Ageism & Transphobia Sux.

G’day, I’m over 50, & Transgender. However it appals me when many people discriminate against me because I’m “Over The Hill.” I’m not OTH, TBH, I may have been on this earth for 6 chapters, but I don’t feel my age. Just because I’m Transgender, does not mean I’m any less of a Human Being … Read more

Everyone Is Equal!

Who gets upset & angry when others put you down for things not in your control? I believe that we are all equal, & should be free to live our lives, our way. As long as it is legal, & you are not hurting anyone else, then everyone else should butt out. Life is way … Read more

Club Member Benefits.

All benefits apply once full payment received. Once Off Joining Fee. 1st 1,000 will become Founding Club Members, FCM’s. Club Members, CM’s, will always pay $25 per candle. CM’s can use this as a side hustle to supplement your current household income. Each CM will receive 20%, $5, cashback for every candle owned from your … Read more

Team Member Benefits.

Gross pay $1,000 per week, Full Time. Plus $1 for each candle made. Team Members on Benefits, will be able to Work Part Time, 16 hours per week, if approved by their JSC. Part Time will be $500 Gross. Honestly, as I want to give everyone a chance, I feel Part Time is best to … Read more


G’Day All, This post may upset some of you, however, I need to be completely open & honest about some things about me. Growing up, I was always told negative things: Useless, Worthless, Never Amount To Anything. These comments were from my male cousins, and father. I was the only cousin on my fathers side, … Read more


Who would love to attend the Sydney Royal Easter Show, FREE? 100 Lucky Members will receive a pass to attend the 2022 show. Value to be announced. With your help, I hope to unveil our Mobile Candle Making Unit then. Link is to this years show.

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