Age Is Justed A Numeral

A Secret: This is why the photo is included. Many humans are guilty of Ageism. However, whilst a human is still 90%+ healthy & breathing, we should be accepted & listened too. Just because I’m over 50, doesn’t mean I’m over the hill. Mature humans, like me, have seen & done many things in ourContinue reading “Age Is Justed A Numeral”

Ageism & Transphobia Sux.

G’day, I’m over 50, & Transgender. However it appals me when many people discriminate against me because I’m “Over The Hill.” I’m not OTH, TBH, I may have been on this earth for 6 chapters, but I don’t feel my age. Just because I’m Transgender, does not mean I’m any less of a Human BeingContinue reading “Ageism & Transphobia Sux.”