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Disclaimer: As usual, what is written below is my own personal opinion, and may vary from yours. It doesn’t mean to say that either is correct or incorrect, that’s what makes us all Humans.

In my long existence, I have seen many cowards some who have used others to cover who they truly are, or use manipulation to get their own way.

These days, many cowards use the anonymity of the Internet to hide their cowardly acts.

I’ve been the victim several times by these cowards.

In 2015, I befriended a Teen TransGurl, someone who I thought I could learn from and again Emphasise, I ONLY Wanted a FRIENDSHIP with, despite what others accused me of, I told this gurl this.

Anyway, during our short lived association, or whatever it was, I told her some very personal things, this included telling her????? I was:


With her, I wanted to take time away from her so I could rid myself of these feelings.

However, she would not allow it, but I have since realised she had reached my highest Friendship Tier.

Unfortunately, I assume, someone saw me as a threat, and decided to get rid of me.

This was done, by telling this gurl lies about me, granted I am partly at fault, because I connected too quickly to her, something I no longer do.

This gurl, or someone close to her, blocked me.

Despite me trying to tell the truth to this gurl, all lines of communication have been blocked between me and her.

One day this gurl and I will cross paths again.

Not long after this association ended, I became friends with someone on a website, who I thought was a nice person.

I won’t go into details, however, we chatted via video chat for a while, then I found out, I had been secretly recorded by this person, who then demanded I pay them money, otherwise they would contact all my Friends, Family, Employer, etc.

Joke was on them as at the time, I was not employed, nor had contact with family, nor did I have any friends.

When I said that, this person disappeared. To date, I have not heard anything from this person.

Other Cowards I cannot stand are males who use physical force on anyone, especially women.

Those males who physically abuse someone should be heavily punished, to me, they should have their tiny downstairs brains removed without anaesthetic and using a rusty implement.

I’ve also had people call me on private numbers, then abusing me for whatever reasons, then without allowing me to respond, they hang up.

How people get my number, I have no idea, but have taken steps to prevent these calls now.

A few years back, when I lived elsewhere, someone decided to write a letter to me, then hand delivered it to my mail box.

It was a very Transphobic letter, which caused undue stress on me, to the point, I strongly considered committing suicide because I felt it would be the best solution, however, had I done that, the cowardly letter writer would have won.

Funny, where I lived, I was surrounded by Industrial Businesses, and I never interacted with any of them, the only businesses I interacted with were a take away business and a speciality shop. I trust each of these employees.

Another place I resided, my housemates would sometimes ask me questions about certain things, however, even when I gave them an answer, they would still go online to find the answer, then I was treated like I was stupid. I know this technically is not a cowardly act, but to me it felt like it.

To me anyone who is a COWARD is a TOXIC child and most will be negative about many things. They will find problems to almost everything, not


I also feel they are, or could be:









My policy now is to DEMAND more open, transparent communications with others, those who refuse, are discarded like yesterday’s Roast Tofu Dinner.

I prefer written, signed, witnessed agreements too.

Yes, I have trust issues, but for Safety Reasons, I would prefer to be more cautious, just in case.

I no longer allow myself to be embroiled in any cowards twisted, manipulative schemes.

As others make assumptions about me, I now do the same thing.

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