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Many people are sceptical about things they are unable to either see or explain.

I was the same for many years, until Claire Baire passed away.

I started feeling like I was being guided by others, because when I would change direction suddenly, something would happen.

My honest opinion, there is a lot we don’t know or fully understand about the universe, yet.

Here is an example of a weird occurrence:

I plan to have a portrait painted of CB & hung in the foyer of the office of MCC.

I’ve dreamt about the portrait.

Recently it was CB’s birthday, her sister posted a photo of her.

I was shocked, as it was similar to what I dreamt.

Another thing, I’m writing a novel about our relationship, & before this photo was posted, had written a description of CB, which was almost spot on.

In the past, I would think of a friend, who within minutes, would either text or call me.

Same thing happens with my BIFF (Best Internet Friend Forever), I will be offline, but then suddenly have the urge to turn on my Internet, then see them send me a message very quickly.

Strange as this may seem, however, I also believe in numbers being signs too.

To me anyone who is cynical, is a Close Minded person.

I accept most refuse to accept anything they can’t see, & that is fair enough.

Honestly, if a person is in tune with the Universe, they will see the signs, those who are not, will not see them.

I highly recommend everyone reading this to have the following:

Open Mind,

Open Eyes,

Aware Of Your Surroundings,

Open Heart.

Cynics, to me, are Toxic people, because they only see problems, not solutions, & are very Negative.

If I have offended anybody with this post, I apologise, however, wanted to express my personal opinion.

Wishing everyone an amazing week.

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