Tuesday June 7th, 2022, I tested positive for COVID, using an at home R.A.T.

The previous week I had a bad cough, which I thought was normal as it was now Winter.

At the time, I was travelling by train to and from Melbourne several times per week for my cleaning customers.

As per Victorian Law, I would wear a Face Mask each time I travelled on Public Transport.

However, many people refused too, unsure why.

I feel I caught COVID from another passenger.

When I tested positive, I felt so sick.

For the first couple of days, I was unable to drink any coffee, or even eat much either.

I am triple vaccinated, and feel this helped me recover quicker.

I attribute this virus to having the flu 6 times at the same time.

Of course, I abided by law and self-isolated during the 7 days, even wore a Face Mask when I would leave my room, to protect my housemate.

I received a call daily from the local Health Service about how I was.

Thankfully after 7 days, I was released and felt ok, but took another 7 days to recover.

I returned to working soon after, however, that was a big mistake.

I soon realised, I was still not fully recovered.

I applied for a job in April, and the company finally offered me a position, however the start date was quicker than expected.

Training was full on, but I was having trouble retaining all the information, which caused me to get stressed as I usually would be much better.

My emotions overpowered me a couple of times.

Thankfully, my employer is very supportive and accepting.

I honestly felt the reason why I was not performing my best, the anniversary of my mothers death was fast approaching. I was able to leave work early 1 afternoon to speak with my counsellor, who helped me.

Once training finished, we started answering live calls, however, I had a call which affected me, I still have no idea why.

I went to splash some water on my face, however, collapsed on the floor crying uncontrollably.

When I returned to my desk, the trainer saw me and knew something was still up.

The other trainer sought medical help and we had a quiet chat, resulting in me going home, (Unpaid) for that day and the following too.

I was advised to seek help, which I did.

It was determined, I was happy as I was finally working for a great employer, so much of my tears were a combination of sad long term pent up emotion and recent happy tears.

As I’m now working nightshift, sometimes, it’s hard to sleep during the day.

Recently, I was due back after a couple of days off, however, was unable to sleep. I had previously heard once you have COVID, it may linger for months later.

I conducted research and found out, I may be suffering the long term effects.

Of course, I went to have a test done, which came back negative.

Unfortunately, within a few days, I felt sick again and was sent home from work.

I feel I was run down and needed time to recover.

My employer understands, I hope, that this has affected me worse than first thought.

At the time of writing this, I’ve been resting up, and starting to feel better.

Please see the photo included in this blog, and I thank for the great information.

I had also noticed, I’d been slightly curse with some of the trainers, which I apologised once I realised.

Hopefully taking this time off, Unpaid, will allow me to return to work more alert and productive, because I love this job and hope to remain there for the long term.

For anyone confused, I still want to establish MCC, but for the reasons previously stated as I’m not a greedy person.

Honestly, I feel the long term effects of this will continually cause me illness, however, now I know the signs, can start treatment quicker.



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