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I’d like to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today. I would also like to pay my respects to Elders past, present, and emerging.

Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say either is correct or incorrect, this is what makes us all Humans.


Transgenders are human beings, we only want to be treated as the gender we feel we are.

I support EQUALITY for everyone & condone those who hurt others.

Anyone who spreads any sort of fear, without concrete proof, is Jealous, Narrow-Minded & Antiquated.


Please respect our Pronouns:

Melissa’s are: She/Her.

This blog has been inspired by recent uneducated posts and comments.     

The younger a person is allowed to start Gender Affirming Hormones, the better they will be.

To my knowledge, Gender Affirming Surgery (GAS) is prohibited until the person turns 18.

Anyone who says otherwise, please provide concrete evidence.

Please be advised, in order to be approved for GAS, Transgenders are required to see 2 Psychiatrists, who must abide by WPATH Guidelines.

GAS is usually paid for by the patient upfront, with little chance of any rebate.

Total cost just for “Bottom Surgery” can be around $50,000, this includes the surgery cost, time off work, Accommodation, and Health Insurance. This is my own personal estimate if I obtained my GAS in Australia and this cost is from when I saw my potential Gender Surgeon, who is no longer performing GAS for M2F’s.

I invite you all to watch this recent address by the super amazing Georgie Stone AKA Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours:

This video goes for around 75 minutes, and is the official ABC Australia vision.

I resonated with Georgie on so many levels, even to the point, I was crying.

I have so much more Respect and Admiration for this Super Fantabulous Young Lady.

I suggest having a box of tissues nearby, just in case.

As a Transgender person, I’m hoping to dispel some of the myths being indiscriminately thrown about.

To quote an amazing Song:

“Born This Way.”

Honestly, we are all BTW.

Transgenders are NOT suffering from Mental Health Illnesses, despite what some people say.

Please check out the below links.,they%20were%20assigned%20at%20birth.

I knew at age 4 I was a gurl, however, unable to act on these feelings, as 1970, Australia was very traditional.

Please do not tell me I didn’t know, if cis children know their identity and/or orientation, then Trans Children know.

Children are more intelligent than adults give them credit for.

When I was 6 years young, my trauma started:

An older cis male relative started taking advantage of me.

For many years I blamed myself for it as I felt I was giving off the vibes to him.

I was so ashamed, I was unable to tell anyone, least of all, the person I should have trusted the most in the world: Claire Baire.

When I was 16, I was accused of something and because there were “Witnesses” I was punished, however, these “witnesses” felt my punishment was not severe enough, and took revenge on me:

I was rendered unconscious and left to die, with my ability to procreate stolen too.

I lost all interest in dating anyone and would only date to appease others.

I recently found out I suffer from Philophobia.

I was forced to act like a male.

How I reached 18, I’m mystified.

Many people feel when we transition, we are still the same person on the inside, yes, we are, most of us transition so our external body, matches our internal body and feelings, once we have Gender Affirming Surgery.

Not every Transgender wants surgery, but does not make them any less of a Worthy Human Being.

Gender Affirming Surgery, to me, Is Life Saving and ESSENTIAL to our Mental Wellbeing.

Since I realised I was a gurl, I have not felt comfortable.

Another thing, people have a big negativity towards us using the bathrooms of our preferred gender.

To date, I have never heard of any genuine Transgender doing anything illegal in the bathroom of their preferred gender.

We only want to be able to do our business, wash our hands etc, then leave.

We are stereotyped as criminals, which yes, used to occur to survive, however, today it is rare.

TV shows and movies portray us negatively too, which many people believe.

Truth is, in society there are good and bad elements, whether straight or LGBTIQA+.

In the 1980’s I was a Parcel Delivery Driver in Sydney CBD.

I needed to use the male bathroom of a very well-known and popular office/retail block.

As I entered saw another male using the urinal, however, within seconds he started making noises to gain my attention, once he did, showed me his erection and was licking his lips, seductively.

I finished quickly, departed without washing my hands.

When I got to my van, I was shaking and crying, however, stayed strong as my father would constantly tell me males never show emotions as it is a sign of weakness.

FYI: I never believed this, honestly, it’s a sign of strength to show emotions and apologise too.

I had water in the van and gave my hands a quick wash before I continued making my deliveries. I never told anybody about this because of the shame.

Since transitioning to female, I have not witnessed anyone trying to put the hard word on any other female in the ladies bathrooms.

Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation are 2 very separate things.

Just because someone transitions from Male to Female, or Female to Male, does not mean they will date those of their (Incorrectly) assigned birth gender.

In the 1990’s before I 1st went on hormones; I was a Bus Driver & had passengers misgendering me.

Below is a secret, I have kept hidden for many years:

In 1981, when I was viciously assaulted & left to die, I wanted to because at least it would have saved everyone the misery of having me around, especially as no female would want to Marry a Defective Male. Honestly, even today many times I have felt this way.

Just because someone is Transgender or a member of the LGBTIQA+ Community, does not mean we are criminals.

Honestly, if employers gave everyone more of a chance, maybe people would not seek inventive ways to survive.

Every single Human Winner deserves to feel like a Worthy Tax Paying, Honest Citizen.

I ask everyone reading this:

Unless someone is committing criminal offences, with concrete evidence, please do not assume anything.

I’m supposed to accept people at face value, yet others rarely do for me.

To learn more about me: My true story, “Mark’s Tragic Life” is free on Smashwords for a Strictly Limited Time.

These are the available formats to choose from: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html.

epub is my favourite format.

What sickens me the most, people will read between the lines when something is written.

In 2015/18, someone did just that, then spread vicious, vile lies about me online.

This person was allegedly Transgender too, which made this much worse.

Granted, I poured my heart out to this person, as I thought I could trust them.

Due to the trauma I suffered as a minor, this person was the 1st person I truly opened up to in many years.

As they were a minor residing in Australia, I thought I could learn from them.

I am now very cautious with everyone.

FYI: I have legal, written proof they are lies and provide an additional safety layer too.

My honest opinion, people who are Transphobic are uneducated, JEALOUS, INSECURE and/or TOXIC.

If anyone reading this has offspring, who shows signs of being “Different,” Please let them be themselves.

However, let them know you are there for them and be supportive.

Children will experiment to find themselves.

Parents who force their children to act as their assigned birth gender, may do more harm than good.

As Georgie said, “We must be allowed to maintain body autonomy.”

Anyone who interferes with someone’s body choices is a Control Freak.

Finally, instead of making assumptions about someone, whether they are “Normal” whatever that is, or a member of the LGBTIQA+ Community, I suggest:



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