What is mentioned below, is Melissa’s personal opinion.

Melissa does not believe in relationships, because of how she has been hurt, used and abused in the past.

Just because someone is single, does not mean they are not happy, or interested in dating anybody, nor even wanting anything physical.

The only way Melissa will enter a relationship again, is if any potential partners agreed to written, signed, witnessed agreements.

Granted, it will be almost impossible for anyone to agree to such an outrageous idea, but she has major trust issues.

Too many people in her past have verbally said things, but then either do not follow through, or deny they said what they said.

Melissa has felt as though she was going crazy because of so many people denying saying things.

However, in this day and age, with so much illegal activity going on, having a written, signed, witnessed agreement, could help in case anything happens.

Most of us sign Workplace Contracts, without thinking about them, yet, when it comes to our private lives, trust most people at their verbal word.

Melissa would accept video records as proof if needed, as it would show the other person agreeing to the agreement. Honestly, if a video agreement was done, Melissa would ensure others had a copy, just in case.

Yes, this is because of her trust issues.

Honest people would agree to these, those who do not, are not worth our time.

Melissa has only ever had one serious relationship in her life, and no one has come 20% close to how she feels about her 1st love.

Because Melissa has been badly treated, she no longer believes in love.

Melissa is still very upset about what happened in 2015.

For those who don’t know, briefly:

She became friends with another transgurl???????? Melissa felt this would be great as she might be able to learn from her.

Unfortunately, several weeks later, this transgurl????????? Suddenly cut contact with her.

Melissa felt to blame and went into a deep depression.

Recently, Melissa has realised (Possibly) why this person strongly dislikes her.

Someone felt Melissa wanted to take the above mentioned gurl away from her family.

As this gurl was a minor, and had 3 years left of schooling, Melissa had no intentions of removing her, nor would Melissa have allowed them to be in private until the gurl was an adult and felt comfortable being alone with Melissa.

Melissa has proof the lies spread about her, are lies, and even goes to the extent of an additional layer of proof.

What this gurl did to Melissa, has hurt her so very much, to the point, Melissa has decided, when MCC established, she will not allow any orders, nor PCCM’s from the location this gurl was last known to reside.

This may sound petty and nasty, however, why should anyone is this area, be winners.

Of course, if “Chris” contacted Melissa and allowed a video chat, and gave Melissa a super suitable explanation, then Melissa MAY change her mind.

As we are all individuals, all relationships are totally different.

Melissa has no issues with those who want a relationship, as long as no illegal activity occurs and neither cheats on the other.

Those who opt for the commitment of Marriage,


refrain from straying.

Melissa has been cheated on several times, and a close relative was cheated on too.

Funny, the cheater now resides in the same regional city as “Chris.”

This is so weird too:

The cheater and the cousin, became parents to a boy, they named the same name as “Chris” but this baby was born exactly 13 years before Chris.

Melissa wishes you all an amazing rest of 2022.

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