Shareholder Benefits.

1st 1,000 shareholders, by June 30th, 2021, will be invited to Melissa’s 57th Birthday Party, Saturday May 28th, 2022, at the factory.

100,000 Shares currently on offer, $20 AUD each.

EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER Receive Melissa’s 10 completed eBooks. Link to samples below.

Shareholders will be the first to read future completed titles, before anyone else. Melissa is writing a couple of novels that will be exclusive to her Shareholders.

Seymour is Melissa’s Author name, to avoid confusion with another Author with Melissa’s Current Legal Name.

Shareholder fees will be used to establish MCC, Purchase Equipment, Materials, Insurances/Licences/Permits, Lease of Premises, Delivery Vehicle etc.

Benefits may include:

20% Cashback/Credit for each Candle owned, including your own.

2 Free Custom Created Candle during your Birth Month.

Create your own signature candle, which will be named after you.

Always pay $20/$40 per candle, depending on type.

Standard: $20

Coffee Mug: $40

First advised about vacant positions.

Invited to become Representatives/Distributors for your local community.

Invited to our Bi-Annual Christmas Parties, June 25th, and late December/early January. These will be in person and virtual.

80% of Annual After Tax profit shared with Shareholders. Paid during November.

Annual Merchandise Pack.

First advised of new products and able to try free.

Further Benefits will be announced in due course.

Please be advised that we want to help everyday Humans achieve Financial Security, we believe that everyone has the right to more than one source of income.

We will reward those who help us get established.

1st 5,000 will receive 200% refund once we turnover $5Million + in sales.

MCC will become a Registered Company, once enough funds raised.

This is a genuine offer.

There is also a written guarantee, available via email, please ask.

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