By M W Jensen.

Please be advised this is a heavily edited version, to keep it to a G rating.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


This story is complete fiction, however, is something I would love to happen after, or if, I finally receive my Gender Affirmation Surgery.

Mac is me, but everyone else mentioned is fictional.

There will be a lot of Lesbian Sex, therefore if you are under 21, please move on.

Same if you do not like graphic Lesbian scenes or are way too prudish.

Chapter 1: Meet Mac & Alex.

Mac is 50, Transgender & in the final preparation stages for her surgery. One day, whilst at her Doctor’s practice, she strikes up a conversation with another patient, who introduces herself as Alex. Alex is there with her 2 year old daughter for their check-up. Both ladies get on well, and decided to swap contact numbers, but Mac Asks, “What are you doing after your appointment?”

Alex Puzzled, “Nothing, just going home, why?” Mac Gleefully, “Well, if you are interested, maybe we could grab a coffee and chat some more.” Alex Happily, “That sounds great, what if we meet back here.” Mac Agreeing, “You read my mind.”

Both ladies are called by their respective Doctors. Mac’s gave her the all clear for her blood tests, saying, “Yes, you are fine for your surgery, bet you are super excited, may I ask you a question, please?” Mac Responding, “Cool, yes I am, can’t wait, yes, of course.” Mac’s Doctor Explains, “Well this might sound weird, but can I enjoy you?” Mac looks perplexed, but smiles and nods, saying, “The hormones have stopped all sperm and fluid from releasing, so I doubt anything will occur.”

Mac’s Doctor Smiling, “I know, but I want to be the last to give you this enjoyment, and don’t forget, once you are healed, I want to be the first to enjoy you.”

Mac nodded and took her skirt and panties off, then her Doctor moved over to take care of business.

N.B. Most Transgenders, like me, after being on hormones for a long while, are unable to produce any fluid when they orgasm. We get the feeling during the build-up, but no fluid is released.

Mac enjoyed the feeling, which quickly subsided. Once they had both straightened up, Mac left the surgery and walked to reception. As per normal, the consult was free, due to the health care system.

As Mac is finalising the paperwork, she is lightly punched in her left breast. Mac turned to see Alex smiling, who , “Well looks like we are both finished, do you still want to grab that coffee?” Mac smiled, nodded and they walked outside.

Mac pushed the pram, she felt like a proud parent finally.

N.B. Mac had never fathered any children, she was severely assaulted as a teenager, which left her infertile.

Once Mac and Alex arrived at the coffee shop, they placed their orders, then went to sit and wait.

Mac Enquiring, “So Alex, looks like you are taken, as you have your daughter, that’s great.”

Alex Replying, “No, I was raped by a boyfriend when I was 15. I’m 18 now, said, no, but he wouldn’t listen to me. I never told anyone because I was ashamed and felt guilty. When it was confirmed I was pregnant, the truth came out, he was arrested and charged with carnal knowledge of a child and is in jail for 7 years. My family tried to convince me to abort, but I felt a connection with this great girl, yes, I knew I was having a girl. I’ve sworn off relationships for the foreseeable future, this girl needs her mum, so what about you?”

Mac Supportive, “Wow, he is such an idiot, but he gave you this great gift, she is beautiful. I’m a pre-op Transgender, my GP just gave me the all clear for my surgery, that’s in 2 weeks’ time, so excited. If you feel uncomfortable now, you can leave. I hope you don’t. I’ve never become a parent, was assaulted when I was a teen, currently working as a Freelance Scriptwriter, which pays very well, I’m very much single, but after I’m healed, plan to make up for lost time, I’m 50.”

Alex never said a word, she smiled and placed her hands over Mac’s, stroking too.

Their coffees soon arrived. Alex Asks, “Before we take a sip, can I make a toast, please?” Mac Cries, “Yes, of course.” Alex then picked up her cup, Retorts, “Here’s to new friends, or more, thank you Mac.”

Both ladies gently used their cups, then started sipping, but looking each other in the eyes, smiling. Mac started thinking that maybe her and Alex could have fun before her member was inverted.

Once they finished their coffees, Mac Enquires, “Are you ok for getting home?” Alex Answers, “Well I was supposed to be picked up, but my lift has failed to arrive.”

Mac Advising, “I can drive you, if you wish?”

Alex Answers, “That would be great, but are you sure it’s not out of your way?”

Mac Thinking, “My Pleasure, true, depends on where you live, or even direction.”

Alex Mentions, “We are just up the road, at Dandeston, what about you?” Mac Exclaims, Wow, so am I. Awesome, but before we go, can you pull your phone out and turn the camera on, please?”

Alex Puzzling, “Yes.” Alex did it.

Mac rummaged around in her bag, and found her purse, and pulled out her licence.

Mac Requesting, “Ok, for your safety, can you take a photo of the front and back, then with it against my face, again front and back.”

Alex Agreeing, “Yes, great idea, but I trust you.”

Alex took the photos, and named them, then they walked to Mac’s car. Mac requested a photo be taken of the registration plate, including make, model and colour.

Once that was done, they got in to Mac’s car then Mac drove Alex and her daughter home.

Upon arrival, Alex Asks, “Look, I know this may sound forward, but it is Friday, little one is being looked after, what say we have a weekend together.” Alex winked as she said that.

Mac Agreeing, “Yes, sounds great, but I must meet your family first and they must have copies of the photos, ok.”

Alex squelching, “Yes, agreed, come on let’s go.” Alex got out to sort her daughter out and place her in the pram. Once Alex was done, Mac got out and locked her car and followed Alex inside.

Alex introduced Mac to her Aunt, as her mother, then she kissed her daughter and they left.

Mac opened Alex’s door for her, then once in, closed it again. mac walked around and got in, then said, “Ok, where do you want to go to?” Alex Shrugging, “Honestly, your place, I want to feel you inside me before its gone.”

Mac Suggesting, “Cool, but I have another idea, why don’t you go and pack a bag, whilst I book us in to a hotel for a couple of nights, but we will go to my place, so I can pack one too, not like we will be moving from the room much.” Mac gave Alex a wink.

Alex kissed her, then went to pack a bag, whilst Mac checked online and was lucky to find her favourite hotel had a vacancy. Mac booked and paid, then she called her housemate, Candi, to ask if she could pack her bag.

Mac explained why, with the biggest grin on her face. N.B. This grin was as wide as the entrance to a certain entertainment venue, located in Melbourne (The Best), and a northern state.

Mac ended the call, just as Alex was coming out. Mac got out to help her put her bags in the boot, then again opened the door, then closed. Mac got in, started the engine, and drove to her place.

Alex placed her hand on Mac’s thigh, which made a certain, soon to be inverted, part wake up.

Soon enough they arrived at Mac’s place. Both got out and headed inside. Candi had placed the bags in the lounge room, with fresh coffee waiting.    

Mac introduced Alex to Candi and vice versa, then they sat to sip their coffees and chatted.

Alex opened up and explained more about her life.

Alex Started, “When I was 14, met a boy who was 4 years older than me. I fell head over heals in love with him. I thought he was the one I wanted to grow old with, but—-

A few months in to the relationship, he started pressuring me in to having sex with him, which I didn’t want to do, because I was still 14 and not ready.

He kept pressuring me, until finally on my 15th Birthday I relented and let him have his way with me. I got pregnant. I never told anyone at all, because I was shit scared of what everyone would say.

When I told him, he abused me, saying that I was easy and its someone else’s mistake, then disappeared.

It wasn’t until I started showing, but also spewing up almost all the time, that my mother noticed and talked to me.

I spilled the beans. She took me to our GP, who confirmed I was 5 1/2 months pregnant.

Both tried to get me to abort, but I knew I was having a girl, and refused.

Mum kicked me out of the house that day. I had an Aunt who I knew would take me in, she did.

Finally, a few months later, I gave birth to Rory. I named her after a character of my favourite show.

Mum told the Police about what happened, then they arrested and charged him. Last I heard he was doing time for statutory rape, and carnal knowledge. I was under 16. Good news, if he gets released, he will be on a Sex Offender Register.

My Aunt has been amazing, shame about the rest of my family and my ex’s, none of them want anything to do with me, honestly, I don’t give care.

Anyways, I love shopping, girls pamper days, nights out/in, movies, spending time with my daughter, and now, spending time with this luscious hot dish.”

Mac Retorting, “Wow, I’m so sorry about that, lucky I wasn’t around then, I would be in jail for murder now, but you have that gorgeous Rory, and honestly, if he had not assaulted you, sorry for the positive, but we would not have met earlier today.”

Candi Nodding, “Typical of you Mac, finding the positives in something.”

Mac Agreeing, “Agreed, thanks for the coffee, Alex are you ready to go?”

Candi Sarcastically , “No wuckers, you two go and have fun, please don’t think about those of us who are now home alone.”

Mac and Alex just smiled, then pashed each other.

They left quickly, because both were, well, feeling amorous and wanted to curb their fleshy desires, however, Mac drove safely and to Melbourne’s amazing road rules.

Soon enough they arrived at the hotel. The doorman opened the doors for both, then they walked inside to check-in.

Once they arrived at their room, with their luggage, both undressed and had a shower together, which included hands exploring.

This section has been removed due to the content and to keep it as a G rating, but is available in the complete 18+ version.

After what seemed like an eternity, both calmed down enough to have a cigarette and catch their breath.

Both decided to give a relationship a go.

Chapter 2: Mac’s Surgery/Meeting New Friends.

Mac turned 51 end of May 2016.

Mac had arranged to obtain her surgery, Monday, June 28th, 2016. She wanted this date for a very special reason. That may be revealed later in this novel.

Alex and Mac had moved in together. Alex had arranged for her daughter to be cared for by her mum, so she could commit fulltime to helping her hot babe recover. Alex had an ulterior motive, and I think most of you might know what that is.

Mac paid the excess cost to the hospital 2 weeks prior and the full cost for the surgery to her Surgeon on the same day. This was easy as her surgeon had his practice inside the hospital.

Mac and Alex decided to stay in a hotel not far from the hospital. They checked in a few days prior so they could stock up on the required items needed after Mac was released and so they could relax.

The morning of the surgery, Mac had arranged for a taxi to pick them up at 5.30am, which arrived spot on time. The drive was uneventful and quick.

Mac was due to be admitted at 6am. When they arrived, there was a young lady, around 18/19 with a young man. Mac could tell straight off that both were transgender.

Mac Politely, “Hey, I’m Mac, which one is being done today?” The female, Lisa, Happily, “Hi Mac, nice to meet you, me, I assume we are both here for the same thing.” Lisa used a scissor action in her lower regions. Mac smiled and nodded.

Mac Kindly, “This is my amazing girlfriend Alex.” Lisa Gleefully, “Cool, nice to meet you, this is my amazing ftm, boyfriend Max.”

They both filled in the final paperwork, then were guided to their room and allowed to change into a hospital, surgical gown.

All 4 sat and chatted until the nurses and surgical teams came to have a quick chat and insert a canular tube into both patients wrists.

This ends the free sample:

Only those who buy my eNovel bundle will get to read the complete version free.

Published by Mel's Customised Candles

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