Life Support Part 8

The next day I had breakfast, which was unusual. Afterwards, I went to have a good shower, came back got dressed, then packed my bag. I went to the office to grab names for Tuesday, then headed to the car.

The drive to my friends was sombre, as I honestly felt I was dreaming, because I still didn’t believe dad was gone.

I had to pull over somewhere safe to cry, and woman did I cry.

Afterwards I felt slightly better.

I continued on.

Upon arrival, they all hugged me and asked how I was. I answered truthfully, Awful.

I decided to shout us dinner that night, it was only my friends husband and son, as my friend had to work.

Of course, I didn’t need to ask where we were going as I knew the answer. Between you and me, I preferred another fast food joint, but went with the majority.

Once we had our food, we headed back to their place to eat and watch movies. I cheered up.

The other 2 went to bed around 10pm, I stayed up to wait for my friend.

She arrived back just after midnight. We chatted for a while, then she went to bed too. I settled on the lounge and soon fell asleep.

The next day, we decided to work on the Eulogy. Easier said than done. Even though they knew dad well, we all had trouble finding the right words, but I asked if I could have an hour on the computer. Gave them $100 to go and buy some food for us.

Whilst they were gone, I started writing and was surprised by how much I wrote.

The family arrived back just over an hour later, with food. It was decided we would have a barbecue for lunch. My friend and I started preparing the food, then her husband started cooking, whilst she read what I had written.

She loved most of it but made some changes. it looked great.

We all ate and sat to talk about Tuesday but decided to have a Funeral free day tomorrow.

We decided to go to the Blue Mountains, especially as it was a short drive.

I insisted I drive my rental and pay for any drinks and food we have, as my way of repaying them. They agreed.

Rest of the day was relaxing, watching DVDs. Dinner was leftovers from the barbecue. We all had our showers.

N.B. This couple always had 2 showers each daily and washed their hair too, I was required to do the same thing, despite my protests. I preferred 1 shower or bath daily and washing my hair every couple of days, but when I was there with them, had to abide by what they wanted.

We all had an early night as we wanted to be gone by 7am.

The day went great and I hardly thought about dad.

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