1st 100,000 to buy will become Founding PCCM’s, but applies once 100,000 have joined.

1️⃣ Million Memberships at 💲5️⃣ AUD Each.

Perfect Christmas gift for a candle lover, who might be interested in earning extra $$$$$$$$. Earn passive income, 24/7.

This agreement will be formally legalised when the time comes and is flexible depending on the PCCM.

As this is in writing, it means I MUST HONOUR IT, once numbers achieved.

The joining cost, is once off. There will be no Annual or Monthly Fees.

If minimum numbers not achieved by 11.59pm, May 31st, 2023, then all received funds will be refunded to those who have already bought, or each can opt to receive Melissa’s eNovel bundle, which these may increase in value, especially when she carks it.

Anyway, let’s get to the nitty gritty:

Once numbers achieved,

All PCCM’s will be eligible for the following:

20% or $5 commission paid per candle ordered from your referral, including your own purchases.

Payments will be made around 10-15th of following month. $100 AUD minimum payout.

If a Non-Customer or member orders, when they input their Suburb/Town, then the nearest Members name will pop up. The customer will be able to opt to become the members preferred customer, which will include a welcome email from said member.

If the customer says no, the commission will be placed into the trust account.

PCCM’s will share 80% of annual After Tax Profit and what is in the trust account, which will be paid out by 15th November annually.

Highest earning PCCM annually, July-June, minimum $25,000 in sales, will receive a 14 night Pacific Island cruise for 4 people.

We hope to also host bi monthly fun filled afternoons.

How this will occur is the following:

1 Wednesday at St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, then 2 weeks later at Milson’s Point, Sydney, Australia.

Only 2,500 PCCM’s will be able to attend each afternoon.

These will continue until each PCCM has enjoyed the afternoon.

PCCM’s will have a dedicated log in to the new website, where they will be able to access all sorts of information, this will include the current financial state of the business, because MCC will be owned by our PCCM’s.

PCCM’s invited to other exclusive events, and will be first to try new products.

PCCM’s invited to create their own signature candle, which will be included in their Birth Month hamper, but can advise their customers of this combination.

Melissa’s combination is:

Scents: Sex On The Beach/Fresh Coffee.

Colours: Green/ Pink.

Candle Holder Colour: Red & Pink

Order & pay for 4 candles, receive a 5th free & 2 free air fresheners, made with your chosen scents, great way to help your vehicle smell like your candles

PCCM’s will be 1st informed about vacancies.

Family members will be eligible to apply.

Australia/ New Zealand PCCM’s offered 12 month contracts.

Non-Aus/NZ, 6 months sponsored employment.

Further information, please email us at:

Please put PCCM Enquiry in subject line.

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