I believe every person 18+ should have multiple sources of Income, however, I do not agree with people leaving their current jobs, because someone says they can make heaps of money from limited working daily.

I will never advise someone to quit their job, unless their side business has been consistently rewarding them at least double their current salary each month for at least 2 years.

Any person who says you can make double from day 1, is only conning you out of your hard earned cash.

My advice to all, seek out businesses which suit you, yes, I’m going to be self-promoting, but if you love Candles, why not seek out a Candle Start Up, like MCC.

I also highly recommend checking the business status of the business on a Govt website, if you can’t find any type of registration details, then it will probably be a scam.

Our Goal, once the funds raised, is to help those who help us, to eventually have Financial Security.

Please ensure you speak to the person in charge yourselves, before deciding.

I offer a free 30 minute Zoom chat to everyone interested in becoming an FCCM

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