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This blog has been inspired by a recent comment, where someone said they would not do business with someone who could not spell correctly. This person, I think, resides in the US, whereas I reside in Australia.

Hope this blog educates many of you, but also if you travel to Australia are prepared for the differences.

Some words have a U in them, like Colour, Favour, Honour, Labour.

Others have an S, instead of a Z, like Authorised, Legalised, Organised.

In Australia, many of our words are RE, whereas US they are ER, e.g. TheatRE.

Here in Australia, when someone says Thongs, this means a pair of open toed footwear, in US they are called Flip Flops.

Thong here is referred to a G String.

Lollies, called Candy in US, but Sweets in UK.

Garbage—Australia (AUS), Trash –US.

Mobile Phones–Aus, Cell Phones–US and New Zealand.

Ute, short for Utility–Aus, Pick Up– US.

Caravan–Aus, Trailer–US.

Trailers in Australia are for either a small 2 wheeled unit hooked to a tow bar of a vehicle, or a dual or tri wheeled unit for Semis.

Sandwiches are usually made with 2 slices of bread, with fillings, in US they are usually a roll type, please correct me if I am wrong.

Hot Chips–Aus, Fries–US.

Soft Drink–Aus, Soda Pop–US.

Power Points–Aus, Outlets–US.

Public Transport- Aus, Public Transportation—US

Pancakes—Aus, Flapjacks—US.

Boot—Aus, Trunk—US.

Lift—Aus, Elevator—US.

Biscuits—Aus, Cookies—US.

Jumper—Aus, Sweater—US.

Glove Box—Aus, Glove Compartment—US.

Petrol/Fuel—Aus, Gas—US.

Clothing sizes can be different too, not sure exactly how.

I’m sure there are many more differences, however, these are just some, this oldie can remember currently.

Open to others if anyone thinks of any.


© Mel’s Customised Candles Melbourne, Australia, 2022

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