Shallow People are Toxic & Suck.

I’m sick of people judging others by the way they look, or are perceived to be.

In my long existence, I’ve been accused of various things because of my looks, sometimes because I won’t conform to what others expect from me, other times, because I ask questions to educate myself, but others read more into what I ask.

Recently, I was waiting to catch a bus, when someone mentioned a recent traveller on the same bus as them. This person got nasty because of the way the person was dressed.

I asked if the traveller was doing anything illegal. The response, “NO, but seemed like a weirdo to me, the men with the straight jackets should have taken him away.”

I was angered by this comment, because apart from the traveller’s individuality, this person judged him, based on his appearance.

I never said a word, because I knew I might cop abuse.

I’ve known people who have appeared to be “acceptable”, however, these people were not what they appeared to be. They would sweet talk their way, then show their true intentions.

However, people who are deemed “Unsuitable” assumed to have illegal intentions.

2015, Someone told vicious lies about me, which many others believed. Despite no evidence to back up the claims, others still believe the original lie.

N.B. I have Official, Legal Proof they are lies, & undertake Annual Background Checks on Myself.

I’ve tried to talk to the above person “Chris” but others will not allow contact, FYI Chris is early 20’s.

Yes, in 2015 Chris was a minor, but I told them I had no interest in them apart from being friends, & if any in person meets occur, must be in public, with support persons around & CCTV in operation.

My policy now: Must have an online chat (recorded), before deciding if in person meet goes ahead. In Person meets MUST HAVE: In Public. Support Persons in Attendance. Numerous CCTV in Operation, with chance to receive copies. Each party provides a Written, Signed, Legal Document, setting out personal Boundaries. Photographic Identification: Drivers Licence ONLY Accepted.

The above is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

The point of this blog, is never make assumptions about someone, based on their looks, or even others past actions.

Everyone should be given an Individualistic “Fair Go.”

This quote is 1 I really I love:

“Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover.”’t_judge_a_book_by_its_cover

In my opinion, Judgemental people are Toxic, Negative, Little Nothings.

Finally: Treat Everyone How YOU Want To Be Treated.

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