Charity Donation/Interviews

Every monthly membership fees $100 ÷ 10 = $10 per month. I will donate $1.50 to a Transgender Support Charity. Every Member, Sponsor/Advertiser will be invited to be interviewed by me via video. These interviews will be recorded, then uploaded to the Members, Sponsors/Advertisers pages. $1.50 per candle owned, will also be donated to Charity. … Read more

Exciting News.

I plan to add a Sponsors page to the website soon. Every Human/Business who sponsors us, & with permission, will be added to the page. Sponsors will receive advertising space on the updated website for 12 months. Cost $100 AUD per year PLUS Sponsors will receive additional benefits, which will be announced in time. 2gether … Read more

Violence Sux.

I’ve written this, in light of the amazing march in Australia recently, & the amazing Victorian ads showing right now. Anybody who is Verbally, Emotionally, Physically & uses Guilt Trips, should be: Heavily Punished. Pushy Manipulative People should be too. Emotional Blackmail Sux.

Christmas 2021

I know its early, But: Why not start planning now. Instead of giving the usual gifts, why not give: Mel’s Customised Candles Club Membership/s. By paying off the membership/s you will have something unique, different & may keep earning for the recipient/s for quite some time. Please be advised that the cost is $100 AUD … Read more

Transgenders R Human 2.

I’m sick of people trying 2 eliminate Transgenders. We don’t decide who we r, its hard 2 explain. I’ve known since I was very young, that I was different. At the begining, I thought I was a: Freak, Weirdo, Pervert, Faggot. However, over time, realised that those terms do not reflect me or most Transgenders. … Read more

Did You Know?

When finished using appliances, turning them off at the wall, & disconnecting the power cord, Will not only save YOU $$$$$$$, but protect your valuable electronic equipment. Granted, most appliances have surge protection today, but what if it failed. An example: We had a blackout yesterday, I had already turned off my devices, & unplugged … Read more

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