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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

G’day My Amazing Winners.

This blog is to hopefully educate many of you about these topics, very close to my heart.

1st Up Common Sense.

Many people fail to use it today, but should be applied in everything we do, hear and see.

Some of the most common failings I’ve found:

Wasting Electricity:

Leaving unused appliances connected and switched on when not in use. These stay on standby and draw power, which costs You $$$$$$$$$$$ I always turn off and disconnect unused appliances, when not in use.

For the following reasons:

1 is the above example.

2: It allows an appliance to fully cool down, and thus Extending an appliances life, again saving you $$$$$$$$.

3: If there is a Blackout, any disconnected appliances will be safe from harm. Yes, many households and Businesses have Surge Protection, but what if that fails?

YOU are up for many thousands of dollars to replace the items, unless your insurance covers it.

Rubbish Bins and Recycling:

If you have “Wheelie Bins.” I have found having the handle and wheels on the outside, makes for easier manoeuvrability on bin day as it alleviates undue body strain, which will save you from pain in the future.

Now, I’ve had many arguments with others about this, and have given up, however, remember the ad campaign and literature which was available when they first arrived.

Granted, it’s easier the other way around when needing to place rubbish in the bins, however, as they fill up, they get heavier and can be a chore to move when needing to put them out.

Another thing, having the wheels on the outside, mean when you open the lid, it falls down. The other way around, you need to use your head to keep it up. That’s dangerous and a health hazard.

What if there is a strong wind, wrong angle could open the lid, and cause the bin to become a dangerous missile. I recently saw this happen. The bin narrowly missed several pedestrians and motor vehicles.

Also, having the wheels at the back, means you need to place your fingers under the rim to move the bin, what if there were spiders hiding under there?

Recycling Bins:

Please crush and flatten all recycling. This removes any air and allows for more items to be placed in the recycling. If your council is like most and recycling emptied fortnightly, it makes common sense to start doing this.


I’m an experienced Train and Domestic Cleaner, however, this is only a suggestion.

When it comes to cleaning a house, I suggest having a pre-arranged day whereby other occupants vacate for the day.

This is for several reasons:

1. No footprints on freshly moped floors.

2. Safety, if someone forgets the floors may be slippery, and flies out of a room. N.B. I have seen this happen. That person could fall over and injure themselves. Unfortunately, the person cleaning can and usually is liable.

3. I always remove mats, chairs and removable objects so I can clean better and more effectively. Of course, heavy items do not get moved, ask for help, because:


Cleaning is basically common sense.

Always Dust from top, Including Ceiling Fan Blades, Ceilings, Top Of Windows, Door, to Bottom, including Skirting Boards  I always dust where I can reach safely.

The above are my favourites as the dusters retain the dust, etc, and can be disposed of.

Next: Wiping Down. I try to get help to steady ladder whilst I wipe down the tops of the ceiling fan blades and the sides too. You would not believe how much better they will operate when fully cleaned.

I then wipe down walls, Window Sills, Skirting Boards and shelves. Grab a cloth and wipe away excess, this is for anything where a wet wipe has been used.

Also use wipes to clean door handles. COVID may be present in your home, better to be safe than sorry.


I boil the kettle and part fill a cleaning bowl, which has had some Environmentally Friendly cleaning aid sprayed in it. Then grab a scrubbing brush and scrub every part of the bathroom tiles, including the floor, as scum accumulates, which causes disease.

N.B. Please before starting any clean, always wear PPE. This is to alleviate any injuries.

Common Courtesy:

Again, something close to my heart.

If someone talks to you but you have earphones on, turn them off to listen. I find it to be very rude when a person keeps listening to their music.

I no longer talk to those who refuse to turn their music off.

Being Polite costs nothing, and you never know how much you may learn.


Drive to the conditions, but always maintain a safe distance of at least 2 car lengths from the vehicle in front, as you never know when or if your vehicle will let you down. I know from personal experience.

Be courteous to other drivers, especially heavy vehicles as they have a job to do and help keep many other vehicles off the roads.

Please think of heavy vehicles this way: That driver you refused to let in, might have an urgent item of YOURS onboard.

Always obey the Speed Limits. Recently, where I walk, there has been roadworks in place, with a reduced speed limit, yet, way too many drivers are driving too fast. My anxiety has peaked at times


When a pedestrian wishes to cross the roadway, Only at marked foot crossings, please allow them to cross safely and don’t move your vehicle until the person has stepped onto the footpath. So many times, recently, I’ve had to stop and wait until it is safe to cross.

Having A Drivers Licence is a Privilege, NOT A RIGHT.

Public Transport:

I’m a user of PT.

When boarding, please step aside and allow others to alight first, this allows for quicker boarding and departure.

Please never gather around entryways, again, this causes delays.

If you consume any food and/or drink, please place the rubbish in a plastic bag and take it with you to dispose of at your destination station or stop.

I always carry a plastic bag with me for this purpose.

Please keep noise to a minimum as there are other people travelling.

I especially despise the use of swear words.


I always walk or cycle on the same side of the footpath as we drive. Here in Australia, it is the Left Hand Side.

However, I’m appalled at the number of people who abuse me because I refuse to move. I won’t move at all. I’ve been pushed, punched, stabbed and spat on many times, because I stand my ground, LEGALLY.

Here is a story from early 2006:

My father was recovering in Hospital, I went to my local coffee shop to buy a coffee and head to the train station to catch the train to the city, then bus to the hospital.

As I was walking to the mall to get my coffee, an idiot walked towards me and shoved me out of the way, abusing me for being in their way. I was walking on the left hand side. I was already in a foul mood and this set me off.

We started yelling at each other, which made onlookers stop and watch. Someone called the Police who soon arrived and spoke to both of us.

I was lucky, a couple of onlookers saw what happened and backed me up. Unfortunately, both of us received a warning and told to move along.

I was not happy about this, but in hindsight, we could have been charged with several offences.

I continued on, bought my coffee and headed to the station and to see dad.

Another time, I was trying to alight from the train, when an arrogant, very smelly, male tried pushing me back inside because he was impatient and did not want to wait. Again, I let fly at this creature.

On board were Inspectors checking tickets, whom I knew and they backed me up.

They held the train up whilst they checked this persons ticket. Guess what? He never had one and was dragged off the train to receive an infringement.

My Point of this blog today, is to point out the small things in our lives, we can all change for the better, because I want you all to live:








This blog has not been posted to be mean or nasty, I’m pointing some different ways for better life.

I never started using the Internet until 2006, when I was 40/41.

Growing up I never had the luxury of the Information Super Freeway.

Research was done at a Library.

Thank You For Reading This, I hope I have Educated You and Please get in contact if you require further information.

© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2021


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