Upset & Angry/Friendship Tiers Post.

I’m sick of people referring to adults as Girls or Boys.

They are Women or Men.

I know its supposed to be affectionate, however, with so much under age physicality occurring, people should be mindful.

Regarding my Friendship Tiers. The following are mine, from Highest to Lowest;

In Love Friends– This is non-physical, but shows my highest appreciation level. These people are those who I know are there for me anytime, as I am for them too. I can trust them unconditionally. Currently, there are under 10, most are women. Just because someone says they are In Love with another, does not mean that person is seeking anything physical.

Close Friends– These people are usually people I’ve known under 10 years, who have been there for me, and helped when needed, as am I. These people I trust, but not with my life, or my most treasured items.

Friends– These are those whom I like to be around, chat online, maybe grab coffee, or go to movies, but are still kept at arms length.

Work Colleagues— Currently, I’m unemployed, but because of past traumas, I’m careful what I say around others, including not partaking of any social gatherings.

Associates— These are mainly males, whom I’m still not sure about. They remain here until they prove to me that they have no physical interest in me.

Acquaintances– These are usually people I’ve just me.

Losers—- I have many people here, some of whom I have based novel characters on: Chris, Penny, Julie just to name a few. Please be advised that I have not used their real names.

Strangers— Self explanatory, but are those whom I don’t know, some yet.

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