Please be advised, everything written below is from my experience as a cleaner.


I started my cleaning career, late 2008, when I was offered a job working part time in a train depot in Sydney.

From there, I cleaned Stations and for a short time was a Leading Hand at a major station.

I was also a roving cleaner, meaning, with a partner, we would board in service trains and clean them.

I also worked at 2 other depots, on Night Shift, which I loved, I would fill in as Team Leader at times.

Unfortunately, my depot was going to be Privatised, and we were offered positions at other locations or Redundancy.

I took Redundancy, as this meant I could finally move to Melbourne Australia.

I planned to do a Nail Technology Course, and did theory online, but unable to find a salon for Practical Experience.

In 2016, I applied to be a Contract House Cleaner, which was great.

Most Contract House Cleaners are Self Employed, with an ABN.

Therefore, we do the best we can.

If we don’t work, we don’t get paid.

Unfortunately, many Clients were Transphobic and would cancel without giving me a chance.

I passed a National Police Check in order to be offered a contract.

As I was losing Clients, My Manager at the time advised I apply for a Working With Children Check, as it may give added peace of mind to Clients.

I passed this check, but it did not work, people still had narrow minds.

After 2 1/2 years, I obtained work in a Government Call Centre, which I loved, this ended after a nasty call, which I was blamed for treating the caller rudely. I still feel this was a set up to test me.

My depression and anxiety flared up, and was given Medical Certificates, which had to be renewed every 3 months. N.B. I was, still am, on Government Benefits.

In 2020, during a lockdown, I decided to apply to be a Contract House Cleaner again.

I was offered a contract and did have some great Customers, However:

Many expect a perfect clean the first time.

Unlike my previous agency, where we would have a Meet ‘n Greet with the Client before they decided, this agency does not allow that.

Contractors are given jobs, which we can accept, and turn up on the day and at the time specified.

We have no idea what a customers needs are, or the cleaning equipment/products are.

As I travel by Public Transport, carry a few light cleaning items.

I always advise my Customers, I will do the best I can, but can’t guarantee a perfect job the first few times.

Some Customers accept that and are great, however, some will not and will cancel.

I’ve had some complain about me and the clean.

I always let the agency know my feelings about cleans.

I also try advising Customers of what I feel are the best Products and Equipment to use.

N.B. I always advise Cost Saving items:

Environmentally Friendly Sprays and Wipes,

Spray Mops,

Sweeping Pads.

My Reason for writing this, is to ask this:

If you decide to engage a regular house cleaner, please give them a chance, because even when a house has been deep cleaned, sometimes it takes a while for regular cleaners to get into a routine.

My best advice: Have your house deep cleaned before engaging a regular cleaner.

I’m trying to establish a Deep Clean Cleaning Company so we will go into your home and spend 4-8 hours deep cleaning your home, so it will look almost new.

Pre-Payments of $100 AUD, saving $60, will enable me to buy a suitable vehicle, and all the products and equipment, I feel will help us do a great job.

If you live in Australia and have an ABN, the costs of the cleans may be a Tax Deduction.

Finally: I do research about products and equipment so I can advise customers. I only want to help protect my Customers Families, Health and Safety, and Finances.


Published by Mel's Customised Candles

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