As a former male, I feel I can speak freely about them.

In my life, I have seen many males who feel they are far superior to others, especially females.

Everyone is equal and has feelings, therefore we all should be treated as such.

This blog may upset many people, however, what I say is from my experiences.

FYI: I have always treated females as equals, despite what others would try and tell me.

This blog is inspired by a recent TV show episode I watched, where a boy asks a girl out, but then stands her up on the day of the event.

Too many males will listen to their friends, narrow minded views, instead of their hearts or own feelings.

This must stop, because many are selfish.

When asking someone on a date, be genuinely interested and if you are unable to fulfill this request, please communicate with your date.



Never treat anyone like an inferior person, because again, that is cowardly and Karma can be cruel.

In my life, I have worked mainly male dominated jobs and have been disgusted by what many of my colleagues have said about females.

Just because a female wears clothing, does not mean she is a target for unwanted attention or abuse.

When does a male get unwanted attention because of what he is wearing?

NEVER, I’m aware.

Granted, many males are controlled by their miniscule downstairs brains??????? Which sucks big time.

In the 1990’s when I 1st started hormones, a person in authority, who I worked with, requested they touch my chest. I allowed this, because of what this person could have done had I not.

I now know, this was classed as assault, but as its so long ago, and I have no proof, am unable to do anything.

1 night when I was working at a previous job, we had all finished and relaxing, when someone saw a female going to prepare a vehicle they were due to drive.

All the negative comments started, except from me, because the female, unbeknown to these males, was a close friend of mine.

When I awoke that day, told my friend about these comments, which angered her so much.

Thankfully, she reported them and each was reprimanded, however, they determined I was the snitch, and I was treated like dirt from then on, I was actually accused of many things because I would remain by myself most of the time. Yes, I sent scathing emails to higher ups when I felt it was required, however, not as many as I was accused of.

I believe the issues at this centre is a reason why we lost our jobs there.

Before I even started there, I heard many people told lies about me, which caused the team?????? To be cautious of me, even though I was a hard worker and believed, still do, in doing a good job.

I feel those who told lies were those who were lazy and didn’t like I wanted to do my job.

Many males only want a partner, so they can have everything done for them, I have seen this, many times and again is both COWARDLY & LAZINESS.

To all males reading this, I have this advice for you all:

  1. Always be respectful of others.
  2. Always communicate.
  3. Never treat anyone as an inferior person.
  4. This includes accepting NO from a female, no matter what, including if they are doing something, but you feel they need help, I’m sure if they need help, they will ask.
  6. Never assume about someone, because you never know what they may be going through, or what might happen from negative comments.
  7. Ask Questions from people.
  8. Never Be Shallow or Judgemental of anyone.
  9. Remember, All JOBS are Important, no matter what we do, from a Single Mother to the leader of the Country.
  10. NEVER treat anyone like a mind reader. Always use your voice to communicate.
  11. If someone requests information in writing, if you are genuine, then agree to it. N.B. I prefer written, signed agreements with almost everything, as it protects each party involved.

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