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Mel’s (Amazing) Transsexual Journey 1

Mark’s (Not So) Groovy Life

2 (Trans) Gurls


Lauren’s (Transsexual) Life

Mel’s Birthiversary Transformation

Mark’s Manipulative Father

J’s Mum’s Disappearance

Megan & Carrie

2 (Trans) Gurls— Erotic Version

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7 Cleaning Tips Blog Book.


                                                            By Melissa Jensen.

I have dedicated this part to every Transgender/Transsexual who has lost their lives prematurely, either at the hands of others, or themselves because the stress got too much.



Chapter 1.1: The Start

Chapter 1.2: First Weekend

Chapter 1.3: First Week

Chapter 1.4: Second Week

Chapter 1.5: Major Dramas

Chapter 1.6: Back to Being a Boy for Mel’s father

Chapter 1.7: Skye’s Birthday

Chapter 1.8: The Big Date and Assault

Chapter 1.9: Recovery and Tragedy

Chapter 1.10: Australia in the 1950’s-1970’s



This story is fiction, I was inspired to write it during my association with another TransGurl who has no idea about it, to my current knowledge. 2 (Trans) Gurls tells the story of our association.

I have included some mistakes throughout this story, please check out the Epilogue for more information. There is a reward to the first person who finds them all.

I have written this from my point of view, and it is how I wish my life had been, especially had I had the balls (yes, pun intended) to stand up to my father when I was 9 years young.

This story is about a pre-teen boy’s journey to gurlhood and the groovy friends that she meets along the way, but also the nasty people too, and there are several violent acts.

This is also part one of the series, and until part 11, will not have much in the way of any physical acts, as our heroine, Mel, will not turn 18 until part 10 or 11.

This story starts in 1974 Suburban Australia, it was not a safe place then for those who were perceived as “Different.” I know because I was bullied, tormented, and humiliated because others perceived me to be “Different.” Please go and read my true story “Mark’s (Not So) Groovy Life, but again, I have not included everything because it is either still too raw for me or upsetting to include. I have revealed many things that I have never told anyone before, either because I forgot about them, or I didn’t want anyone to know. Those who know me, or think they do, will get a shock, and realise why I am the way I am, or have been.

In this novel, I allow you, dear reader, to use your imagination, by stopping sections as they get “interesting”. I also end each part on a Cliff-Hanger, to encourage you to buy the next part.

Chapter 1.10 has facts about what it was like living in Australia in the 1970’s, in some ways it was better, others not.

Please be advised that as this is a continuing series, each chapter will start with the part number followed by the chapter number and title, i.e. 1.1 The Start.

I hope you enjoy reading this, I have included my email address at the end for you to contact me, my advice would be to do so, as you will be included on my database, with your permission, and be the amongst the first to know when my next instalment is due out, and to be kept updated about various other things too.

I apologise if I am too detailed with scenes as I like to give my readers something to picture whilst reading, it also alleviates any misconceptions about future scenes too.

Whilst writing, I have imagined each scene from when I was that age, and every character is based on people from then too, but please be advised that I have not used real names, they are just people from my past who most I have no idea where they are today.

This is written with how I talk, and Australian talk, spelling, and references from the 1950’s to 1970’s.

I do mention a couple of tragic events, but only minor, due to respect for those who experienced them unless I have been given permission to do so. The only real name used is mine, and a close friend who has given me permission to use it, however, any resemblance towards anybody else is purely coincidental.

There is a Taboo subject that even today is still frowned upon that I do touch on in most parts, I have experienced this in my real life.

To Claire Baire’s totally awesome siblings who have recently reconnected with me, Thank You for allowing me back into your lives, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all. JH & GH.

Please be advised that our main person’s male name is Melvin, and female is Melissa or Mel for short. I hope that alleviates any confusions.

Now Let’s Begin:

Melvin was born a boy in May 1965 to two genuinely nice parents. Melvin does not remember much of his first few years. Melvin also have a sister, who is 3 years older, her name is Skye. Their parents were told they were having another girl, which is why he was called Melvin, they did have Melissa chosen.

A little about their parents and sister.

Melvin’s Father’s name was John, he was born in Australia, he was 35 at the time, he had two brothers and a sister, he worked as a Security Guard, on rotating shifts, which meant he sometimes slept during the day or until mid-morning, he told Melvin that when he first met his Mother, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

He was a beer drinker, and smoker, something he got from being in the Army some years before he met Melvin’s Mum, loved his Police Television Shows, kept the lawns mown and did a lot of the gardening, he also kept their vehicle exceptionally clean, both inside and out.

His Father was from a Danish background, Mother was born in the United States, however her family moved to Australia when she was incredibly young, Melvin doesn’t know anything about either family that far back, those records got destroyed some years before Melvin was born. He was 5’ 10” tall, gorgeous brown hair, green eyes, mid tan complexion, very masculine, he was a comfort to be around, they all felt safe.

Melvin’s Mothers’ name was Doris, she was born in Australia, she was 32, she had two sisters and one brother, she was closer to her sister-in-law than her sisters, they all had children. Melvin’s parents met on a blind date, his mother was working as a Nurse, she had moved from her hometown to take up a position, her roommate was dating a friend of Mel’s father’s and they decided to set them both up together.

Melvin’s Mum’s familia were typical country folk, her parents raised her on their farm, until her father was fatally injured in a farm accident. Melvin’s grandmother then sold the farm and moved the entire familia back into town where they settled in. Melvin’s Uncle was the oldest and got married to his high school sweetheart when she turned 21, followed by her sisters, then Melvin’s parents in 1961.

Melvin’s Mum told him later that when she first met him, she didn’t like him, she thought he was very arrogant, rude, selfish, and self-centred, but Melvin’s Mel’s father did pursue her, and she eventually fell in love with him, they married 6 months later. She was 5’0” tall, had jet black hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion, she was a groovy cook, and in Melvin’s words “The best mum.” He loved her awesome Yorkshire Puddings.

Skye was 12, nearly 13, at the time she was 5’0”, but still growing, she had brown hair like their father, loved Make-Up, latest Fashion, latest Music, being very girly, she also loved her romantic novels and her friends, she also really loved her brother, he found out how much sometime later.

Melvin was 9 at the time, he was just a kid and looked up to my parents and Skye, loved playing with his toys, he mainly had vehicles and soldiers, although for a few months beforehand, he had started to gravitate towards Skye’s dolls, but he didn’t know why at the time.

The only friends he had were Skye, and their two next door neighbours, Angie, and Dani. You will meet them very soon.

I would like to thank the following people:

Claire Baire (Not Her Real Name), for being my first and so far, only, True Love, and I want this on the Record to say that I Truly Regret Not Following My Heart and trying to contact you, I wish that I could go back and find you. I hope you can Forgive Me. I stupidly listened to others.

I detail my relationship with Claire Baire, well as much as I am prepared to reveal, in ‘Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence.

My best friends of over 30 years, A and K, Thank You for being there for me during my good and bad times, I know that I didn’t always say it, but I really did and still do appreciate you so much, Again Thank You. I Will Always Love You Both.

Thank You to the Totally Scrumptious and Awesome K S (CKM), you have been such a support over the past few months, without you, I don’t know where I would be. Please Rest In Peace, Miss You So Much.

To the Amazing T H, You have been such an awesome support and shoulder to lean on, Thank You.

To the awesome A K in Tassie, You were one of the first to Support me, Thank You

Thank You to the following: LA, AR, NK, LMS, MS, RK snr, AJA, SA, MI, LV, RV.

A Very Special Thank You to RE for being there for me, as a True Friend. I am So lucky To Have You In My Life.

Finally, and Least of All, Thank You to “Chris, (JTL)” I will always be incredibly grateful to you, despite what you did to me. I have proof that it’s all lies.

Please be advised that I have changed many names and locations, the only real names are mine and a friend who has allowed me to use it. Any Similarities to those living or deceased, or real locations unless stated, are purely coincidental. I do use some real locations, only because at the time, I liked those areas and felt appropriate in mentioning them.

                                                            Chapter 1.1:

                                                            The Start.

This story starts in August 1974, Suburban Australia. It is late Winter; at the time Melvin is 9 years old. Melvin’s family had just finished eating Tea when their parents asked Skye and Melvin to stay at the table as they needed to tell them something. Melvin’s sister and mother cleared the dishes away. They came back a few minutes later, Mel’s father said, “We have something to tell you both.” Mum said, “We are going to build another room on the back of the house, that one of you is going to use,” Melvin asked, “Why?”

They both said, “It’s because Skye is now going into puberty and needs her own room,” Melvin said, “But we both have fun sharing,” they said, “A girl needs her privacy.” Melvin said, “No I don’t want to,” ran crying into their room, yelling “I wish I were a girl.” Melvin slammed the door as he ran in and jumped onto his bed crying.

Several minutes later, Skye came in and grabbed some tissues to wipe away his tears. She said, “Did you mean what you said?” Melvin said, “What do you mean?” She said, “You wished you were a girl,” Melvin said, “Yes, if it means sharing with you.” She said “Ok, I have an idea but stay here for a minute, but get undressed,” she went into our bathroom and started running a bath.

Melvin got undressed and waited for her to come back, after a few minutes she did, she said, “Ok come with me,” they walked into the bathroom, she said, “Ok can you get into the bath and lie down as far as your chin? I will be back soon.” Melvin laid down in the bath, it smelt really nice, very feminine, several minutes later, Skye came back in naked and got into the bath behind him, she said, “I’m going to clean you all over, and then you will clean me.”

Melvin felt groovy as she was cleaning him with the washcloth, after a while they swapped places, she said, “Ok now you clean me, but please be careful of my breasts as they are very sensitive,” Melvin asked, “Oh ok why’s that? “She said, “Because they are growing. “

Melvin washed her all over, after they were finished, they both got out and dried themselves, she washed his face and applied moisturizer to it, she did the same to herself, Melvin said, “What’s that for?” She said, “It’s how us girls look nice and smooth, I will teach you how to be a girl in no time,” she rubbed baby powder on his body, and told him to do the same with her, we hung up our towels and walked into their bedroom.

When they got in there, Melvin saw that there was a nightie and panties laid out. Melvin asked, “What’s going on?” Skye said, “Well, you said, you wished you were a girl, this is the start. I am your big sister and I will help you.” She helped him put the panties on, they felt so groovy, so nice and soft, she put the nightie on him, again it felt groovy, she got dressed and said wait here, which he did, he looked in their full-length mirror, he couldn’t believe how feminine he looked, he knew it felt right. Melvin decided that he should think of more suitable name, and without thinking, thought of Melissa, from heron in, Melvin will now be called Melissa or Mel, unless otherwise noted.

Skye didn’t know that she had been wearing her clothes for the last few months. She went into the lounge room to talk to our parents. Mel couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, the girl looking back at her looked familiar, but strange though, she started crying as she realised the girl in the mirror was her and knew that she was a girl. Skye came back in and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Melissa just hugged her and said, “Thank You, I am so happy as I know I am a girl now,” she said, “Ok let’s go,” Melissa said, “Where,” she said “to say goodnight to mum and dad,” Melissa said “I can’t not like this,” she said “Its ok I’ve told them I have a surprise for them.” Melissa said “Ok, by the way, I’ve decided on Melissa or Mel, ok.” Skye said, “Groovy lives think the same, that’s the name I was going to suggest.”

They went into the lounge room, Skye said “Ok,” they both had their eyes covered, when they uncovered their eyes they were both amazed, mum was smiling, but Mel’s father had tears in his eyes, Skye went over to him and said “Its ok dad, we are just seeing what we can do about us sharing, but if you don’t like it, she can remain a boy,” Mel was with mum, she gave Mel a huge big kiss and cuddle, she said “You look groovy.” Skye asked, “What are we going to do?” Mum and Mel’s father said, “Well it’s up to Mel,” Mel asked, “Can I be a girl at night and on weekends, and decide soon? “

Their parents said “Ok, but can we think about it please? For now, you can stay as you are, we will talk about it in the morning,” they both said, “Ok groovy,” Skye said, “Can we go to our room now as I want to get to know my new sister?” They said, “Yes, Goodnight girls,” Mel started crying, Skye said, “What’s up?” Mel said, “I got called a girl,” she said, “Of course because you are dressed like one, and you are a girl as well.”

Mel said, “Yes true, but it felt groovy,” she said, “Well let’s hope you hear that for the rest of your life,” Mel said, “Yes me too,” they got into Mel’s bed and started talking, she said, “How do you feel?” Mel said, “I feel so happy, I hope mum and Mel’s father let me dress like this when I’m at home,” she said, “Yes me too, but let’s hope it will be full time soon,” Mel said “Yes, I would love that.”

Skye then dropped the bombshell on me saying, “I have known about your cross dressing for a while now.” Mel said, “How did you know, as I only wore her worn and soiled clothes.” She said, “I set you up by checking my clothes after you had worn them, and I could smell you on them,” Mel said, “Ok, so you have set this up,” she said “Yes, but I didn’t think mum and dad would want to build the extra room so fast though, I took advantage of you saying you wished you were a girl.” Mel said “Ok, so what do we do now?” She said, “I will train you to be a girl,” Mel said, “Ok groovy.” She said, “Can you could sleep with me tonight please?” Mel said “Yes,” she climbed into Mel’s bed and they chatted for a while, before they both kissed and said “Goodnight, sis.”

                                                       Mark’s (Not So) Groovy Life.           

                                                                        By M W JENSEN

©  M W Jensen 2021


I have dedicated this to Zoe and Becky (Not Their Real Names), who have been my best friends for over 30 years, and without your love and unconditional support, I would not be the person I am today. Thank You

To The Super Awesome, Totally Groovy and Amazing Claire Baire, Thank You for helping to guide me and turn me into the person I am today. I will forever be Grateful, and I’m so sorry for letting you down.

I also want to thank Claire Baire’s Siblings for allowing me back into your lives, I am so looking forward to Catching up again, THANK YOU.

Seasons here in Australia are as follows:

 Summer–December to February

Autumn/Fall–March to May

Winter–June to August

Spring–September to November



Chapter 1: Birth

Chapter 2: New School

Chapter 3: Meeting Someone

Chapter 4: Assault

Chapter 5: Wedding/Rape

Chapter 6: Ripped Off

Chapter 7: Age-Gap Relationship

Chapter 8: Bad News

Chapter 9: Bus Driving/Newcastle Earthquake.

Chapter 10: New Millennium

Chapter 11: 2001-2005, Megan

Chapter 12: 2006-2010: Caring For Dad/Train Cleaning.

Chapter 13: 2010-2012 Tragedy Again/Moves.

Chapter 14: 2013-2014, Fun Times

Chapter 15: Transition/ Redundancy

Chapter 16: Melbourne



I have changed names and where possible locations to protect the innocent and, in some cases, not so innocent. The only false name used is my surname, this is due to personal reasons.

I have not included any photos or real references to most locations, mainly because I may be identified and there are some peeps that I do not wish to have contact with. One of them is Julie, even though that is not her real name, you will see the reason why we are very much estranged.

I have written this in Australian speak, references and spelling.

This is my real true story, remembered by me. What I write may not be exactly how it happened, either due to it happening many years ago, or my memory playing tricks.

A late addition, early 2019 was the molestation. I remembered this after someone spread very vicious lies about me online. Exclusive to this version ONLY, I reveal who molested me at the end of this novel, you will be shocked, as was I when I remembered who it was.

Please be advised that this part is for over 18’s only as it contains some very erotic moments, and a lot of profanity too, because, hey, it’s MY story, so I will swear. I am just letting you know before reading.

For those interested, that is me on the cover, taken on a sad day.

Please enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed, and sadly at times, writing it.

At the very end I will reveal something too, that I’ve learnt over the years.

Cheers, Big Ears.

                                                            Chapter 1:


I was born Friday May 28th, 1965 at 11.30am in an Australian Hospital. My assigned Birth name was Mark Warren Jensen.

The day I was born, for reasons never revealed to me, my father was at his job as a Sales Man. He worked for a very well-known Department store at the time. When I had been born, someone from the hospital rang my father’s work to let him know. The Public-Address system went something like this “Attention Staff, Daddy Harrisons, Your Son has just been born, Congratulations from all the staff here”.

The entire store erupted in applauding, cheering and whistles for daddy, he turned very red, saw his Department Manager who said, “Go.” Daddy then left and drove up to the Hospital. When he arrived, mum was in her ward nursing me. Mum said. “Mark meet your daddy, daddy meet your son,” he came over and gave me a kiss on the forehead, then kissed mum. Mum said, “When Mark was born, the doctor slapped me instead of him, because he is so ugly.” Daddy said, “What, no way, he is absolutely gorgeous.” Mum said, “Well that’s what he did.”

N.B., Please be advised that the doctor who delivered me, was an old friend of mum’s from when she was a nurse there, and he did it as a joke. Mum told daddy that, but of course, daddy being the hot head he was, decided to have it out with the doctor. What I have just said, was told to me by mum.

 I am unsure as to how long he stayed. Mum and Daddy had decided on my name before I was born, Mark for a boy and Julie for a girl, in those days, parents didn’t know the sex of their baby until the baby was born, unlike today where they know long before the baby is born, or in some cases, Hatched (LOL), yes, I’m having a go at certain peeps there, 2 (T) G.

The day mum and daddy brought me home, as mum was getting out of the car, she tripped and lost her grip on me, resulting in me falling on my head on to concrete. I immediately started screaming and they both picked me up then got into the car and daddy drove back to the Hospital. When they arrived at Casualty, they went in and told a Nurse who took them back straight away and got a Doctor to attend to me. In those days, CT Scans were not around, so there was only X-Rays done on my head and body. I was kept in for observation for several nights, just to make there was nothing wrong.

My Grandparents lived very close to the hospital, so mum and daddy decided to stay there, in daddy’ old room, just to be close, in case anything happened. Thankfully, though nothing did, and I was given the all-clear several days later to go home.

I do not remember much of the next couple of years, until my sister came along. She was born February 2nd, 1968, she was given the names Julie Maree. I do not remember how I felt about her, but have many times wished that I had hurt her very much then. I will reveal why later in this part.

My earliest memory was starting Primary School February 2nd, 1970. I cried as mum left me at the school. I didn’t want her to leave without me, but she did. I then ran back home and beat her and my sister back home. Mum immediately put me back in the car and drove back me to school and took me in to the Principal. I was not allowed to leave the office until I was given permission.

When I could leave, my Principal held my hand and walked me to my class, I cried all the way there. When we got there, she introduced me to the class and the Teacher partnered me up with a girl named Claire Baire, (My nickname for her is Claire Baire). I went and sat next to her, she said, “Hello” to me, but I ignored her. I looked outside for a long time until I heard a smack on the desk, it was the Teacher asking, “Did hear me?”? I said, “No,” she said, “Ok, everyone is to partner up with the person next to them and complete this project together.” I had to partner with Claire Baire, but we got in and started doing our project.

We worked well together, and we talked while we did. I found out her Birthday was exactly a month after mine, her parents were on pensions, she loved a well-known music group who had come on to the scene after winning a song contest. When we finished the project, we decided that we wanted to spend more time together. When the bell rang for play-lunch, we went and found a spot to eat together, then after we would walk back into the classroom. We continued to partner up in almost everything together, then at lunchtime we sat together again.

I found out that she was the youngest of 4, she had 2 older sisters and a brother. She told me that the closest sister to her was 7 years older, so they didn’t really have much in common. Claire Baire asked me my story, I told her. She was happier that me and my sister were close in age, I said, “Yes, but I’m doubtful we will ever be close, especially as she is a girl and I’m a boy.” Claire Baire said, “Yes, but at least you are both closer in age, let’s hope in time you are both really close.” I said, “Yes, let’s hope.” The bell rang to go back inside. We placed our rubbish in the bin and walked inside to our classroom.

We sat next to each other and it was so hard trying to listen to the Teacher when we were both looking at each other. The Teacher did notice and had me swap seats with another boy. I did scream and argue about moving but did accept it. I got in and listened to the Teacher and did what was asked of me. I kept stealing a glance towards Claire Baire and had a strange feeling, at the time, I didn’t know what it was.

When the lunch bell rang, Claire Baire and I grabbed our lunches and went outside to eat together, we were both upset that we couldn’t sit together in class but could at other times. I told her about the strange feeling I had in class, she asked, “What was it?” I said, “I don’t know and even now I still don’t know.” Claire Baire said, “It could have been that we had been separated or something else.” I said, “Yes true.”

We chatted for the rest of lunch until the bell rang to go back into class, we held our hands and walked in to together, it felt very right, but very wrong as well. We sat back in our assigned seats and continued to listen to the Teacher and do our work. The bell rang around 3pm, but the Teacher wanted to talk to us both before we left.

We asked, “What’s wrong?” She said, “Well for starters, I don’t like that you both hold hands walking to and from class, you are both too young to do that and secondly, I am going to request that one of you gets transferred to another class.” We both argued and said, “We will keep away from each other in class, but we both like holding hands.” She said, “Ok then what I suggest is you can hold hands but I will not allow either of you to partner up in anything together for the rest of this term.”

We said, “Ok thanks,” she said, “Ok now go home and be children.” We said, “Thank you and grabbed our bags then left.” We walked to the front gate where mum was waiting for me, she asked, “Why are you so late?”

 I told her and introduced her to Claire Baire, they both said, “Hello.” I asked mum if we could take her home as her sister hasn’t turned up? Mum asked, “Where does she live?” Claire Baire told her, mum said, “That’s ok, that street is on the way home,” we said, “Thanks” and we both got into the back. The drive to Claire Baire’s house was short, when we arrived, Claire Baire and I got out and we went inside, while mum got Julie out of the car.

Claire Baire opened her front door and introduced me to her mum, we both said, “Hello” and a few seconds later mum came in with Julie, Claire Baire introduced them to each other, she asked, “May I show Mark my room?” Her mum said, “Yes, if it’s ok with Mark’s mum.” My mum said, “Yes, but we need to get home soon,” we said, “Ok” and went to her room.

I was astounded at how messy her room was, but I was put at ease, she asked, “Do you mind if I change in front of you?” I said, “That’s fine” and covered my eyes, she said, “Ohh that’s sweet, but you don’t need to cover your eyes,” I said, “Thanks but yes, I do.”

Claire Baire then unzipped her uniform and took it off in front of me, I didn’t even have time to react. I got the strange feeling back again when I saw her just wearing panties, she noticed and asked, “Are you okay?” I said, “Not really as I have just gotten that strange feeling again.” Claire Baire asked, “What made it happen?” I said, “Well it was seeing you in your panties just now.” She said, “Well I have an idea, let’s ask our mums if we can both come back here tomorrow after school and I can try something out.” I asked, “What was it going to be?” She said, “You will find out tomorrow.

I said, “Ok,” she finished getting changed, then mum called me saying, “It’s time to go home.” I said, “Okay, we are coming out now.” We walked out to the lounge room and said, “Can we ask a question please?” Both our mums said, “Yes.”  Claire Baire then said, “Can Mark come back here after school tomorrow please?” They said, “Yes, but why?” I said, “Well we get along so well, and we can’t sit together in class, we have some sort of a connection.” They said, “Ok yes.”

We said, “Neato,” and I said, “Goodbye” to Claire Baire’s mum then went to the car, I asked mum, “Can we pick Claire Baire up in the morning?” Mum said, “Yes of course, we will be here around 8.30am.” I got into the car and Claire Baire said, “Okay have a great night and I’m so happy we met today” I said, “Yes you too and me too.”

Mum started the car and we left, I kept waving goodbye to Claire Baire even after we had lost sight of each other. The drive home was short, when we got home, mum went and unlocked the house. I went inside while she got Julie out of the car, then came inside to start cooking tea. Daddy arrived from work not long after, of course Julie started again and said, “Guess who has a girlfriend?”

Daddy asked, “Who?” I said, “I met a girl who is just a friend, but I wouldn’t call her my girlfriend.” Daddy said, “Oh well at least you met a new friend, whatever she is.” I said, “Yes, I just want to see what will happen, but for now, I will call her a friend.”

Daddy said, “Well you say that now, but in a few years’ time, you will feel differently.” Mum said, “Most children your age feels the same way, I didn’t like boys when I was your age, but look at me now, I’m happily married to your father.” Daddy said, “Yes, we all change.” Mum said, “Ok tea is ready,” we all sat to eat, and as it was Julie’s Birthday, I decided to be nice to her, something that I regretted, due to what happened some years later.

The next morning, we woke up early and I had my bath, got dressed, had breakfast, then we headed to pick up Claire Baire. Julie even at 2 years OLD was teasing me about having a girlfriend, and as usual, I fell for her baiting me. I honestly started strongly disliking her from then on, because of this, and because I was very unsure of my own feelings towards Claire Baire.

When we arrived at Claire Baire’s house, I jumped out of the vehicle and went to knock on the door, but as I was about to knock, the door opened and out bounded my gorgeous girl. We bumped into each, causing our lips to meet which resulted in my first kiss, albeit I never knew it at the time. Claire Baire dragged me inside to say hi to her mum, which I did. Mum came in a short time after and said, “Hi, Claire Baire and Mrs. Herbert.” Mrs. Herbert and Claire Baire said, “Morning, how are you all?” I didn’t have to answer because everyone could see the smile on my face was as wide and high as the smile on a certain fun park, located in two of Australia’s biggest cities.

Around 8.30, mum said, “Ok, sorry, but you two need to get to school, are you ready Claire?” Claire Baire said, “Yes, I am.” Claire Baire grabbed her lunch box and placed it inside her school bag, kissed her mum and said, “Goodbye, mum, see you this afternoon.” Mrs. Herbert said, “Goodbye, sweetie, have a good day, see you this afternoon, and you two be good, ok, otherwise your father and I will ban you both from seeing each other.” Claire Baire said, “Yes, mum, we will, see ya.”

Claire Baire and I walked to the vehicle and being the gentleman, I am allowed Claire Baire to enter first, then I got in and closed the door. Mum left the house and headed to our school. Once we arrived, we said, “Thanks, see you this afternoon.” Mum said, “Before you both go, I want you to know that what Claire Baire’s mum said, goes with your father and I ok?” I said, “Yes, mum, bye.”

The day went well, Claire Baire and sat apart in class and we did listen to our teacher, of course, I was wondering what Claire Baire had planned this afternoon, but didn’t ask. The only time we spent together all day was at little-lunch (recess) and big lunch, which we both held hands and cuddled each other so much. I knew then that there was a very strong connection between Claire Baire and I, something to this day I still have.

Finally, at 3pm the afternoon bell rang, and we left the classroom, grabbed our school bags and walked to the front gate where mum was waiting for us. She said, “How was today?” We said, “Great.” We hugged mum and then got into the vehicle for the short drive to Claire Baire’s. Julie being her bratty self was still niggling me about having a girlfriend. I said, “Julie, at least I have someone who likes me and wants to spend time with me, you have no one, so stop being so jealous, ok?” Julie never said a word, she just started sulking.

Claire Baire was concerned about Julie, but I brushed her away, and used my eyes to talk to her, she did back off, like she had heard what I was psychically saying to her. Finally, we arrived at Claire Baire’s, we said, “Goodbye mum.” Mum said, “Ok, now you behave, I will be back here at 5.30 to pick you up, now give your mum a kiss and hug.” I said, “Yes, thanks mum.” I kissed and hugged her then watched her drive away.

Claire Baire grabbed me by the hand and took me inside, we said, “Hi” to her mum, she said, “Hi, how was your day?” Claire Baire said, “Groovy, but happy we can spend time together now.” Mrs. Herbert said, “Ok, well behave you two, ok?” We said, “Yes, we will.” Claire Baire grabbed me, and we walked to her room, and she shut the door.

Claire Baire said, “Ok, now, I know you are wondering what my plan is, well, it’s this, I want you to wear my clothes this afternoon, and let’s see what happens. I said, “What, no I’m a boy and boys wear boy clothes.” Claire Baire said, “I know, but I want us to wear each other’s clothes and see how we both feel, hey no one will know.” I said, “Ok.”

We both took our clothes off and then we put each other’s clothes on of course, being a boy, I just lifted her underpants up my legs without thinking. Claire Baire said, “No, girls are very flat there, you need to hide yourself, which I did by turning my male part under my body to give the appearance of being a real girl. Once the underpants, sorry “Panties” as I was sternly informed, were right, Claire Baire handed me her school dress to put on, which was easy, but trying to zip it up was not easy, but Claire Baire showed me the trick girls use.

That is to zip it up halfway, then lean forward to zip it up the rest of the way, or have a friend do it for you, but Claire Baire decided to let me do it for myself, which I did. Claire Baire put on my clothes and wow, when I saw her, I thought she was a boy. I felt very happy and realised that maybe I’m really a girl but didn’t say anything to Claire Baire because I could see us being more than friends in the future, and girls (Even freaky, ugle ones) don’t date other girls, likewise for boys.

N.B., I grew up in an ultra-conservative and traditional area, where being “different” was unheard of.

When Claire Baire was happy with how we looked, we looked in the mirror and I couldn’t believe how much of a girl I looked, and I started to cry. Claire Baire asked, “What’s wrong?” I said, “Well I look better in a dress than I do in boy clothes, but somehow now I know why I have been feeling really strange lately.” Claire Baire said, “So do you think you are a girl?” I said, “Well maybe, as that would explain why I have been feeling strange lately, it does feel nice wearing this dress and your panties.”

 Claire Baire said, “Yes, honestly, I feel better wearing your clothes, maybe we should have been born the other sex.” I said, “Who knows, but for now, can we keep this a secret, because even though I love it, and I love seeing you like that, it’s not right.” Claire Baire said, “Pish posh, who cares, it’s our lives and we will live them how we want, so everyone else can just clear off.” I said, “Wow, where did all that come from?” Claire Baire said, “I don’t know, but it annoys me that we have to live and act how everyone expects us too.”

I said, “Agreed, wow, we are perfect for each other, I Love You.” Claire Baire looked at me with a very weird look on her face and said, “What did you just say?’ I said, “I Love You, but only as a friend, we only met yesterday, who knows what the future holds.” Claire Baire said, “True, come on let’s go show mum what we have done.” I said, “No, I can’t do that, not yet.” Claire Baire said, “Look she will be ok, she will think it’s cute that’s all, just two kids playing dress-ups.” I said, “Ok.”

When we got there, her mum looked and said, “What are you both doing?” Claire Baire said, “We are just wondering how the other feels all day every day,” her mum said, “Ok, well you both look good, but I don’t think you could stay that way.” Claire Baire said, “Mum did you want another boy when you were pregnant with me?”

Her mum said, “Well it would have been nice, and I did feel that you may have been a boy.” Claire Baire said, “So that explains why I feel more male at times.” Mrs. Herbert said, “Yes, but I do love my daughter and as long as you are happy, that’s all that counts.”

We both said, “Yes,” then Claire Baire’s mum, said, “Ok Mark I think you should get changed back into your boy clothes as your mum will be here soon.” We said, “Ok” and went back into Claire Baire’s room for us to change back into our own clothes. I cried when we got back into her room.

Claire Baire said, “What’s wrong?” I said, “Well I have enjoyed the freedom of being a girl and I don’t want to be a boy.” Claire Baire said, “Well yes, I know but if we went out like that, we will be picked on by everyone, for now, we will just enjoy dressing up here every afternoon, ok?”

I said, “Yes, I’m going to ask mum if we can just walk home from school every afternoon, then she comes pick me up around 5.30, do you agree, we should?” Claire Baire, said, “Yes, groovy idea.”

Once we had both changed and put our assigned sex clothes on, we went into the lounge room to wait for mum and Julie to arrive back.

Claire Baire’s mum could see I was upset and she said, “If you went outside dressed like a girl, you will be picked on and maybe worse, you can dress as a girl when you are here, if we are all alone ok.” I said, “Yes, thanks.” Claire Baire then heard our car pull up and she went outside to greet mum and Julie.

They all came back inside a few minutes later, we chatted about a few things, then mum said, “Ok we need to go as I have tea cooking in the oven.” I said, “Ok” and hugged Claire Baire’s mum and said, “Thank you,” then Claire Baire and I walked outside hand in hand, when I got to the car, she gave me a kiss and said, “Thanks, I love you.” I just looked at her weird, but said, “Ditto.” I got into the vehicle, mum started the engine and we left; I was waving furiously to Claire Baire.

The drive home was short, but I felt like it had been a lifetime since I saw Claire Baire and I reflected on our activities of this afternoon, mum could see I was quiet and said, “What’s wrong?” I said, “I’m missing Claire Baire, that’s all as we both had lots of fun today.” Mum said, “What did you both do?”

 I said, “Just relaxed and listened to her records, she loves ??????” Mum said, “Ok great, I’m so happy, you will see her tomorrow morning when I drop you off,” I said, “Yes.” We had arrived back home, and I got out and went inside. Daddy was sitting at the table reading his newspaper. I got ready for my bath and mum brought Julie in so we could bathe together, daddy came in to watch us and assist. He did help us both wash ourselves, then when we were finished, we got out and daddy dried her off while I dried myself off.

I put my pyjamas on while daddy dressed Julie, then we all went into the dining room for our tea. We all sat and ate in silence, then afterwards daddy said, “So how are things going with Claire Baire?” I said, groovy, she is really neato and I really like her.” Julie said, “Yes like a girlfriend.” I punched her and said, “No,” of course mum and daddy abused me for hitting Julie. I apologised to her and checked to make that she was not injured, she wasn’t.

We all sat and watched television for a while, mum did the dishes. After a while, it was bedtime for Julie and I, we both went and got in to bed, we shared a room in those days. Mum and Daddy tucked us both in and gave us both a kiss, then they closed the door and went to do whatever they did. Julie and I went to sleep quickly.

Over the course of the next few months, I got closer to Claire Baire and I would dress up every day at her place. I hated having to return home as I had to be a boy. I would get jealous each time I would see a girl wearing a dress or being feminine and having her girlfriends. I was too young to understand as to what was going on, although today I now know what I was feeling.

I would spend time with our family over this time as well, of course they were all male cousins and I would get ribbed because I had a sister. I got so annoyed with them a lot and would end up in massive fights as well. These fights were not just play; they were serious where blood was spilt regularly.

I of course being the third youngest would always lose and more often than night end up in Hospital as well, a couple of times an extended stay either because I was left unconscious or the Doctors wanted to keep me in for observation, I was very lucky that I never got any broken bones, all my injuries were scratches or abrasions each time.

N.B., This part was hard to write, and I had forgotten it for many years, only remembering after a very traumatic event late in 2018.

When I was 6, my parents decided to go away for a weekend, and an older cousin offered to look after me and Julie. We both loved this cousin and were excited about spending time with them. Once mum and daddy had gone, we got ourselves ready for our nightly bath, with our cousin supervising us. Once we had finished bathing, we got out and dried ourselves off, then put our bed clothes on.

We went and had tea, then afterwards sat to watch television for a while, with us sitting either side of our cousin, with a blanket covering us. I suddenly felt movement down near my penis, which made me jump, thinking the worst, but my movement got stifled by a hand pressing hard on my thigh.

After a while, Julie decided to go to bed, especially as it was past her bedtime, but we had stayed up longer. Once she was safely tucked in, my cousin came back and placed the blanket over themselves, and we continued watching television, and again their hand wandered, but then suddenly tore the blanket off us and got down on their knees and pulled my bottoms off and did things to me.

N.B., I will not go further, suffice to say that what they did is highly illegal, and has had a very traumatic effect on me since. I only remembered this even in late 2018, hence why it is a late addition to this novel.

I didn’t like the feeling, nor did I feel comfortable with what my cousin was doing, but accepted it as I didn’t know any different, at the time. Once my cousin had finished, I felt very dirty and sick, then went to the lavatory to clean up and hopefully pee, which I did. I decided to go to bed and try to sleep, which I did.

The rest of the weekend was very hard as I didn’t want Julie to know what happened, but I didn’t feel comfortable being near our cousin. I made sure that I wasn’t alone with them though, and avoided being touched by them too, and was so excited when mum and daddy arrived home, then not long after our cousin left.

I did get distant with everyone for a while because I felt that it was my fault that my cousin hurt me, even though my cousin didn’t physically hurt me, the emotional side took its toll on me, and I feel that because of what my cousin did to me, is a factor in why I shy away from getting intimate and physical with someone.

N.B., Please be advised that the above event is a reason why I have major trust issues. I Thank Those who Helped Me to Remember this event, as now I have answers too. Again, Thank You.

                                                2 (Trans) Gurls.

                                by Melissa A W JENSEN.

                                                © Seymour Publishing Group 2020



Chapter: One, New Friends.

Chapter: Two, Melbourne.

Chapter: Three, Preparations.

Chapter: Four, Move.

Chapter: Five, Dramas.

Chapter: Six, Bad News.

Chapter: Seven, Sydney.

Chapter: Eight, Back Home.

Chapter: Nine, Regrets.

Chapter: Ten, Signs.



2020 Update: In 2018, “Chris” accused me of something very heinous, which is not true. I have written proof and have taken further “Legally Binding” steps to prove my innocence.

This novel is a revenge story, which is about an Age-Gap Friendship, but as usual, others interfering and making assumptions. I do include my theories.

This is dedicated to the inspiration behind this novel, “Chris,” Not her real name, had she not treated me so badly, this novel would not be as harsh as it is.

There is another story which is revenge too, owing to those people expecting me to live my life their way, but also because they felt that their opinion was more important.

I intersperse this with other stories but do mention certain things about “Chris.”

Please be advised that everything I have written is either from memory or what I was told by others, I can’t guarantee that what I was told by others is true and correct.

I make no apologies for what I say at all, and even though I wanted to use real names and locations, have decided against embarrassing or humiliating anybody, also for legal reasons.

After the Epilogue, I include a special bonus, which is a brief overview of my dream business, including the benefits the Team Members will receive, and what I hope to do to help the LGBT community too, if I raise enough funds.

All Net Proceeds will be set aside for this dream, I have my opening date in mind already.

Those who buy a copy, will also receive a special invitation, but you need to email me to qualify.

I hope you all enjoy reading, as much as I loved writing it.

I am also dedicating this to everyone who has been ill-treated by “Family/Friends and/or “Significant Others”, in my opinion, you have all endured way too much.

You All Rock. 


                                                             Chapter: One,

                                                            New Friendship.

January 2015, I posted on a Social Media page, asking if anybody knew of any gender surgeons in Melbourne, Australia? A fellow member, Chris, liked the post. I commented and asked her if I could private message her? Chris said, “Yes, of course.” I said, “Ok, thanks,” then sent her a message. The message read, “Hey, how are you? I’m Mel, I’m 49, almost 50, hope that doesn’t scare you away? Thanks.” Whilst I was waiting for her to respond, I checked out her profile and found out more about her, more soon.

Chris answered my message a few minutes later, it read, “Hi, nice to meet you, Mel, I’m Chris, that’s fine, I do like older people as we can learn from each other. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s, and Summer too, so, where do you live?” I answered, “Thanks, Same here, yes, I did, very uneventful, I live in Sydney, but thinking about moving to Melbourne soon.” I needed to use the bathroom, and switched my kettle on for a coffee, then went to do my business, once I was done, I washed and dried my hands, and went to make my coffee, when suddenly my phone flashed, it was a message from Chris. I finished making my coffee and went to sit down and read it.

Chris’s message read, “Awesome, I would love to go there one day, what do you do for a job?” I read it and answered that I had recently lost mine due to a restructure, but got enough money to finally afford my surgery, which is why I asked about Melbourne Surgeons, if we meet, and everyone is happy and comfortable with me, and you coming to Melbourne, I would gladly show you around, I have started studying an online Nail Technician course.

I went back to watching television, and of course checking my phone, but Chris did not answer for the rest of the day. I realized that it was still school holidays, and she was busy with her real friends. I just continued watching television and preparing my dinner.

I checked my phone just before I switched everything off, but she had still not read the message and was offline. I switched everything off and went to sleep, but even though I had only just started talking to Chris, I felt there was something there. But I’m a hopeless romantic and put it down to that side of me. I dreamt about her though.

I woke up the following day very late, and for me it was, as I am usually up by 6am, but today, I woke up at 12.30pm, and immediately went to switch my kettle on, followed by the bathroom. Once I had made my coffee, I switched all my units back on, including my phone too. I couldn’t believe the number of messages that I had, there were 5 from Chris, 2 from another friend who lived on the East Coast of the US, and 3 from another in Adelaide.

N.B., I care about the environment, therefore, I turn off any appliances not in use, to both save money and the environment, I also recycle as much as I can too, this includes plastic containers that some foods come in.

I decided to check Chris’s first, and they were all nice, but a little cold, like she was trying to let me down gently, but her 5th really cheered me up, the first 4 had been sent late last night, but the 5th had only been sent around an hour before I woke up and was somewhat a shock to read, I have cleaned up what it said, as I am unable to fully remember what Chris messaged me, I have written this how I would, and is to the best of my memory, as accurate as possible, here goes:

“Mel, I hope you slept great, I sort of did, but it was weird, I dreamt about you, but it wasn’t a normal dream, it was, well, let’s just say, interesting, do you know why I would dream about you like that for? Wow, that would be awesome, hope you can practice on my nails, if you want to.”

 I pondered for almost an hour before I decided to answer, the only reason being was that yes, I was shocked that we both dreamt about each other, especially given that she likes boys and I like females.

I haven’t given any background about Chris:

She was Transgender, and 15, her Birthday was coming up several days after she returned to school, she lived in a very picturesque coastal town in New South Wales, Australia and was on summer school holidays (Vacation), she was starting year 10 (10th Grade) soon, she was required to stay in school until she had completed year 12, which was in 2017, she was single at the time, but did tell me several, very private things, that I will not reveal, she had 3 very close friends, named Taylor, Marcie, and Samantha, planned to be a Make-Up artist as her career, loved horror movies, her friends and shopping, she had an older sister, named Jenny, her mother owned a popular business in their town. I will mention more later in this novel.

I answered Chris’s last message with: “Wow, maybe we both have a psychic connection as I dreamt about you too, but I thought I was just being an old, ugly fool”. I went to have my shower and get ready to go out, which for once, took me longer to get ready. I wondered why I was putting in extra effort for nobody special. Once I finished getting ready, I checked my phone.

Chris had answered with “Cool, but you are not an old, ugle (her Spelling) fool, so don’t you ever say that again, but what are we going to do about our dreams?”.

I answered “Ok, sorry, done. I think our dreams might mean that we both like each other, but given not only our huge age gap, but with you being under age, we should not pursue anything more than being friends, for now, and I am especially weirded out, given that I do not usually like anyone with our common Birth Defect, and until they are gone, I feel we are better off just chatting, and when the time is right, we will meet”.

I grabbed my bag, water bottle and keys, locked up and left the flat, then walked to my car and drove to my friends’ place, and strangely changed my radio to a music station. I was surprised especially as I loved my talk back radio, but Chris’s messages today, made me feel alive and young again. I soon arrived at my friends’ place and went inside, she saw me and said, “Wow, you must have slept great, I have never seen you like this before.” I said, “Thanks,” then told her about Chris.

Of course, my friend, Kate said, “Stay away because she is so young, why don’t you find someone closer to your own age, or even go to a brothel to get laid.” I said, “I do not want a physical relationship with Chris, not unless she wants it too, and not until she has had her Birth Defect corrected, and she is of legal age.” Kate still felt that I wanted a relationship with Chris, but of course, it was typical of most people, they have dirty minds, jealous, but most of all, make assumptions.

N.B., I have said this before, but I am saying it again, I have never been involved with anybody under the age of 18, except for when I was, of course, and even if I was given the chance, WOULD NEVER, EVER GO THERE however, in my opinion, those under 18 are still children and therefore deserve to enjoy their childhood for as long as they can. I totally despise anyone who does ANYTHING ILLEGAL to anyone under the age of 18, this includes, but is not limited to, Assault, Rape, Brain-Washing, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Murder, or anything else that affects a child’s ability to grow up and choose their own paths.

Honestly though, if I hear of anybody under 30 losing their lives, or being severely hurt really makes me mad, and yes, I will call for the assailant to be given a very severe punishment, meaning 20 years for a slap, to 150 for murder, some of you may think it’s morally wrong for me to like someone under 18, but if nothing negative occurs, I feel we can learn from each other. I have learnt so much from those much younger than me.

I said, “I don’t know why I had the dream, and even though both Chris and I had the same one, does not mean that either of us will act on it, especially as we have only been chatting online since yesterday, but I feel a real connection with her, and by her having the dream, might mean that she does too.” Suddenly, my phone buzzed, and I looked down to see that it was a message from Chris.

I read the message before saying anything, Chris had written, “Mel, I don’t know why, but I think we have a real strong connection, something I have never experienced before, but what do we do about it?” I had a think, and answered, “Yes, same here, I think we should just keep chatting and getting to know each other, then when the time is right, we can meet, but in public and with your parents present too”.

I sat and continued chatting to Kate, I did tell her what Chris said, and what my response was. Kate said, “You are sick in the head for even wanting to be friends with someone under 18.” My response was, “But it’s ok with me being friends with your 14-year-old son, what is so different about that?”

Kate said, “He is our son, and we have been friends for many years, but this other person, you don’t know.” I said, “True, but why would I say that I would only meet in public and with her parents present for?” Kate said, “That’s fine, but how do you know if that person is real?” I said, “I don’t, but for now, I just want to see what happens, besides who knows where this friendship will go, for now, I just want to continue chatting to her????? And see.”

N.B., I always like to give others a chance, but not everyone seems to do the same with me. I am a very open and honest person, which I have noticed lately that a lot of people do not appreciate, yet, they just feel the need to shove their narrow-minded, bigoted views down my throat and expect me to just accept it.

Sorry, but we are all allowed to express our opinions, and I was brought up to be honest with others, including being respectful, and having sympathy where needed. I also do not believe that anyone is better than anyone else, we are all equal, and everyone’s jobs should be seen as vital to human existence, no matter what it is, from Prime Minister to a Stay-At-Home-Mum to a Cleaner, and every job in between. I would just like everyone to PLEASE remember that.

Kate said, “Ok,” thankfully my phone buzzed, it was another from Chris, it read, “Mel, that sounds like a great idea, and yes, when the time comes, I will make sure my parents are present, you sound like a real nice person, I’m sure I can learn a lot from you, may I add you as a friend, please?” I read the message to Kate, but of course, she still felt that I was being cat fished, I decided to answer Chris, I wrote, “Thanks, Yes, of course, you can, You, sound like a nice person too, you are the youngest Trans person in Australia that I have known, may I ask you some very personal questions please?”

Kate was still being very negative, so I made an excuse to leave the house, mainly because I could feel myself getting angry and felt I should be alone. I got into my car and drove to a nice quiet spot that I knew and just cried my eyes out. I hadn’t realized just how much emotions I was holding in, but afterwards I felt much better. I heard my phone buzz and looked down to see that Chris had messaged me again.

I read Chris’s last message and it read, “Cool, that’s fine, but if they are too personal or inappropriate, I will unfriend or block you, and I just sent you a friend request”. I answered her straight back, I said, “Agreed, and it’s why I asked, but any questions I ask will be strictly for education and knowledge, nothing further, cool thanks, I will accept now and make you a close friend”. I started the engine and drove off towards my local supermarket to do some shopping.

I soon arrived at the carpark and parked my car. I checked my phone, but it was very quiet, I decided to leave it in the car whilst I walked around the shopping centre, this would also allow me time to think too. I did enjoy walking around, as I found some great new clothes, but the worst thing was, all the children running riot, which made me question why I wanted to be friends with someone, who legally was still a child.

I decided to go and do my grocery shopping and head home, this was easier said than done, as the supermarket was crowded, but eventually, I got out, and headed to the car. I loaded my groceries into the car and took the trolley back to the holding bay, and headed home.

I didn’t check my phone as I just wanted to get home, thankfully, I didn’t live too far from the shopping centre. Once I got home, I took several bags out and headed inside, put them down, then went to get the rest, locked the car and went inside to unpack the groceries, then checked my phone.

Chris had not answered my last message, but did have several from Kate, and a couple of phone calls too, but I was still upset with her, so didn’t respond. I switched my phone off and plugged my power board in and switched my television and cable unit on, but unplugged my landline telephone, and started to make my dinner, which was just salad, but I added Tuna, Onions, Cheese and Radish. I sat down and started watching a comedy show.

Around 11.30pm, I switched my phone back on to find more messages from Kate, and only 2 from Chris, but they were both very nice. Chris said, “Sorry for the delay, I had to clean the house all day, and then prepare the evening meal, but that didn’t stop thinking about you, or smiling either.”

I answered her back and said, “That’s fine, I understand that you have more important people to concentrate on, we have only just started chatting, so you until we get to know each other, then I am not as important. I bet you are a terrific cook too, can’t wait to try your cooking, but anyway, I’m tired and going to bed, sweet dreams, and we will chat soon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.”

I shut my phone off and placed it on my bench, then went to bed, but off course, couldn’t sleep as I was not only thinking about what Chris messaged me earlier today, but the negativity I copped from Kate, and finally fell asleep and yes, I did dream about Chris again, which was, well let’s just say, nice, but very inappropriate.

I woke up the following day around 9am, and immediately jumped in the shower, as I had to go into the city to pick up my train ticket. I was catching the night train to Melbourne on Saturday night to meet my potential new housemate and inspect the house too, as I had finally decided to make the move to Melbourne. Once I was ready, I went to catch the bus to the station, then the express train to the city, but of course, as usual bought my coffee from my usual place.

I found a seat on the train, and sat down to drink my coffee, and check my phone, I had no more messages from Kate, but several very strange ones from Chris, I had to read them several times to work out what she was saying, in summary they said, “Stay away from my friend, you old pervert, she is only 15 and is too young and naïve for you, go and find someone as old as you, or do the world a favour and drop dead, now get lost and leave her alone.” I felt that Chris had no idea about them, especially given that they were sent very early in the morning.

I turned my phone off and enjoyed the trip to the city, whilst sipping my coffee. I was happy once the train arrived and I alighted. I walked to the barriers to place my ticket in the machine to leave the station, then went to get my ticket for Saturday night. Once I had that, I went to see a friend who worked close by, as she always gave me great advice. I soon arrived at her office, and asked if I could see her please?

The receptionist said, “Yes, of course” and called her on the phone, and within seconds, Molly came bounding out to greet me and took me in to her office.

We sat down and made small talk for a few minutes, then she asked, “What’s wrong?” I told her, and she said, “Wow, sounds to me like a childish prank, but her friend may be jealous of your friendship, but are you sure it’s not this girl trying to finish it with you.” I said, “Well I did think that, and it could be her, but what if it is a friend of hers trying to make me look like the bad person?” Molly said, “Agreed, but look, for now just move on and think about your future.”

 I said, “Agreed, the reason why I’ve come to see you is because I might be moving to Melbourne, this now reiterates it so much.” Molly said, “You had doubts, why?”

I said, “Because, I do love the area where Chris lives, and have several friends up there, and would move if this friendship was achievable.” Molly said, “No, I know how much you want your surgery, think of yourself first, and what is the most important thing in your life right now?”

I said, “My surgery, so ok, yes, if this place suits on Sunday, and she is willing to let me move in, then I will move down there.” Molly said, “Great, beside if this, what’s her name?” I said, “Chris,” she said, “Yes, Chris, if she likes you and decides to visit at least she will have someone to show her around, oh, hell, I want to come down, so you can show me around.” I said, “Agreed and you will be welcome.”

I then realized how late it was and made my apologies, we both hugged each other, and I left the office. I decided to travel the long way home, that being, catching a train to Epping via Chatswood, then a bus to Parramatta, then another bus home. I had my own personal reasons for doing this.

I checked my phone when I got on the first bus and there was still nothing from Chris, but me being me, was still taking it very hard because I blamed myself for being such an old fart.

I decided to check the messages from Kate, and they were very nasty, no I will not reveal what she said, as quite frankly, even today, I’m still angry by what she said.

Finally, I arrived at Parramatta and went to catch my last bus home, which thankfully had just arrived behind us. I boarded and sat down, then started to reflect on the past couple of days, and decided that yes, my happiness comes first, and I will move to Melbourne. Once I arrived at my stop, I alighted and walked home and as soon as I got inside, kicked off my shoes, then turned everything on.

I made a salad and poured myself a large glass of wine and drank the whole glass in virtually one gulp, that was how thirsty and very annoyed, I was. I poured myself another, and another, and then another, which emptied the bottle. I ate my salad and watched the television, but got annoyed as it was all romantic shows on, and all I wanted was some action movies, I checked the guide and found one of my favourite action movies, which I switched on and watched it, and being as intoxicated as I was, enjoyed it even more, so much so that I was screaming at the television.

Once it was finished, I did my dishes, checked my phone again, again nothing, turned everything off and went to bed. I slept great this night, although I did dream about Chris, but it was both of us in Melbourne. Maybe one day I will reveal it as it was well, hot, but please be advised that it was in the future after she turned 18 and had left school, but before her sex change operation.

I woke up the following morning and decided to have a ME day, meaning, no phones, internet or answering the door. I turned my power board on, made a coffee, and plonked my big, fat arse on my stool and watched television all day, thankfully it was still on the action channel, which suited me very well.

Friday was much the same thing too, although I decided to drink a large volume of alcohol, this was the only thing that would help me sleep. Chris did not know it, but I was slowly turning in to an alcoholic, just like my late father.

                                                             B S M M

                                                By Melissa A W JENSEN   

                                                                   © 2020.



Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Chapter 2: Murders/ Investigation 1

Chapter 3: On The Run/Fun

Chapter 4: Investigation 2

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6: Investigation 3

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8: Investigation 4

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10: Investigation 5

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12: Investigation 6

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14: Disappearance

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16: Investigation 7

Chapter 17:

Chapter 18: Investigation 8/9

Chapter 19:

Chapter 20: Investigation 10/ Murderer Revealed.



Trigger Warning: This is very unsuitable for anybody under the age of 18, or 21, depending on where you live, as it contains a lot of physical scenes.

Everything contained in this novel is fiction and from my own, very devious imagination.

This contains Transgender and Lesbian themes, something I doubt I will stop, but do have something way different in mind.

I have not mentioned which country or state this story, although fully fiction, is set, because, well, you will see why whilst reading it. Please be advised that I do use Australian slang and terminologies throughout this novel, but again, it does not mean that it is set in Australia.

I do not profess to knowing the correct terminologies for law enforcement or scientific either, this is a purely fictional story.

There will be a sequel to this, but only available to those who buy this novel, please email me at the email at the end of this novel.

To keep the interest, each chapter will concentrate on the chapter title, then the final paragraph will be copy and pasted to where the next part will begin, usually jumping a chapter.

I hope you all enjoy reading this, as much as I not only enjoyed writing it, but stretching my very creative imagination too. Cheers.

I have dedicated this to my awesome UK friend KS, who tragically passed away just before Christmas 2019. She had planned to help me raise my surgery funds. I had planned to fly over end of 2020, if I’d had my surgery by then, to spend Christmas together, something I still want to do.

A little background to our main characters:

James Thomas Lewis, herein referred to as James Lewis or Thomas Lewis, is a recently turned 18-year-old boy, who is still at school doing his final year of school, before going to College, as he wants to be a Teacher. James’s hobbies are the normal teen boys, his friends, video games and girls, although James had a big secret that no-one knew about. More to come.

Kate Samantha Masters, herein referred to as Kate Masters or Sam Masters, is 19 and is re-doing her final year of schooling as she failed last year but is at a local community college to complete it this year. Kate wants to be a Beauty Therapist and Hairdresser. Kate is a typical teen girl, she loves fashion, make-up, her friends and someone whom she has a crush on, but has been too shy to approach, so far. More to come.

Please Enjoy. 

James Lewis is walking home from his after-school job, when he sees a strange glowing pink light in an alley way, which gains his curiosity and he goes to have a look, but as he gets to the light, he is knocked unconscious.

In another part of the country, Kate Masters is leaving her after-school job and walking home as she missed the last bus. Kate suddenly hears a noise and looks to see a glowing blue light, which strangely appeals to her curiosity, and draws her towards the strange light but as she approaches the light, she is knocked unconscious.

Additionally, I will use codes for certain people, some of which will be:

SC or SC1: Station Commander of where the Task Force is Based. DI, DSS, CB, these are all various Police Officers who will be mentioned. SC2: Is from another Station.

                                                                        Chapter 1:


Sometime later, both Kate and James wake up restrained and lying on hospital beds. Kate and James look at each other, but neither can speak, and see themselves. They both see that they have an intravenous drip connected and neither can work out why they are being held captive.

James falls asleep but drifts in and out of consciousness, as does Kate. This occurs for some time, until they are both woken up by someone wearing a white coat, whom they feel is a Doctor. The Doctor nods her head, the nurses untie the restraints for both James and Kate, and gently lifts them both up to a sitting position.

James then sees that he has breasts and his hair was longer and more finer, and his fingers were more slender with hot pink nail polish, and as he spoke he had a very feminine voice, which had Kate look over and her mouth just gaped open as she saw herself, but then she spoke, and she got a shock to hear a deeper, teenage boy voice, it was then that she noticed that her breasts had gone and she was very flat chested.

The Doctor said, “I’m Doctor Gillian Howard, but you can call me Gil.” James and Kate were to find out later why she said Gil. Gil said, “Ok, now you have both noticed that you are in each other’s bodies, what happened was that the bright lights you both saw, enticed you in to the alley and those lights, well let’s just say, put you both to sleep, and allowed us to change you both, this change happened very slowly over the past few months, where we extracted blood and DNA from your bodies, and injected it in to the other, this allowed your bodies to regenerate as the other.”

Please Be Advised that unless stated, from hereon in, I will refer to Kate as James, and James as Kate, or James/Kate and/or Kate/James, this will depend on the situation.

James asked, “Why us? I love being a girl and all the happiness that goes with it, well except for my monthly visitor, that sucks.” Gil said, “Ok, so if you did, why have you been secretly wearing boy’s underwear and having an affair with your best friend, as a straight couple?” James said,” No, you are totally wrong, I love being a girl, I am as feminine and straight as they come.” Gil said, “Oh ok, so let’s have a look at a video then, shall we?”

James started to fidget, knowing that he was about to be outed. Gil started the video and it was James, as Kate, inside her bedroom taking her clothes off, then putting on her boys boxer briefs, and binding her breasts down so that she was as flat as a teenage boy, then she placed a strapless dildo inside her briefs to give the appearance of a penis.

Kate then sprayed a men’s cologne on her body, and put a baggy shirt and baggy pants on, followed by boys’ sneakers. Kate grabbed her male wallet and placed some notes in it and a couple of condoms, shoved it into his back pocket, made a phone call, after which she as he, left her/his room.

James said, “No that’s not me at all, I love being a girl,” but Gil then restarted the video and showed Kate coming back to her room, with a very attractive brunette, and they sit on the bed and start kissing each other, with their hands exploring their bodies, but James, wasn’t allowing his girlfriend to touch him. James says, “So I enjoy dressing up and going out to fool my friends, like her, besides she needed to be taught a lesson, and I did, but it doesn’t mean that I like dressing as or want to be a boy.”

Gil said, “Well you are going to stay a boy until we have completed our studies of you both, ok now Kate, we placed a hidden camera in your room, and we found this.” The video started and it showed Kate, as James, come home from school and lock his door, got undressed and pulled his secret box from under his bed, found a matching bra and panties, he put them on, a dress, pantyhose and heels, then his make-up. James then called his girlfriend to come over, which she did, and they both ended up kissing and enjoying each other.

After the video finished, Gil said, “Kate do you like girls or boys?” Kate said, “Girls but being like this, I don’t know why, but seeing James over there, is well, making me feel damp in my pants.”

James laughed and said, “Yes, that means you want me to fuck that hot body.” Gil said, “Ok, now we are going to leave you both alone now, to get to know each other, and if you want to know what it’s like having sex as the other, then through that door is a bedroom, including an en-suite with a very nice spa bath,” then everyone left. Both James and Kate just sat there looking at each other, both were just astounded at the changes, until finally Kate said, “Look, let’s give it a go and see, the sooner we do this, the sooner we are returned back to our normal selves and we can return back to our lives.” James said “Yes, come on let’s go.”

James being a boy, but a new boy, led the way, leaving Kate to follow. Once they were in the bedroom, they walked to the en-suite to check out their bodies, and it showed that they both liked the other, as James’s penis grew in size, whilst Kate’s pussy started getting wet which James noticed, and he went over and cupped her pussy, which made Kate jump, but she loved it, especially as she was still a female virgin.

James then picked Kate up and carried her to the bedroom, and gently lowered her to the bed, then started to kiss those gorgeous soft lips, that in his previous life, he would not have been interested in, but now, he wanted to make love to his former body, but how he wanted it, when he was still a girl. James kissed himself down Kate’s body, suckling her breasts like a newborn bub, but then gently kissed down her body until he reached his now former pussy, and was amazed at the delicious smell and heat coming from it.

James took a deep breath and could smell his body wash and lotions, which currently was cucumber and lime body wash, followed by coconut body lotion, and Kate’s pussy oozed that combined smell. James looked up at Kate, who nodded, then James went in and started gently licking her pussy, first long slow licks of her clit, to bring her out from her hood, then across to her labia, and worked his tongue inside her pussy and immediately found her g spot, which had Kate shaking but she grabbed James’s hair and pushed him back down to keep working, which Kate did.

Kate was amazed at just how skilful James was at eating her out, and thought that this may not have been his first time exploring down there, but as soon as Kate had those thoughts, she could feel her body start to change, she could feel something from her breasts which was strange, but great, and knew that it was from James eating her out, and she could feel it getting lower, but more intense too, until the feeling hit her pussy and she exploded, not once but several times. James continued to drink up Kate’s juices until finally she was dry.

Kate said, “James can you fuck me as I need to feel your manly seed fill my pussy, hopefully you can get me pregnant. James said, “I want you to suck me off, that’s what girls do to their fuck buddies, and I ate you out, so you need to repay the favour, ok?” Kate said, “Well, ok, but I prefer pussy to cock, but I will suck you off.”

They changed positions so that James was lying on the bed, whilst Kate decided to move up and kiss James on the lips, whilst playing with his nipples, which enticed an ohh sound from James mouth, then Kate slowly kissed her way down James body, until she reached his nether region but this resulted in his cock shooting a load of cum which made him jump, and start crying.

Kate stopped and hugged him and said, “Hey it’s ok, it happens to some guys, but it’s our first-time having sex together, it will be fine.” Kate decided to move down and lick off James cum from some parts where it landed, luckily most landed on James stomach, and Kate was apprehensive about tasting James cum, mainly because as a male, she never tasted her own, but loved pussy, but as Kate was now a girl, and girls suck guys off until they explode, she decided to suck James cum off his body.

Kate didn’t like the taste of James semen, it tasted like fish and a weird taste that she was unable to work out at the time, but she finished sucking it all off, then moved to James cock and placed her mouth over it and lowered her mouth until it was entirely inside her mouth.

Kate was surprised that even hard, James cock was only around 4”, but Kate didn’t care as she started to suck him off by bobbing up and down on it, which she started to enjoy it. suddenly she could feel James tense up which Kate knew was the sign that he was about to explode inside her mouth, and he did.

What James lacked in cock size, he more than made up for it in how much cum he released, and Kate swallowed all of it.

Kate then released his cock and said, “Babe, I need you to fill me with your manly seed.” Kate had been fingering herself to keep her entrance nice and moist. James said, “well, I hope I can cum again, but I’m not sure, we can only try,” Kate said “Yes, I know don’t forget that cock used to be mine,” and they changed positions so that Kate was lying on her back, with her legs spread, and she still continued to finger her pussy to keep her nice and moist for easy entry.

James got down and guided his cock to her entrance and slowly pushed the head in, until he could feel warmth and he pushed all the way until his balls were touching Kate’s outer lips, but Kate loved the feeling of being filled that she clamped her pussy shut so that James couldn’t move, but wiggled his cock around a bit, which Kate loved and this resulted in her first orgasm with a cock inside her. James loved it, but also hated it as he wanted to pump Kate hard, the reason being because as Kate, James had always been pumped so hard that her boyfriends would orgasm, leaving her to finish herself off, and she always wanted to take revenge on a guy, and this was it now.

James tried to move his cock, but Kate had clamped down so hard that it almost broke off. Suddenly Kate smiled and allowed her muscles to ease up, then James decided to really teach her a lesson, and without asking started thrusting very hard and deep, which had Kate panting and struggling to breathe, but all sexcited at the same time, with her orgasms all building up and she didn’t know which way to turn, but her orgasms told her which way. James had other plans, as he could feel Kate’s orgasm about to hit, he would stop and pull out, and he would spread the juices over Kate’s breasts, and to her mouth.

James decided to be vicious again, and pulled his cock out of her mouth and plunged it straight in to Kate’s very wet pussy and he just kept plunging away, like it was the last pussy he would ever be fucking, but suddenly he felt his orgasm building and he suddenly exploded inside Kate, just as she was cumming too.

Once James pulled out of Kate, he shifted around to, well, do what most males do after cumming, fall asleep. Kate was far from finished, and she sat there masturbating herself until she had satisfied herself, then she too fell asleep. Continued in Chapter 3.

A person wearing glasses

Description automatically generated with low confidence

© Melissa A W Jensen 2020



CHAPTER 1: “Caught”

CHAPTER 2: “Finally Lauren”

CHAPTER 3: “Doctor”

CHAPTER 4: “Drive-In”

CHAPTER 5: “Invasive Tests”

CHAPTER 6: Hormone Doctor

CHAPTER 7: Lauren’s First Date.

CHAPTER 8: Meeting Richards Parents.

CHAPTER 9: Richard’s Party

CHAPTER 10: New Love

CHAPTER 11: Assault.

CHAPTER 12: New Life.

CHAPTER 13: Sex Change Operation.

CHAPTER 14: Discharge/Recovery.

CHAPTER 15: Celebration Time.

CHAPTER16: Back Home/Exploring.



This story is a friend’s story and starts in 1950’s Suburban Australia.

Lauren was assigned male at birth, her male name was Laurence, or Laurie for short, she chose the name Lauren because it seemed the most logical one for her.

Lauren gave me permission to use her name, all other names and locations, used throughout this story are fictitious.

Lauren will be mentioned throughout Mel’s (Amazing) New Life Series.

I have left a lot of things out due to how sickening they were, even for me.

Please be advised that after exhaustive research, have not been able to find out about Sex Change Operation procedures and after care in 1960’s/70’s, therefore I will be using modern procedures and after care, if anybody has any documentation from that era, please pass it on, so I can revise this novel.

Please enjoy anyway.

                                                            CHAPTER 1: “Caught”

Lauren started cross dressing when she was 9, Laura never knew she was wearing her dirty clothes, until the day Lauren was at home alone, it was school holidays. Laura arrived home unexpectedly and caught her wearing her clothes, Lauren was 15, Laura was 18.

Laura was very angry and upset, but instead of outing her, decided to help out, as it was a way to get revenge and have things over Lauren, so she would do what she wanted, it was fun though, spent a lot of time together.

Lauren hated it when Laura was with Dave though, but still had their girly fun when they could. Lauren dated girls which was ok, but always wanted to be the girl, so they never lasted. Lauren decided to tell her parents when she was 16, they didn’t accept her. Lauren was told to pack her things and leave.

Lauren rang Laura in tears, who asked, “What’s wrong?” Lauren told her. Laura said, “Ok you can come here for a few days, where are you now?” Lauren said, “Packsung station, why?” Laura said, “Ok, catch the next train, and come here, when you arrive at Lesdot, call me and I’ll come pick you up, or if you have time at the interchange station, call from there, with the time your train will arrive and I’ll meet you at Lesdot, ok?”

Lauren said, “Ok will do, Thanks sis.” Once they hung up and Lauren boarded the next train, she was still her male self, Laurie. She did a lot of thinking while travelling to see her sister, like: “What am I going to do?” Have I made a mistake?” Will, I ever find love and true happiness?”

After like what felt like an eternity, the train arrived at her interchange stop, saw that she had around 15 minutes for the next train, so she found out what time the next one will arrive at Lesdot, then went to call Laura.

Once the conversation ended, Lauren went to buy a coffee, then waited for her train, which arrived a few minutes later. The journey was pleasant, although she did cop some abuse from some boys, but she ignored them, and they went away.

Finally, the train arrived at Lesdot, Lauren grabbed her bags and alighted, she looked for Laura’s vehicle, then saw Laura standing just outside the station, who went over and gave her a hug, and both cried, it was frowned upon back in those days for a male, even a teen boy to cry, there were several people who abused  Laurie, for showing his emotions.

Laura said, “Come on let’s go.” They grabbed Lauren’s bags and put them in the vehicle, on the way back Laura said, “Dave is not happy nor very accepting of you, but he is going to let you stay for a while, just until you can get yourself sorted, he wants to chat when we get back.” Lauren said, “Ok.”

They soon arrived at the house several minutes later, they took the bags out of the vehicle, Laura locked the vehicle and they went into the house, Dave said, “Hello Laurie, how are you?” Lauren said, “I’m ok.”

Laura showed Lauren to her room and gave Dave a death stare, then when in there,  Lauren cried again, this time uncontrollably, Laura said, “I know, it’s not easy, and I’m upset with Dave, I’m going to run you a bath, and go talk to him, I’ll be back shortly, and I’m sleeping with you tonight ok.

Lauren said, “Ok Thanks, but are you sure?” Laura said, “My new sister needs me more than he does.” Lauren said, “But you have only been married a few months, don’t you both need your privacy.” Laura said, “Yes, but you are my sister and Dave can survive one night without me.”

Lauren said, “Ok, then asked if he knew about her cross dressing?” Laura said, “No.” Lauren said, “Ok, Laura then went and started running the bath.” Lauren sat on the bed crying and letting her emotions out. A short time later, she heard a door bang very loudly, Laura came in, Lauren asked, “What’s wrong?”

Laura said, “Its ok, I’m giving Dave some time before we all talk, it’s come as a big shock.” Lauren said, How, I’ve never acted like I’m a man.” Laura said, “Yes, but he is a man and they don’t understand, I’ve had time to get used to this, and I love you no matter what.”

Lauren said, “Thanks.” Laura said, “Ok let’s get undressed and go take a bath.” Lauren said, “Both of us.” Laura said, “Yes why not, we used to years ago, and besides you need company, we can relax and chat.” Lauren said, “Ok astounding.”

Both undressed and got into the bath, washed each other whilst chatting. Laura said, “I will help you the best I can, Dave loves me, and he will come around, just give it time.”

Lauren said, “Ok, but what if he doesn’t?” Laura said, “I know him, and I know how to manipulate him to my way of thinking, because he is a man and men only have one thing on their minds.” Lauren said, “Oh ok I’m sure he will come around then.”

Laura said, “Yes, look can you stay here and relax a bit more, I will be back shortly?” Lauren said, “Ok.” Laura got out and dried off and went into the bedroom. A few minutes later she came back and said, “Ok, sis can you pull the plug, and get out?” Lauren did that, then dried off, and they walked into the bedroom, lying on the bed was a nightie, that looked brand new, Lauren asked, “What’s this?”

Laura said, “Well I want my sister from now on, I never want to see my brother back.” Lauren said, “Thanks, I hope he never comes back either.” Laura  helped her put her nightie on, Laura put hers on, and they both went in to the kitchen to have Tea, both ate in silence, but Laura could see the smile on Laurens face, like she was finally herself, whilst eating Dave came into the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea, neither Laura nor Lauren acknowledged him, when he was finished he went to give Laura a kiss, she turned away from him. When Laura and Lauren were finished their Tea, they washed their dishes and went back to Laurens room, got into bed, chatted again, said, “Goodnight, sis,” then we went to sleep.

The following morning, both woke up early, said, “Good morning, sis.” Laura asked, “How did you sleep?” Lauren said, “Astounding.” Laura said, “Can you go have your shower, while I go cook breakfast.” Lauren said, “Ok.”

When Lauren was finished, went to her room and found a dressing gown laid out on her bed, put it on and went to the kitchen, Laura was just finishing cooking, she said, “Ok sit down, what do you want to drink?” Lauren asked, “May I have a coffee, please?”

Laura said, “Yes, I’ll make it weak and with a couple of sugars.” Once Laura had made it and brought it over. Lauren asked, “Where’s Dave?” Laura said, “He left early.” Lauren said, “Ok.” Laura said, “Don’t worry he will come around, I’m going to do something that will make him come around.” Lauren didn’t ask.

Laura brought their breakfasts over and they sat and ate. Laura said, “I am staying home for the next couple of days so we can work out what we are going to do, first I will go through my clothes and see what looks astounding on you.”

Lauren said, “Ok astounding thanks.” When they were finished, did the dishes and went to Laura and Dave’s bedroom, it was a mess, so they got to and stripped the beds, took the laundry basket out to do the laundry, Laura showed Lauren how to do the laundry.

They went back to the bedroom to put fresh sheets on, Laura went through her clothes, she found a number of clothes they were either too small or she felt Lauren would look astounding in, Lauren did try on what she could though.

N.B. This was 1959, so the clothes were much more conservative, compared to the very revealing clothes of today.

Laura asked, “Can you dressing gown off and put on your panties and bra, please?” Laura helped her put the bra on, Lauren said, “How’s that?” Lauren said, “Ok, it’s a bit big, but I like it.” Laura  handed her a pair of nylons to put on, Laura got a pair for herself and said, “Watch me,” then rolled the nylons up each leg, they watched each other, Laura adjusted them to make sure they were right, handed Lauren a dress to put on, Laura said, “It looks good, here have a have a look in the mirror.” Lauren started crying. Laura said, “I know.” The rest of the day was Lauren trying on clothes and Laura helping teach her how to apply makeup, they had an astounding day.

They both also did housework and made Tea, which was just about ready when Dave got home.

Mel’s Birthiversary Transformation

©  M W Jensen 2021



Chapter 1: Surprise!

Chapter 2: Finally, Some Fun.

Chapter 3: An Old Associate.

Chapter 4: Lesbian Nightclub.

Chapter 5: New State.

Chapter 6: Girl Dramas.

Chapter 7: New Beginnings.

Chapter 8: Kimmy’s Story.

Chapter 9: Chris.

Chapter 10: Drive South.

Chapter 11: Revelation.


Chapter 13: Big Changes.

Chapter 14: Pregnancies.

Chapter 15: Further Transformations.

Chapter: 16: More Pregnancies & Tragedy.



This story is complete fiction and is based on a dream I had in March 2020.

Every Character is based on someone I know or knew. The only real name used is mine.

Locations are real, where possible, but do not reflect any real persons, that I’m aware.

Any similarity to persons/locations mentioned is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1:


May 28th, 2020 is my 55th Birthiversary, and to celebrate, a friend, Rebecca, or Becca for short, invited me to cum stay with her for a few days so we could celebrate. I accepted, however, due to work commitments, was unable to get away for a couple of weeks. FYI: At the time, I had started my own small business, and had a training issue.

I decided to drive to Sydney as it is a very relaxing drive. Upon arrival, Becca and I hugged and kissed, then she helped me unload my car. I decided to freshen up. Once I had freshened up, went to relax with Becca to enjoy a much needed coffee.

The coffee had an unusual taste to it, but I put it down to Becca’s first time making me one, but it was still enjoyable.

We went out for tea, Vegan of course, and were hit on by many males, but neither of us were interested.

N.B., Becca is a Lesbian, but more Asexual, whilst I’m a Transbian, again Asexual, but even if either of us were interested in anything romantic, none of these males appealed to either of us.

Once we finished our meal, decided to go back to her place to rest. I was tired from the long drive, and honestly, just wanted to sleep. Thankfully Becca made us a Hot Chocolate each, then we sat and chatted.

I don’t know what she put in the mixture, but it tasted ohhh so delicious. Becca was looking at me with a wry smile, something I didn’t know why at the time. Once we finished our drinks, we took turns changing for bed, then once we were ready, got into bed and chatted for a while, then feel asleep.

I awoke the following morning, feeling very weird and noticed that my chest had expanded overnight, I had Double d nursers, but also noticed that a certain part of my body was yet to wake up. I allowed my fingers to explore and found that I now had a vagina, which felt exceptionally smooth and bald. I also noticed that my skin was much more softer, almost like someone in their 20’s.

I noticed that Becca was not beside me, but I screamed when I realised. This brought Becca into the room, and she was smiling. Becca said, “What’s wrong babe?” I was shocked by that as up until then I thought we were just friends, especially as I did not have a body part that interested her. I said, “Have a look at this.” I removed the bed covers to reveal my new complete body.

Becca never said a word, just licked her lips, but handed me a coffee and said, “Happy Belated Birthiversary Babe, hope you like your present?” I said, “You did this, how?”

Becca said, “Well, I know how much you wanted to be complete by your Birthiversary, I spoke to a friend recently who said she could help you achieve your dream, but it only lasts for a week, before you turn back to what you were yesterday. I put a special potion into your drinks yesterday, then this morning, a Genie appeared to complete the transformation, so how do you like your new body?”

I said, “Awesome, Thank You, I love it, but who gets to be my first attentive partner?” I was meaning Becca as she gave me the best present ever, but she said, “I think you deserve someone who is more interested than I am.” I said, “Ok, but you deserve to be my first, but I understand, I need to pee.” I got up and went to the bathroom to pee, and it felt weird, especially as for 55 years I had an extra length, but now here I was with a vagina and a decreased urethra, but it was fine. I soon finished peeing, then wiped, flushed and when I was washing my hands, looked in the mirror to see an incredibly young woman looking back at me which made me happy.

I walked back into the bedroom where Becca was sitting and sipping her drink.

Becca said, “So how was it peeing as s complete woman?” I said, “Weird, but I loved it, wish I could stay this way for life, but why am I so young for?” Becca said, “Because you are this way for a week, you might as well be young to enjoy it.” I said, “Ok, cool thanks, so what is planned for today?” Becca said, “Well it’s your 21st Birthiversary, so whatever you want to do, we will do.” I said, “Ok, well, since neither of us are in a hurry to go out, I think we should have a shower, then cum back to make love with each other. You turned me this way, it’s only fair that you get to be the first to enjoy me.” Becca said, “Cool, I so want you right now, let’s get in to the shower and wash each other all over then cum back and I will give you the best orgasm ever, that you may want to remain this way.” I said, “Cool.”

We both undressed and walked to the bathroom then Becca started the shower and we both got in. We washed and scrubbed each other very well, then once finished, got out and dried off then walked hand in hand back to her bedroom.

Becca became overly aggressive and threw me down on to her bed, and started kissing me, with her hands kneading my nursers, which felt so nice. Becca’s fingers even caressed my nipples to entice them to becum erect which again felt nice.

Becca then moved down and started kissing my huge mounds and sucked on my nipples too, which was the best feeling ever, or so I thought. Becca moved slowly down my body, kissing my flesh, until she reached the object of her desire, My warm, wet, steaming private house. Becca slid down and gently kissed my outer lips, then my labia and finally my now extremely hard throbbing clit.

Becca sucked on it like it was an exceedingly small cock, and for someone who has never sucked a cock, she seemed like an expert and I could feel my juices flowing, but Becca felt them and slurped them very noisily I might add. I felt several orgasms building up, but Becca decided to go in very deep and curl her tongue inside my house and find my g spot. I immediately jumped when her tongue reached her, as I had never felt anything so sensitive before.

I was in heaven with what Becca was doing, I’d never been pleasured so well when I had a penis, but now having a vagina, it was the best feeling ever, but I knew that Becca was nowhere near done with me.

Becca sucked my folds which sent me in to another orgasmic frenzy, that I’m sure my eyeballs reverted back inside my eye sockets, that’s how good she was. I started wishing that I could stay this way and call Becca my girlfriend but knew it would not happen.

Becca, without saying a word, plunged a vibrator deep inside my house, turning it up high, this in turn caused me to start shaking, but Becca did not release her tight mouthy grip on my private house, she just remained and waited for the volcano to erupt, and boy did it erupt and I flooded her mouth with my nectar. I thought she would gag with how much was pouring down her throat, but she managed to drink every last drop.

I felt as though I peed too, as I felt some liquid from my pee hole release, either it was not much, or Becca didn’t care as she never said a word.

Once I had settled down, she moved up to kiss me and allow me to taste my nectar for the very first time, and wow, did I taste great. I said, “Ok, let’s swap places so I can repay the favour.” Becca said, “No, today is your Birthiversary, so you are the one pleasured all day, and I might snack on you again tonight, ok.” I said, “Ok.”

FYI: It was not my real Birthiversary, but as the transformation had caused me to reduce in age, we decided to make today, June 11th, 2020, my unofficial Birthiversary. To me, most people are only born once and are happy with their assigned Birth Gender. However, those of us who are “Not Normal” experience many years of personal torture. I thought for many years that I was “Weird, Freak, Pervert” and whatever else we can think of. To read more of my personal, true battles, please go and own a copy. Link at end of this story.

We went to have another shower to clean up. Once we finished our shower, we cleansed and moisturised our bodies and faces, then went to get dressed, however, we had a problem, my bras were for C cup, not double D’s, so Becca allowed me to borrow one of her bras and matching g string, on the condition that I replaced them both today, which I agreed too. I found one of my dresses, and even though it fitted, was very tight, instead of it being a maxi dress, it became more of a mini dress. Becca suggested that I borrow a pair of her jeans.

Becca found a nice pair and allowed me to try them on, they fit perfectly, and showed off my very feminine shapely arse extremely well. I knew that as I was now 34 years younger, I will be attracting lots of attention today. I put my heels on and we went to have breakfast.

Once we had finished, we placed the dishes in the dishwasher, then whilst I warmed up my car, Becca secured the house, then we drove to the city We soon arrived at a suburb where I like to park my cars, got out and walked to the train station, validating our travel cards, and waited for the train to arrive, which did several minutes later.



Chapter 1: 1965-1980

Chapter 2: 1981-1985

Chapter 3: 1986-1990

Chapter 4: 1991-2000

Chapter 5: 2001-2010



I have written this story to show what my life was like growing up and during my adult years, and after my father’s passing away. Even though I will be nasty towards him, the main reason for writing is to get all of my negative feelings out of my system, because even today, I am still very angry.

I hope what is written helps you to understand me more.

Everything written below is True and Correct to the best of my Current Knowledge. Some events occurred  many years ago, therefore my accurate recollection may not be exactly correct, but will be as close to it as possible.

That is my father on the cover, this is the last photo ever taken of him. I won tickets to see this amazing group, my partner for that night was a totally astounding young lady.

Please be advised that I will be using the same names that I used in “Mark’s (Pathetic) Existence, or “Mark’s (Not So) Groovy Life” depending on which version you own.

This novel is dedicated to those who had or have similar fathers. You All Rock.

Please enjoy.

Chapter 1: 1965-1980

I entered this world, Friday May 28th, 1965, 11.30am in a South Western Sydney, Australia Hospital: Assigned Male.

I don’t remember much of those days, if anybody does, they are lying.

My sister was hatched late 1967, in another hospital.

From as early as I can remember, my father was the boss, meaning, he chose what we watched on television, what we ate, where we took holidays, and even how we dressed too.

My mother told me that she resented my father, because she never got the fairy tale wedding, she had dreamed about since a girl. Dad didn’t feel that the cost of a party with all the added extras was worth it, so he decided, and I emphasise, HE DECIDED, that they would marry in the registry office with only 1 close friend each as witnesses, then they went to HIS favourite hotel to celebrate.

I honestly feel that this is a reason why my grandmother and most of my familia disliked my father, because he was a cheap skate in everything, except his booze and cigarettes.

Lucky that dad was a shift worker, mainly as a Gaol Warder, then Security Guard for a Chicken Processing Company, so when he was on afternoons or nights, mum had control of the television, and thankfully for me, I loved the shows she did, mainly medical dramas and one about women in gaol. I loved both shows.

I remember one time, when Julie and I were fighting, dad came in to ask what was going on, Julie blamed me for the fight, but it was her. Dad agreed because I was smiling, but I would involuntarily smile, even today as I have a face that makes people assume that I’m a liar, but I’m not.

I protested my innocence with dad, but he was adamant that I was in the wrong and he sided with slutty bitch features, that was and still is my nickname for her. I still maintain that I am innocent, but of course, can’t prove it.

When dad was home at night, it was always, the news, then boring police dramas, or alleged war comedies. N.B., I do not see the humour in war, and these shows to me, did not showcase war in it’s true devastating, tragic ways. I will be honest and say that I have two of the shows on DVD, and watch them on occasions, especially around dad’s Birthiversary and Anniversary of his Death.

I used to love it when dad was not home, because I could relax, especially as I loved these shows too. I remember one night, my girlfriend, Claire Baire, was staying over, and as she was the guest, I asked if she could choose our shows that night. The answer was, “No, my television, so only I choose.”

This upset Claire Baire, and me too, that we both went to bed, and cried because it was very unfair how she was treated and made me look like a total fool. I felt utterly ashamed and humiliated by him that night. I started resenting him that night, and in hindsight, should have been honest with certain other things.

I feel that Claire Baire partly broke up with me because of my father and how controlling he was.  I will reveal something at the end of this novel, that I realised about Claire Baire whilst writing this novel, something that finally made sense, especially regarding a certain subject.

I remember going away for the annual Christmas holidays to a very well-known town, which has an annual festival that I loved, but the good thing was I got to see my favourite cousin, Denise.

Despite Denise being older than me, and very mature, I was controlled by my father, he would say, “Stay legal, don’t listen to anybody except me, because I’m your father and I know everything.” I looked up to him, because yes, he was my father and, in my opinion, he knew everything. N.B., I have since found out that what he knew was not only very narrow-minded but limited too. Dad was ex-defence forces, which explains so much about him, but he also grew up in an era when men were in control of their families always.

My father, though, always hated staying with mum’s mum as neither got on, and basically as soon as the car was unpacked, he would be off to his favourite hotel, and we would not see him again until it was almost tea time, of course he would come back blind drunk and go straight to bed.

He snored so loudly that my cousins in another suburb would complain. I never liked that he drank and smoked so much and did mention this to him many times, but I was told, “You are just a child, I’m the grown up so clear off.” I have cleaned up exactly what he said, suffice to say that no adult, let alone a parent, should talk to a minor in that language.

I felt heartbroken and rejected by those comments and my resentment of him got worse, but because I was a male, I never let on. I had been told very early in my life that men do not cry or even remotely show weakness with anybody, because men are here to protect our women folk. This comment made me feel disgusted, but at the time, I didn’t really understand why though.

When I was 6, our parents decided to go away for the weekend, leaving bitch features and me in the hands of an older male relative. Julie and I had our usual bath that night, then she got out and dried off then went to bed, but my relative stayed to hug me and in their words, “Comfort You,” but in reality they wanted to do things to me, which are highly illegal even though we were both minors, but I was almost 10 years their junior, so they should have had more sense and will power.

N.B., I wanted someone else to babysit us, but again the decision was made by my father.

Because of this molestation, I became very distant with everyone, including Claire Baire. I feel this led to her breaking up with me, along with other things too.

Christmas 1972, I was given a train set, which I loved, but my father decided to set it up at the neighbours’ house across the road. When we got there, I was told that I can’t play it yet, as the men need to make sure it is in proper working order. I never got to play it until after the new year. I could watch these old men playing with “MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT” but I couldn’t, instead I stayed at home and refused to socialise with anyone, even Claire Baire when she came over. I to this day, Seriously Regret what I did to her. Claire Baire, I’m So Sorry, and I know it was a reason why you finally toss me aside, and I deserved it.

When I was 9, dad was working, which allowed mum and I the chance to watch television, and for what reason I don’t know, we watched a documentary on a Transsexual woman. This opened my eyes, as it not only allowed me to see that I was not alone in my female feelings, but that there was a word for this, and that there are many other people in the world who feel this way.

When I realised that I too, was a Transsexual, I told mum, who promptly said, “Go tell your father.” As a 9-year-old boy, who publicly looked up to his father, because he was my idol and alleged role model, I was very scared to tell him, as I knew that if I did, I would have suffered very serious consequences.

Please remember that this is 1974, and I lived in a very conservative area of Sydney, where it was unheard of to be remotely “Different.”

I decided to keep my “Unhealthy Desires” secret from everyone, except my gorgeous love Claire Baire, because she is the person who helped me to realise who I truly am, and she accepted me for me.

The best way for me to rid myself of these desires, was to copy my father, so when he would tell us things, I would copy and tell Julie what was happening, as in my mind, I was a male, therefore, her boss and she did what I told her to do.

My Grandfather was a carpenter as was one of my uncles, my father would invite them over to make various things, due to my young age, in their eyes, I was unable to join in. I was not even given a plastic toy carpentry set when I asked for one. I just sat outside watching the men saw, hammer, drill, drink and be men. I felt so empty and useless.

In 1974, we had a family gathering to celebrate some dumb thing, and as per usual, I was not happy about spending time with my stupid male cousins. These idiots would constantly bully, humiliate, and intimidate me, then I didn’t know why, but now, I have since realised why. I will reveal in the Epilogue.

They were all males and of course, I assume they were told by their fathers that it was ok to be mean to others. I say that because that’s what my father said to me.

At the above gathering, when my aunty was leaving with her sons, her older son, who was around 5 months younger than me, got into the front seat, as per usual, and was complacent about wearing his seat belt. He was told that he should consider his safety, just in case, but he refused. Even my father tried to guilt him into wearing his seat belt, and almost threatened him, but to no avail.

Several weeks later, we received a phone call very late at night, that I didn’t know about until the following day. Dad was informed that my cousin had been killed in a car accident. For Privacy and Confidentiality reasons, I will not reveal the exact details about this accident.

When I found out about my cousin’s death, FYI, his was the first that I remember, even though his father had passed away some time earlier, I do not remember it. I never cried instead “Manned Up” because “Real Men” do not show their emotions in public, but I didn’t show mine in private either. To this day I have not cried nor grieved my cousins death, why I don’t know, maybe the “Real Men” quote has sunk in and made me feel as though I would be very weak to release my emotions. My other cousin spent months in hospital recovering.

COMPLACENCY KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their mother stayed with us, and because her son and I looked like twins, she refused to have anything to do with me at all. It took many years before she would look at me.

The bullying and harassment from my other cousins got much worse, I was accused of causing my cousins death, despite me being in bed asleep at the time, but it didn’t matter, I still copped the blame for it.

Of course, I was unable to tell my father because I knew that he would side with them and tell me to “Man Up.” To say that I was scared of my father, was an understatement.

In 1978, I started Secondary School, and the bullying and harassment got worse, it was at this time that I seriously considered taking my life, because I felt like I was a complete waste of space. At home, I had my father controlling us all, then at school being constantly picked on, and by other teachers too, but also my dumb cousins. I’m still amazed that I have existed this long in life.

I mentioned teachers picking on me, well, I had one that used to enjoy hurling balls at those they saw as weaklings and needed toughening up. I was a shy boy, and when we would change for sports, would change in a cubicle. I have never revealed to any body before, what I’m about to reveal.

I was ashamed of my body and also because I would get involuntary erections too, which I felt that if I was naked in front of the other boys, I would be picked on much worse. It was already bad enough that I was accused of being a faggot etc. It would have been worse if they saw my erect ugleness. I was never given “The Talk” by my father, so everything I know about sex is from watching adult movies or listening to what my friends would tell me, and because of that, have never felt comfortable being naked in front of anybody. Despite what I say in “Mark’s (Not So) Groovy Life, every time I have had sex, it has been because my partners wanted it. I am very happy just watching television or dvds, without any touching of any kind. As I recently said during my radio interview, “I’m An Asexual TransBian.”

In 1979, I received the worst news I could ever receive. Claire Baire decided to call it quits with me, and it devastated me, even to this day, I have never forgotten her.

I wanted to go and talk with her, to hopefully sort things out, but my father, said, “She Hates You, Forget About Her, Move On And Find Someone Who Will Obey You.” As he was my father, I believed him and listened to him, but have since found out that he was controlling me and was telling me lies. When Claire Baire tossed me aside, which I now realise was the best thing for her to do, I again became depressed and wanted to end my life, and did make an attempt, but as I was such a gutless, wimp, failed.

I felt as though I was a burden to everyone especially Claire Baire, even though our relationship had ended, so I decided to once again attempt to terminate my pathetic existence, again, I was too wimpish.

Again in 1979, my best friend asked me to come stay at his place for the weekend, this was not unusual, but this time, his father was there the entire weekend. Saturday afternoon, I did three things that I should not have done: I drank my first can of beer, which I hated the taste of it so much: Smoked My First Cigarette, again, hated it: Played The Poker Machines, sometimes called Slot Machines, or Fruit Machines, this has been a major downfall for me, as I have been a gambling addict since, although in the past 5 years, have rarely played the machines, because I no longer feel excited by the thrill of them.

The following morning, I was woken up by their dog, who was licking my face, something I have a major phobia about. I fell asleep on the lawn in the backyard, and they left me there to sleep it off. I heard that I drank several cans of beer and passed out.

When I arrived home that afternoon, thanks to no one being kind enough to drive me home, or allow me to ring for a pick up and being Sunday, we did not have a bus service, so I had to walk home, which should have cleared my head, it didn’t. My father saw me and smelt the alcohol and cigarette smoke on my breath, started abusing me for ignoring the law.

I tried explaining to him about what happened, but no, I was at fault and as such was sent to bed without any tea, or a bath. I wanted to cry but knew that I would be heard and would be severely punished by the control freak.

In 1980 I met an awesome man who took my breath away. I have detailed our relationship in “Mark’s (Not So) Groovy Life. I never told the control freak, for two reasons, one: He would not have accepted me being gay, and two: Dating a man who was much older was not on.

When I turned 15 and 9 months, dad kept me out of school and dragged me to the drivers licence office to obtain my learners permit. I never felt mature enough to have my licence or even drive a motor vehicle, but he said, “You are legally able to have your learners permit, and you need to learn to stand on your own two feet, especially when you leave school and get married, you need to provide for your wife and family, because that’s what men do, we are the protectors and providers.”

I obtained my learners that day, then he taught me how to drive, unfortunately, all the wrong ways. Once I saved the money, obtained professional lessons and on my second attempt, was issued my provisional licence, but even though I was now a licenced driver, never felt that I was deserving of it

1980 Christmas Holidays, were the worst ever, instead of going to see mum’s family as usual, dad decided that we would go south, because, “Everything is Cheaper, as everyone has gone north.” Mum, Julie and I were not happy as we looked forward to visiting her family, but dad being dad, was the boss and he was always obeyed, no matter what.

We went to where to dad’s father owned a cabin, which was close to a lake, and he decided to teach me how to fish and hunt, because, “That’s What men Do.” Honestly, I was not keen on either activity, but decided to keep the peace. Dad and I rowed out, using oars, because he was too cheap to fork out for a motor, his booze and fags came first always.

Once we were out in the middle, dad showed me how to bait a hook, I hated the feel of the worms as they were still alive and felt so slimy and disgusting, of course, I was unable to wipe my hands on anything, again because of dad’s narrow-mindedness, but I finally cast the line and sat and waited.

Neither of us got a nibble at all, we just sat in silence all day looking around the almost empty lake. I felt eerily strange sitting there but Manned Up and dismissed my negative feelings. Finally, around 5pm, dad decided to pack up and row back, but I had a problem, I was very sunburnt and was unable to move, but dad being dad, said, “Stop Moaning And Help Me Row Back To Shore.”

I was in so much pain, that every stroke felt like I was dying, and to top it off, had to restrain my emotions because that’s how much pain I was in. Once we arrived back at the shore, mum saw me and came to assist me, but dad said, “Leave Him, He Is Fine, Just Go And Start Cooking Tea.” Mum walked away shaking her head. Dad and I unloaded the boat, then went inside to eat. I was in so much pain, that I asked, “May I go for a swim, please?” The response from dad was, “No, Man Up, it’s only a little sore, think about those who died so you can have your freedom.”

N.B., Dad would bring up any past wars when he wanted us to obey him and not get out of line.

Mum spoke up and said, “Mark, go, you need to cool off otherwise you will peel very badly.” I didn’t say a word, just got up and as I ran outside, dad pulled his chair out to stop me, saying, “I’m the boss, and you will not be going outside, now sit down and finish your tea, then you are going to bed, if you don’t like it, you can start walking home, now what’s it to be?” I didn’t say anything, just sat down and finished my tea, and in silence too, so “His Highness” was not upset, but we had to endure him smoking and grogging on, because in his words, “There Is Nothing Wrong With Smoking And Drinking, Stop Being So Sensitive, You Lot.” Mum smoked, but she had the courtesy to not smoke where others were eating, especially both her teenage children.

Something I have never revealed before: Mum told me this not long before she passed away.

“I only started smoking when I started dating your father, he gave me a cigarette one night, and I was hooked, but I stopped during both pregnancies, even though your father advised me against it, and despite me having medical training, but no he knew better.”

Honestly, I feel that mum had lost her way many years before she died, but I’m jumping ahead.

©  M A W JENSEN 2021.



Chapter 1: “Jane’s Hatching.”

Chapter 2: Home, but some Tragedy.

Chapter 3: Disappearance.

Chapter 4: Amelia’s Story.

Chapter 5: Staff Meeting.

Chapter 6: Possible Good News.

Chapter 7: Further Investigations.

Chapter 8: Selfish Men!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 9: New Life.

Chapter 10: Some News.

Chapter 11: Familia Meeting.

Chapter 12: Incestuous Relations.

Chapter 13: Time Away.

Chapter 14: Possible Answers.

Chapter 15: Murder/ Possibly Good News.

Chapter 16: Legal Issues.




This story is fiction, therefore any semblance to anyone living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

All spelling is Australian, if you are unsure, please contact me for clarification.

I have based several characters on people from my past:

This is my revenge against them for what they did to me.

As this is in the early 1990’s, it is a different era. No Mobile (Cell) Phones, nor Internet or Computers will be mentioned for several chapters. Yes, they were around, but not to the prevalence of today, 2021+

Most Sex based places of work were like familia as most people shun those who get paid for sex. In my opinion, Sex Workers do a Magnificent job as they assist in cutting down on the amount of sexual assaults, and they all should be praised for the hard work they do. To all SW’s, Please accept My Deepest Heartfelt Thanks for doing such an awesome job.

I Therefore Dedicate This Novel To Every Single One Of You. You All Rocks It.

Please Note: There will be graphic descriptions of Lesbian Love-Making, therefore if you are Homophobic and/or anti-sexual, then please move on.

Chapter 1: “Jane’s Hatching.”

November 7th, 1994, Jessikah Flamingo, goes into labour whilst dancing at her strip club where she has danced since she turned 18, almost 16 years ago. Jessikah is 7 months pregnant and has been taking it easy when dancing.

Her manager, immediately takes Jessikah and places her in the back of her car, then rushes to Acme General Hospital. Upon arrival, they are rushed into the maternity ward, where Jessikah is placed on a bed so that her contractions can be recorded.

Jessikah’s manager, Pepper, said, “I will stay with you until you tell me to go, especially since that low life got you pregnant then runs off with that slut, Sophie.”

Jessikah says, “Thanks Pepper, I appreciate it, yes, when I told him, he basically started a fire as he left my dressing room, men, who the fuck needs them.”

Pepper said, “Agreed, I remember when you told him and the way he carried on, like you tricked him, but he was the one who demanded sex without a condom, at least he never gave you a disease, so that is something to be grateful for.”

Jessikah said, “Yes, thanks, agreed, but I’m worried she is not due for another 2 months, so I’m worried about her.”

Pepper said, “It’s fine, look we are here now and I’m not leaving your side ok.”

Jessikah said, “Thanks.” A female doctor enters and examines Jessikah. Once she has finished, she said, “Ok everything seems fine, your daughter has decided that she wants to meet her mum and family, but I don’t think she will arrive for a little while yet, so my advice is to try and lie back and relax, would either of you like any food?”

Jessikah said, “Thanks, yes, I am, what about you Pepper?”

Pepper said, “Yes, That would be nice, Thanks.”

The doctor said, “Ok, I will be back shortly, but Jessikah, please just limit what you have in case we need to take you to theatre, ok.”

Jessikah said, “Yes, I just need something light to settle my stomach and this little lady.”

The doctor left them both to chat. The food came back not long after, then they both ate.

Baby decided to stay put for whatever reason, which made Jessikah feel very uncomfortable and all she ga

Baby finally after 16 hours, on Tuesday November 8th, 1994 at 11pm, she made her grand entrance into the world.

Jessikah and Pepper were both overjoyed at her, and Jessikah decided to name her Jane Theresa (Teri) Mustleman. Mustleman is Jessikah’s real surname, actually her real name is Marjorie Mustleman.

Pepper stayed with Jessikah and Jane for another hour, then decided to go home to freshen up and have some sleep, as she had been awake for almost 36 hours. Pepper was intelligent though; she caught a taxi home as she knew that she would have an accident if she drove home.

Pepper advised security about what she was doing, including her car registration plates, then caught the taxi home to get some much needed sleep.

Jane was taken back to the nursery to give her mum some rest too. Jessikah went to sleep because she was so tired. Jessikah got some sleep, which rested her, of course her little one needed another feed a couple of hours later.

Jessikah was woken for that, and then once finished, Jane was taken back to the nursery, whilst Jessikah went back to sleep.

Jessikah and Jane remained in hospital for a few more days, then on discharge day, Pepper, who’s real name was Nichollette came to take Jessikah and Jane home, but not Jessikah’s home as it had been destroyed by a suspicious fire while Jessikah was in hospital, but Pepper had not told Jessikah as she did not want to upset Jessikah.

Pepper said, “You will both need looking after so you will stay at my place, no butts about it, ok.”

Jessikah said, “Ok boss, I was going to ask if you could stay with us anyway, but what about some clothes for me and any mail too?”

Pepper said, “That’s taken care of.”

Jessikah said, “Ok, thanks.”

Exclusively Distributed by © M W Jensen 2021



Chapter 1: Surprise!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 2: Decisions

Chapter 3: Response/AdultHood.

Chapter 4: First Video Call.

Chapter 5: First Face To Face Meeting.

Chapter 6:  Kidnapping

Chapter 7: Home & Sneaky.

Chapter 8: Sneaky Intentions.

Chapter 9: Interesting Developments.

Chapter 10: Disappearance.

Chapter 11: Surprise Visitor.

Chapter 12: Meeting

Chapter 13: Nasty Surprise Dramas.

Chapter 14: Job Developments.

Chapter 15: Departmental Formation.

Chapter 16: Shocking Revelation

Chapter 17: New Closeness.

Chapter 18: Disappearance.

Chapter 19: Surgeries.

Chapter 20: Recovery Time.

Chapter 21: Hostage.

Chapter 22: Hmmmmm

Chapter 23: Another Gurl.

Chapter 24: Jade’s Story.

Chapter 25: Happy Times.

Chapter 26: Marriage.


Contact Author

All events & locations, unless specified, are fictional.

As per usual, I write from the heart. I may not be the best, perfect author, but I love giving it a go, & I totally value everyone who has supported me.

My goal is to ultimately help others who have been abandoned by their “Blood Relatives” for being their true selves.


G’Day You Amazing Sexy Winners.

This story is about 2 Transgenders, & others who interfere, but also revenge. There is a little bit of physicality, not as much as some of my other works. However, still unsuitable for under 21’s, in my opinion.

This story is complete fiction, therefore please do not abuse me for inaccuracies. I do not reveal real locations, you will see why.

There is violence & some swearing, along with incorrect talking.

As per usual, all talk is from an Australian POV, if you have any issues, please contact me at the email address provided, end of this novel.

For now, Please Enjoy.


Chapter 1: Surprise.

November 2016, Megan Sloane is busy at work, as usual. Where she worked, she was unable to have any personal belongings at her desk, this included her mobile (Cell) phone. Once Megan finished work, she removed her belongings from her locker & walked to her car.

When she got in, she turned her phone on, to find many messages & missed calls too. Megan connected her phone to her handsfree unit & checked her missed calls.

Most were standard from her family & friends, of course, there were several hang ups, which she knew were either telemarketers or scammers.

Megan drove home, via her favourite restaurant & picked up some healthy food for her dinner.

The drive was short.

Once Megan was home, sat down to eat her dinner & check her social youdia pages. Megan was shocked to receive a message from someone in her past.

Back Story:

Early 2015, Megan posted in a group seeking help, Carrie, the person from above, commented. Megan & Carrie, with permission from each, started private messaging. Megan felt alive & youthful again during this time, something she planned to tell Carrie.

Carrie, like Megan was Transgender, however, Carrie was a teen, whilst Megan was almost 50. Megan provided her contact number to Carrie, saying, “If you ever need to talk, please call me, but I don’t want your number, so please message me here first, so I know.” Carrie said, “Yes, will do, thanks friend.” However, after a few short weeks, Carrie blocked Megan.

Megan blamed herself & set about trying to explain things, which went unanswered.

Easter Sunday 2016, Megan was home watching television, when her phone rang, it was a private number, which puzzled Megan, but she answered.

All Megan heard was screaming, but not like someone was being hurt, it sounded like the caller was at the annual show. The call lasted mere seconds, but Megan felt it may have been Carrie trying to reach out.

September 2015: A “Friend” of Megan’s went behind her back & contacted Carrie. Carrie sent this “Friend” a screenshot of a post she had composed about Megan. FYI: I will not reveal as it is heinous & total lies. This caused a rift between Megan & the “Friend” who promptly spread the lies too then blocked Megan.

These lies caused Megan to remember deep, dark, hidden traumas, which caused Megan to restart her nightmares again. These traumas gave Megan many answers, including who molested her as a child.

Back to Our Story:

Carrie started the message off saying, “Megan, I’m sorry for what I did, I had no choice, but I turn 18 soon & I will legally be an adult, can we chat again, but in another site, I hope that we can meet up when I’m an adult.”

Megan was stunned by this message. She decided to deactivate that profile so she could take some time to think, not only about why Carrie reached again, but also what her own response might be.

Megan still felt angry at what happened, March 2015.

Megan decided to reach out with her old Counsellor to get some advice.

Megan called her Counsellor the following day & was able to fit her in that afternoon. Megan arranged to have the afternoon off work.

Megan arrived early, which was good as her Counsellor was waiting for her.

Megan’s Counsellor showed her in to the office, then they talked.

Megan explained about the message from Carrie & deactivating her account for now.

Megan’s Counsellor was sympathetic towards Megan plight & said, “Ok, I understand how you feel, especially with how Carrie treated you, my best advice is think about your reply over the next few days, write it down, somewhere like an electronic device, so you can make changes, then once you are happy with it, reactivate & send the message. Do you have any idea what you want to say to her yet?”

Megan said, “Thanks, that’s what I was thinking too. What I was thinking of writing is on here.”

Megan showed her Counsellor what she had already written.

She had written, “Carrie, Thank U 4 reaching out again, I’m unsure about U as U hurt me so much, I hope U can understand that. I need time 2 think b4 deciding. If I agree 2 meeting up, it must be in public, but video calls first, then once we r both comfortable with each other, we arrange an F2F meet.”

Megan’s Counsellor said, “That’s well written, & I agree with you, what do you think she will do?” Megan said, “Honestly, I don’t know, she is young & vulnerable, so who knows, but she has made the first move, I think she may get annoyed that I deactivated, & she may even not reply to me. I feel once she sees that I’ve reactivated, she may block me again, but it’s her choice, not mine.”

Megan’s Counsellor said, “Agreed, but now that she has reached out, hopefully she has realised her mistake, but what if she does block you again, what will you do?” Megan said, “True, honestly, if she does, her loss, & I will place her on my Business Black Ban List.” Megan’s Counsellor said, “Good, yes, that will teach her, hopefully it won’t come to that.” Megan agreed. Her Counsellor showed her to the door, they bade farewell, then Megan headed to reception to pay the bill.


                                 © 2020 By Melissa A W JENSEN.



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 5

Chapter 6

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Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13: Orgy



This story is completely fiction and is a work of my own imagination. All persons involved in any sexual acts is over the age of 18.

The first 5 chapters barely mention Chris, but do contain a lot of sex, especially lesbian.

Chapter 6 on does have Chris featured a lot.

I first met Chris on a social media site, when I was seeking a Gender Correction Surgeon in Melbourne, Australia. Chris responded, and we chatted for a while, we friended each other. I got jumpy when I saw her age, the reason, was because I was 49 at the time, and even though I have been in age gap relationships in the past, nothing happened until I turned 18, or later on, the youngest did. I told Chris about my apprehensions, but she said, “I’m not interested in anything physical until after my surgery, and that will not be until I leave school, I would be 18 by then.” I accepted that, and we continued to chat almost daily, until the day, that I was suddenly blocked, I did forget her for a few months until my birthday, then all my feelings came flooding back.

                                           Chapter 1:

I never had any contact with Chris and actually concentrated on getting my surgery, which I did, and it took many months to fully recover, but boy did I feel so great afterwards, I dilated as directed by my surgeon, but it still took a while before I felt comfortable enough for anybody to see me naked. The only person who saw me naked, was the co-owner of the house where I was residing, Lizzie, she helped me with my twice daily salt baths and helped with my bandaging too, but I got the feeling that she may have feelings for me. I dismissed them as she was happily married.

Lizzie was 37 at the time, but she looked and acted much younger, her husband, Steve, was a miner, and would sometimes be away for several weeks at a time. They have been married for almost 3 years and planning to start a family soon.

I remember the day that we were both home alone, and as usual we both had our bedroom doors open, when I heard a buzzing sound coming from her room, but I continued doing my studies, I was studying to be a Nail Technician then, and suddenly heard her say my name, but it wasn’t a normal tone, she said, “That’s it Mel, push your tongue in further, make me cum, my clit needs you so much, yes, that’s it, I’m going to cum,” then she screeched the house down, this prompted me to run to her room, removing my top and pants as I did, saw that she was totally naked. I felt my clit start to throb and my pussy moisten too.

Lizzie looked up and saw me standing at the door, naked and playing with my pussy, nothing was said as I moved inside, closing her door as I did, then got on to her bed and slid my body up next to hers. I made sure that my pussy made contact with her leg, leaving a trail of juice as I went. I finally crawled up far enough so that both our pussies were saying hello, it felt good, feeling my clit rub against hers, and our breasts were too. I bent down and gently kissed her on the lips, and surprisingly, she kissed me back, then she slipped a hand down to my now sopping wet pussy and started playing with my very sensitive clit, this gave me the sign to play with hers, and she was sensitive too, but I was gentle.

I finger fucked her pussy, and being that she was so wet, had easy entry, this prompted Lizzie to do the same thing and we both kissed each other whilst finger fucking each other’s pussy, both were slurping very loudly and filling the air with pussy, which was nice.

I felt my orgasm suddenly starting to build, and unlike when I was a male, it started in my breast area and slowly worked its way down my body to my pussy, until suddenly I started to shake and shudder, I kept Lizzie’s hand inside my pussy, which helped too, and I felt like I was going to black out with how good it felt. Lizzie suddenly pulled her hand out, which resulted in me squirting on to her bed, she got down to start licking up my juices, and yes this also resulted in her eating my still very sensitive pussy and clit, and she was respectful as she was very gentle, but also Lizzie being a female, knew the right way to eat pussy, and wow did she know how to bring me off.

I then switched around so that I could eat her out too, only because she needed to be repaid for the favour. I loved how bald her pussy was too, I moved in and could see that her clit had rescinded back inside her hood, but I was able to gently kiss her and bring her back to life, which is what happened, and in no time, her clit started to get hard.

I used my tongue to finally enter that delicious tasting pussy that I had wanted to eat and fuck when I had my cock but knew that eating her out would be great. N.B., Even if I still had my cock then, would have preferred to eat her out, then fuck her with it. Lizzie’s pussy tasted like a combination of vanilla and lavender, which I knew was the body wash combination she used, and I did too, so felt that mine would taste the same.

I continued to tongue her pussy, but it was not easy as she was making me squirm, and I could feel yet another orgasm building up, but I felt hers and just before we both came, I pulled out and pulled her body up until our clits met and we scissored each other until we both came, flooding each other’s pussies with our juices but also mixing them together too.

I had heard about how great scissoring was, but wow, it felt great, to me it was much better than fucking a pussy with my cock, as I felt we both got satisfied, then once our orgasms finally reduced, and I think we each had around 4-7 each, I lost count, as they just kept cumming in wave after wave after wave, then we switched around so that we had each other’s pussy on our faces and we both sucked each other completely dry.

I had never felt so satisfied in my life after sex, nor did I ever stay awake, but today, I did, and we snuggled up to chat, and yes, have a cigarette together, which was nice. I asked, “Why did you masturbate thinking about me?” She said, “I see you naked every day in the bath, and I just wanted to taste your pussy so much,” despite Lizzie having a very loving husband at the time, her bi-sexual tendencies came out. Lizzie said, “I have not had sex in several weeks and I just got horny.” I said, “Anytime you want to get together, please let me know,” she said, “I will, so what’s planned for the rest of the day?” I said, “Laying here would be nice,” she said, “Agreed, but honestly, I wish I had a cock to take your virginity, so here’s an idea, let’s get dressed and go to our favourite Adult Shop,” which I agreed to.

We both got out of bed and went to have a shower together, which was nice, and I had to resist falling down to eat her out again but didn’t. We helped each other with rubbing body lotion on each other, and yes, we did make sure that both our pussies were very well moisturized, then Lizzie said, “I have an idea, let’s go panty less, maybe we could give some of the other travellers a thrill?” I said, “No, I would prefer to wear at least a g string, and bra, as who knows we both may want to try on some of the outfits.” Lizzie said, “True, who knows, your favourite girl might be on duty and might want to have fun.” I said, “Stop it, otherwise I will need another shower.” She said, “Would that be so bad, but ok, let’s see what you have.”

We walked to my room, totally naked and hand in hand, then Lizzie searched my underwear drawer and said, ok, this will do, and held up a very skimpy pink g string and strapless bra too, then she helped me put them on, and wow, did I feel so feminine, it was great wearing the g string without my cock and balls getting in the way, and the demi cup bra felt a little weird, but ok. Lizzie then found a cute summer dress for me to wear and my favourite sandals too, then grabbed me by the hand and went to her room, and let me choose her clothes, lucky there was a set that I always loved seeing her in, it was a powder blue g string, and powder blue strapless bra, then I found a blue dress for her to wear, which looked super awesome on her, and I chose her cute faux diamond strappy sandals. We both grabbed our bags, keys, and travel cards then left the house.

I got a shock as Lizzie held my hand, with our fingers intertwined, which was nice and for the first time in a long time, made me forget about Chris, and I did smile too, which Lizzie saw this and asked, “Why are you smiling for?” I told her.  She said, “Cool,” and continued walking to the station.

We finally arrived at the train station, and we had about 5 minutes to wait, but neither of us could resist stealing a very passionate kiss, which pleased a couple of very immature males who walked past, and both said, “Sexy show ladies, you are both wasted, you should come and enjoy the best men ever.” Lizzie and I both laughed, and just looked at them.

Thankfully the train arrived, and we boarded, but as we only had a couple of stops, just stood up, with these males still wanting us to have sex with them.

They alighted at the next station, which made us both relieved, but they did pinch our butts and gave us air kisses. We both laughed, but let it go, all we were concerned about was getting our, well fun stuff, and just hugged each other, I whispered, “Thank You” in her ear. Lizzie asked, “Why?” I said, “For being a great friend, and for finally helping me to forget that other person.” She said, “It’s my pleasure.” The train arrived at our station, and I needed to pee. I told Lizzie, she said, “Me too, let’s go,” then we walked to the ladies bathroom, they had nice cubicles, enough for two to share, and we did.

Lizzie lifted her dress and lowered her panties then sat down, I did the same thing and thought I would try to pee on her pussy, especially as I wanted to eat her out again, my stream was still a little haywire, and it was difficult to control, especially as I no longer had my cock, which at least that could be controlled, but I was able to shift myself and point my body in to the bowl so that I peed in to it directly. Once we both finished, we wiped each other, then straightened ourselves up, and washed our hands.


About C0-CCM/Founder Melissa Alison Wilma Jensen

I’m a Transfemale, whose life has not been great, lied to about various things.

I’ve also been lied about, which is very unfair. Born & Breed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Knew at 4, in 1970, I was a gurl, but unable to do anything about it.

Used & abused by others, including being molested from 6-14 by a relative, viciously assaulted, and left to die at 16, I was left infertile, & little interest in anything remotely physical.

Wanted to be a Journalist, but because of assault, unable to continue my schooling.

Because of the molestation and assault, I have major trust issues.

To keep the peace & make my father happy, did what he wanted, except join Defence Forces, Guns Scare ME.

I have written & Self-Published 11 eBooks, Link below.

I moved to Melbourne Australia February 2015, which has been good, thankfully I’m now settled in a great house with awesome housemates.

My 2022 goal is to raise enough funds to finally undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery & Establish MCC.

I plan to employ Humans & Train them in Transferrable Skills.

I also plan to employ humans suffering from illness & disease. MCC will observe COVID safe practices long after they have been discontinued by others.

All Team Members will be required to wear PPE when in Production area. 

© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2021

This now ends the free samples.

I have not included:

Mel’s Journey Part 2

I Thank You For Reading This and hope you buy the bundle.


Published by Mel's Customised Candles

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