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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

This blog is inspired by a recent episode of a TV show I was watching.

I will not reveal the show, but it got me to thinking.

Why is it ok to perform the archaic act of circumcision on boys, yet, when someone announces they are Transgender, all the negatives come out with many people trying to control our bodies.

In my opinion, if it’s ok for 1, then it’s ok for all, whether we like it or not.

A baby boy is not given a choice, his parents, well usually the father, decides, yet if the same boy in a few years realises he is a gurl, he cops much negativity.

We should all be allowed to make decisions regarding our bodies, and lives, when we feel we are old enough, not when someone else decides.

I want to ask this question form everyone reading this blog.

How would you feel if someone tried stopping you from doing something to your body?

Especially if it was to make you feel happy.

So, if you want to be your happy self, then stop trying to stop others from being happy.

Just because someone may not fit your mould, does not mean they should not be able to live their lives


Everyone is equal, no matter who they are.

© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

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