CW: I am blunt about a few things.

When you start a new job, do you know everything immediately, or does it take time?

Well, that’s how Cleaners are. We need time to get into a routine.

When I lived in the Inner North of Melbourne, I obtained work as a Contract House Cleaner.

I was upset as many would make assumptions without allowing me to complete a clean of their homes, some wouldn’t even meet me, despite having a clear Police Check.

Anyway, I had several clients who lived not far from me, so I could walk to their homes .

1 had young children. Each time I arrived, some of the children would help me move light pieces of furniture, which I appreciated. However, this client cancelled, due to a comment 1 of their children made. I had already decided to cancel because of what the child said, as it made me feel very uncomfortable.

The weirdest clean I ever had, was from someone who lived almost across the road from me.

This person had virtually vacated their unit, only leaving piles of rubbish behind.

The day of the clean, I was instructed to bring an empty 240 litre bin up the stairs so we could fill it.

The bins had been emptied a short time earlier, and there were numerous for all tenants.

This client expected me to fill all of the bins with their rubbish. I refused, as it would have been selfish.

I advised this client; the job was not what we do and for them to contact a rubbish removal company.

They paid me, then I left. The client had booked me for a 2 hour clean.

I rang my agency to advise them about what happened, and they agreed I did the right thing.

However, a short time later, this client called me abusing me for not doing my job, saying they have contacted the Police, and my agency. I tried explaining to them about why I left and what they wanted, was not within our scope.

The Police never turned up, whether they were bluffing or Police did not feel it was a criminal matter, I don’t know.

Once the client ended the call, I rang my agency again to advise them, however, there was no record of a complaint against me, from this client, but I was advised to write a statement just in case, which I did.

To date, nothing has occurred.

I have no idea what this client did, but I feel they wanted a clean-up done very cheaply.

Honestly, it would have taken 2 people around 2-4 hours to completely remove all the rubbish from the unit. What the cost would have been, I have no idea.

I moved away from there not long after, due to issues with another tenant.

I moved into a backpackers rooms above a hotel close to the CBD.

Was advised about a new client who lived nearby. This client wanted a clean twice per week, and would pay for both on the 1st day.

I loved this as they were an LGBTIQA+ couple.

This was a good clean, as I was able to clean how I saw fit. However, after a few months, this client cancelled as they wanted me to scrub between the floor boards, something I told them would take time and would be in addition to the regular clean, they felt it should be a standard practice, however, upon advising my agency, they agreed with me, and despite their best efforts to advise the client, the client felt it was standard.

N.B. This agency does have information on their website about what is included in standard cleans, and I have checked several others, who have similar standard cleans. This type of clean is an additional cost.

Not long after, I was offered a new accommodation, however, in the South Eastern area of Melbourne. I accepted and moved within a few days.

My agency had a sister agency, for cleaning the homes of aged, or disabled clients. As I had an ABN, I was allowed to accept work for them, the only thing was, they paid monthly, but it was ok.

I had a client, who lived in an aged care facility. I was advised, I would be allocated 2 hours per clean, although most of the time, it would take around 60-90 minutes to complete.

This client was great, I thought of her like my surrogate mum. As I felt disgusted for leaving before the 2 hours were up, I would do little favours for her.

However, someone complained about  me and I was removed from this client. I tried advising why I was helping out, but told it was not included in the services provided. I hope this client does not feel upset with me.

There was another from this agency, which was weird.

The entire family lived there, and was expected to hand wash, what seemed to be at least 3-4 days’ worth of dirty dishes, some which had not been soaked and took much effort to clean.

I was abused because the cleans were not up to their expectations, however, was not easy when family members would constantly interrupt me, forcing me to re clean areas again, especially mopping floors.

As per usual, my agency was kept informed and I requested to be removed from this client, which occurred.

My reason for writing this blog post is to request the following:

When you engage a contract house cleaner, especially in Australia, most have been Police Checked and cleared, some, like me, apply for and if passed, obtain their Working With Children Check Card.

I obtain an Annual Police Check, not only for my own benefit, but that of my customers too.

Always allow the cleaner time to get into a routine, some cleans can be difficult, as there may be built up grime, dust, dirt, etc.

Each house is different, and I would conduct an inspection prior to starting, so I could tackle the worst part first.

Please NEVER Judge a cleaner based on their gender and/or sexual orientation, we are all human beings and most are contractors, meaning we only get paid when we work.

I also advise listening to recommendations from the cleaner, as I think about my clients health and safety, but also financial situation too. By obtaining the recommended items, this will help make the cleans easier and result in a better clean too.

I also care about the environment and will recommend environmentally friendly products, especially Melbourne, Australia made and owned.

What I’m about to write, may upset and ager many of you, however, I need to be blunt:

Never make assumptions about your cleaner, as we are human and we make mistakes, but also we are there to help you because YOU are TOO Lazy to clean your home, therefore, if you think you can do a better clean in the same amount of time as we are expected to, then go and clean your home yourselves.

Honestly, until you attempt a clean in the time frame we are given, and if you are unable to complete it at least to 98%, then please put your money where your mouth is.


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