This post is mainly for my awesome Australian fans, however, my advice is to see if you have a similar website in your country.

Below is the link to the Australian Scam Watch service, operated by the Australian Government, hence at the end.

I learnt about this service during my tenure with ATO, & as a result signed up to their alerts service.

My advice to everyone:

“If You Are Unsure About Something, Conduct Research.”

I’m cautious with telephone calls, if I don’t know the number, will not answer & allow it to go to voicemail, if the caller wants to talk, they will leave a message.

Scammers never will leave a message, although I got a weird couple of messages recently, which I know was a recorded message. I deleted both messages.

If someone ever tells you, you owe money to a business/Government Department & requesting payment via gift cards, this is a scam.

I recommend contacting the relevant business/GD to report it, or just go onto the Scam Watch website to self report.

I must re-emphasise, the above link is for Australia only.

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Wishing you winners a Superbly Magnificent Week.

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