Being Transgender Sux Updated October 2022.

G’day All, This blog today is to explain some things about me.

I’m a Trustworthy person.

Just because someone identifies as Transgender, does not mean they want to be physical with every person they meet.

Nor are they: Drug Users and/or Dealers, Sex Workers, Thieves, or interested in anything remotely physical etc.

Granted some are, but in all of society there are.

Most of us want to be worthy, Law Abiding, Income Taxation Paying Citizens.

Making Assumptions about someone, is a sign of




Please always ask questions to clarify.

Transgenders are NOT sex objects, fetishes etc.

We are



And deserve to be treated as such.

I’ve worked in jobs where I’ve seen & heard things, however, have never breached privacy.

Many people have stereotyped me, based on others.

I’m have cleaned trains & houses. I’ve been tested by others.

To put people at ease, I have annual Police Checks conducted on myself.

In 2016, I was losing potential cleaning clients & was advised to apply for a Working With Children Check.

I provided more information than required.

Subsequently passed & issued my card, which expires November 2026.

My point is, Honest people will always provide proof.

When I put something in writing, I mean it.

I have disclaimers in case numbers are not achieved.

My main purpose of establishing this business is to help everyday humans.

I abhor anyone who’s sole purpose is to rip people off.

Finally, in 1992, I did something stupid, was arrested, & charged. I pled guilty, was given a 12 month good behaviou bond, pay court costs with “No Conviction Recorded.”

I’m so legal I rarely jay walk.

I always touch on & off my travel card, except in Free Tram Zone, no matter what.

Thanking You All. Hope we have an astounding day & week.

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