Life Support Part 2

Once the new crew was on board, we headed to the hospital.

Upon arrival, dad was taken straight to a cubicle and with help, we got him changed.

I knew the Medical staff, and where the kitchen was. I went to make a coffee and wait until the Doctors had finished examining dad.

I was given the news: He was being admitted for observation.

I agreed as he needed this stomach issue dealt with and hoped he would finally undergo surgery.

Around 7am the following morning, I left and headed home for some much needed sleep.

I had left my contact details with the staff, with instructions:

I was the only one authorised to visit dad.

Upon arrival home, I was bombarded with questions. I advised everyone of dad being admitted to hospital. Of course, they all wanted to visit him, but I advised against it, saying, He is under observation, once he feels better, I may change my mind. I never revealed the visitation restrictions.

I finally got to my room and collapsed on my bed, crying heavily, which put me to sleep.

I never knew a thing until late the following day when I woke up.

There were many notes and cards placed under the door, some nice, others disgusting, which got me angry and upset.

I put my phone on charge, which had gone flat.

I grabbed my towel and toiletries then went to have a long, hot, relaxing bath and cry again.

My phone had charged up enough for me to check messages and calls. I only had messages from my best friend. I messaged her to advise about dad and why I had not replied. She was at work, so I knew she would not reply for a while.

Once finished, I decided to go for a walk. I was starving.

However, I on the way, my phone rang.

it was a private number, and I knew it was the hospital with bad news.

I answered, and it was a Doctor informing me dad needed to go to surgery asap. They needed my permission to operate. I asked why it wasn’t dad, she informed me he was unconscious again, and as I was NOK, it was up to me.

I informed her, I was on my way. Got her name and dad’s new location.

Once I hung up, walked to the bus stop, just as a bus was arriving. I boarded, validated my pass, then went to sit down.

Once we arrived at the nearest stop, I alighted and walked to the hospital and up to where the Doctor had advised me to go.

Upon arrival, she showed me into a quiet room and advised about the surgery, but also why dad needed it.

I’d already agreed he did. I signed the forms and was shown to the kitchen to make a coffee and have something to eat, as I had not eaten in 2 days.

The surgery was estimated to last around 2-6 hours, but dad would be out cold for a further 2 days to allow his body to recover.

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