I’m not a big fan of most Public Holidays, as most are just an excuse for people to get intoxicated & become abusive.

P/H’s only cost the community, financially, time, damage, etc.

The only P/H I fully support is:

April 25th, ANZAC DAY.

The reason why I don’t support most, is because most people will go crazy having those days off.

I’ve seen much criminal activity:

Drunkenness, which leads to doing stupid things.

Arguments over the meaning of the particular event.

Businesses paying out extra $$$$$$$$$$$$$ so employees can enjoy a paid day off, this increases costs to the consumer.

Increased costs when buying from some businesses open as they need to cover the extra costs paying on duty staff.

Honestly, employees should work extra hours during the lead up to the event, and after. 2 hours extrs unpaid work for 4 days, per Upcoming Public Holiday.

I would support each P/H, if everyone respected and observed the particular day and donated their wages for that day to a


As someone who has worked many P/H’s, I have witnessed much anti social behaviour.

When MCC is established, I will give my T/M’s the choise of working a different day that week, or additional hours, in the lead up, which will be paid in lieu. This will be in their contract, however subject to Govt legislation.

Yes, I may anger many with this post, however, I’m entitled to my


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