Urgent Advice:

There are numerous scams going on right now, way too many to mention, however, if you receive any type of communication from anyone, conduct your own research before deciding how to proceed.

I had a funny occurrence several months ago, when I received a call from:

Me, yes that’s right, I was calling myself.

Scammers will spoof numbers to try and trick people into falling for their scam.

To all Job Seekers, Please do not include any identifying details on your resume:

This includes: Full Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, etc.

I created an email account just for job searching and would only provide that when applying.

If a company requests any other personal information, like your Drivers Licence, Medicare Care, Debit/Credit Card information, stay away from them, but make a scam report.

Here in Australia, we have Scam Watch, which is a Federal Government agency who are amazing too.

The point of this post is to educate everyone and hopefully stop you from becoming victims.

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