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November 2022 Update: We will allow all T/M’s upto 8 weeks Grief Leave. They can work remote as they feel. Further information will be provided later.

Also, all Transgenders will receive upto 3 months Surgery Leave.

As we are Transgender owned & operated, we will respect all Shareholders, Team Members & Very Important Customers (V. I. C’s) personal identities & choices.

We will also allow T/M’s 5 days menstrual remote work each month.

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The neutrality of this article is disputed(May 2022)

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a term most used to describe a training format in the workplace. DEI training is utilized to encourage functional knowledge of fellow employees’ identities and how to navigate diversity in an organization.[1] That said, the concept of DEI has a much broader scope of application. “Diversity” describes a wide variety of differences that may exist amongst people in any setting, including race, ethnicity, nationality, gender and sexual identity, disability, neurodiversity, and others. This is the cause of the need for DEI awareness. “Equity” is the concept of providing equal opportunities through a personalized approach, utilizing unequal distribution of resources to ‘level the playing field.’ Applying equity includes factoring in a variety of disparities within society that affect individuals to varying levels. Equity is the application of principles encapsulated by DEI. “Inclusion” details the desired outcome; ensuring that those who fall under the title of “diverse” genuinely feel safe, welcome, and included. Inclusion is a step past integration, where diverse individuals blend completely into the environment without a second thought.[2][3] Due to the complexity of these issues in society, DEI is not simple or cookie-cutter. Though DEI is best known as a form of corporate training, these angles must be explored in a variety of environments, including but not limited to academia, corporate workplaces, schools, and medical spaces.[4][5]

The above is from Wikipedia.

I believe everyone is worthy of a Safe, Secure, Stable, Happy Life.

If you are an LGBTIQA+ Supporter, you are welcome to help establish MCC.

As Melissa has not formally established the business, her ABN details are:

Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen

Individual/Sole Trader.

332 Leakes Road, TRUGANINA, Victoria, Australia, 3029.

ABN: 61902818410.

You can check the status by googling ABR.

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