About CO-CCM Melissa Jensen

G’day Winners,

I was hatched at 11.30am, Friday, May 28th, 1965.

To learn more, you are welcome to own my eBook. All net royalties go towards my Surgery.

I’ve wanted to write for many years, but unable to find the right subject until “Chris” entered my existence.

“2 (Unique) Gurls” is based on that association.

I’m hoping to establish a support centre for Transgenders who have been rejected for being themselves.

This centre will be funded from eBook sales and will be my revenge against Chris for what she?????? did to me.

I have had major trust issues over the years, mainly because of what happened when I was a child.

Many people have made assumptions and/or judged me, without asking questions to clarify.

Just because someone is quiet, does not mean they are up to no good.

I’m not very good in social situations, as I was put down and treated badly growing up.

I’ve never Married or had long term relationships, because of being molested as a child, then viciously assaulted, which caused me to be infertile. No 16 year old boy likes to hear that. I’ve felt defective ever since and what woman would want to Marry a defective man?

My hobbies include: Going Shopping, Movies, Long Walks, Watching DVD’s, Exploring (I’m still learning my way around Melbourne), and more recently spying: I will clarify: I do occasional Mystery Shopping which is fun.

Some of My Previous Employment:
Mystery Shopper/Auditor 2017-Current (Ad-Hoc Casual): Call Centre Agent (ATO) 2018-2019: Contract House Cleaner 2016-2018: Train Cleaner/Acting Team Leader 2008-2014: Carer, 2006-2010: Blood Delivery Driver, 2001-2005: Kitchen Hand (Casual) 2001: Courier, 2000: Frozen Food Delivery Driver, 1999-2000: Bus Driver, 1992-1998: Short Order Cook/Manager, 1991-1992: Bus Driver 1989-1990: Parcel Delivery Driver, 1987-1989: Courier, 1986-1987: Factory Storeman 1986: 1982-1986, worked in Chicken Factory, Shoe Store, Department Store as Trolley Boy. Exact dates escape my old memory. Graduated Secondary School, 1981.

How I got into Candle Making: I’ve always loved candles, but tired of how expensive they are and with limited choices. I felt I could Custom make them to order, hence why MCC was formed.

My goal is to allow YOU to have your candles custom made to your requirements.

They will be Affordable, Non-Toxic, and hopefully candle holders can be re-used too.


I also hope to not only employ untrained Humans; but offer Club Members the chance to earn extra $$$$$$$$ as a side business.

I believe every Human is capable of untold wealth.

In the future, once MCC is a viable operation, I will host weekly hybrid meetings.

To learn more about Club Memberships and/or Team Member Benefits, (TMB to Come), please click on the links.

Click Menu+ then the desired page.

I hope this has given you more insight into me and look forward to learning more about you all too.

Club Members will be invited to be Video interviewed, which will be uploaded to members area, with permission.

I provide written agreements for your safety and mine.


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