Many people have not heard of Smashwords, hopefully what I say, will educate you amazing winners.

As an Indie Author, who has self published 11 eBooks with them, what I write is mainly from my author point of view.

I liken Smashwords to a distributor, where you can buy direct from the Author.

There are thousands of unknown authors using the site, many who would not have otherwise been able to publish, without the amazing website.

Customers are able to choose the format, and pay the Authors price, not the inflated prices of eRetailers.

Smashwords also allow authors to place their titles on sale if they wish.

Several times per year Smashwords host various sales, where Austhors choose whether to participate or not.

The benefits of eBooks are:

Can have multiple titles on a device.

No cutting down of trees to produce the paper.

Authors can make changes as required, and have the updated version back on sale within hours, whereas print, can take months.

Most authors keep the cost low, from as low as $0.99 USD.

I myself, like to keep my titles under $5 USD.

If you love finding hidden gems, at bargain prices, then I highly recommend checking out Smashwords.

Below is the link to my affiliate link, and it’s free to join Smashwords.

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