Australia Only: $10 Per Candle Deposit.

By paying a deposit, I can start buying the materials to custom create your candles. Balance ($15 per candle) due upon completion. Does not include Packing & Delivery Costs. This offer might be good as Christmas Presents.

Mark’s (Not So) Groovy Life Chapter 1

               Seasons here in Australia are as follows:  Summer–December to February Autumn/Fall–March to May Winter–June to August Spring–September to November                                                             Contents Prologue Chapter 1: Birth Chapter 2: New School Chapter 3: Meeting Someone Chapter 4: Assault Chapter 5: Wedding/Rape Chapter 6: Ripped Off Chapter 7: Age-Gap Relationship Chapter 8: Bad News Chapter 9: Bus … Read more

Age Gap Friend/Relationships

I’m experienced in both AGF’s & AGR’s. To all young peeps:This is some advice for you all. As so many of you will listen to everyone else & date those closer in age. That’s great, but most of you will struggle financially, emotionally &mentally. What if you said, “Hang on, I’m going to break away … Read more

Presumptive, Judgemental

Are Jealous, Negative, Uneducated People. Those who are, do not deserve to be in our lives. I’ve been the victim of this, worst was in 2018, that I’m aware. Many people feel threatened by others & will lie about them, sometimes to make them feel better. Never Assume Anything, Always Ask Questions To Clarify. Education … Read more

Complacency Kills

DYK: Less than 10% of the population, is well off, & controls the other 90+%. Changing our mindsets, will change our position. COVID should have been a wake up call to learn. Every Human is more capable than we are told. We are brainwashed from a young age, but times have changed, & we all … Read more

1,000 Boxsets.

When 5,000 Humans have joined as Club Members, I will randomly select 1,000 who will receive the following: 1 Limited Edition, Numbered, Autographed Boxset of my novels. These will be my real name & alternate title, please see pic + each recipient will receive either $2,000 cash, or in gift cards, or combination of both. … Read more

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