES ROAD,  TRUGANINA, VICTORIA,  AUSTRALIA, 3029. Please forgive me for not having March’s newsletter, hopefully once you read this, you will be fine. The reason why I took some time out was because I have decided to offer Fantabulous Gifts to the name: MEL’S CUSTOMISED CANDLES & FANTABULOUS GIFTS. Now, what I’mContinue reading “Newsletter 2023. 3/4.”

BLOG Announcement

Please be advised I personally write all my blogs. I have no plans to engage an AI. If anything, once I have the funds, will employ a Social Media Manager. However, I will still write some, especially personal ones. This is my last blog for a little while as I’m composing some ones. Happy EasterContinue reading “BLOG Announcement”

🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇 Happy Easter 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

From Down Under Wishing Everyone a Super Fantabulous Day. Please Stay Safe & Remember Treat those working, With: Politeness: Respect: Dignity: Courtesy. They have given up their family time to help YOU

Side Hustle/Happy Easter

How many of you are 10000% secure in your Just Over Brokes? My advice is seek opportunities for multiple income streams. 2020 should make everyone realise that having 1 income may not be enough. How many wealthy humans sought Government assistance? None, that I’m aware. Everyone has the ability to be Financial Secure, if theyContinue reading “Side Hustle/Happy Easter”